May 6, 2021

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Is there an upper limit for smart bracelets? Huawei Band 6 starts with beauty and is loyal to health function

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Today, Huawei has released a new generation of bracelet products-Huawei Band 6, which is equipped with a larger screen and can provide users with more professional and comprehensive health management. Let’s take a look at the specific performance.


Super large full screen makes display clearer

Nowadays, the difference between smart bracelets and watches is becoming more and more. For the first time, Huawei Band 6 is equipped with a large 1.47-inch AMOLED screen. Compared with Huawei Band 4, the display area is increased by 148%. At the same time, to obtain a better visual perception, Huawei has compressed the width of the front frame of this product to the extreme, adopted a high-precision coating process, and used a fully automatic manipulator to complete the alignment and assembly of the screen, minimizing the deviation caused by The paste width loss, and finally achieved a screen-to-body ratio of 64%. The Huawei Band 6 is equipped with a metallic shell and a soft strap, making it comfortable and stylish to wear.

Limited by the screen size, traditional bracelets are not apparent for all-around touch operation recognition, while the 1.47-inch screen can well carry general touch operations. The band is designed with 2.5D glass, and the smooth transition on the four sides brings a better sense of control. Users can swipe up, down, left, and right on this screen to get a mobile phone-like operating experience.

The size of the screen limits traditional bracelets, and the content that can be displayed on the screen is minimal. Today, Huawei Band 6 is equipped with a larger screen that can display more content. For example, when exercising before, the bracelet can only provide a few sets of elementary data, while the screen of the Huawei bracelet 6 can display richer and clearer exercise data. Simultaneously, it can also refresh health monitoring results such as heart rate, stress, and sleep in real-time. Not only can you view the all-day heart rate curve at any time, but you can also follow the animation for breathing training. You can change the dial to the astronaut theme thats is all over the Internet or go to the dial market to find more and more beautiful dials.

The front touch button design has also been transformed into a more beautiful and operational side physical button due to Omni-directional touch operation. However, in the design, the physical button layout on the side is restricted by the screen’s layout and battery components. It poses a great challenge to the compression of the thickness of the whole machine and the waterproof ability. After verifying multiple solutions, Huawei’s hardware engineers have achieved a balance between waterproof performance and aesthetics, making Huawei Band 6 have 5ATM waterproof performance, which meets the whole machine’s reliability requirements narrowest button width, highlighting the art of engineering beauty.


Huawei Bracelet 6 focuses on your health all day

In 2019, Huawei launched the Huawei Band 4 series. The application of the colorful touch screen brings a better user experience to users. At the same time, Huawei has applied the blood oxygen saturation detection function to wearable devices for the first time. Blood oxygen saturation detection can help users understand their current physical conditions and respond to them so as to reduce the risk of physical injury and open new and more convenient health management methods for users.

However, in daily use, the single-shot blood oxygen detection function needs to be manually triggered by the user, and the user often remembers to detect when the body is abnormal, and it is impossible to achieve early warning. To solve this problem, based on the deeply optimized hardware modules of TruSeenTM4.0 and the support of smart power-saving algorithms, Huawei has implemented 24/7 continuous blood oxygen monitoring on the Huawei Band 6, which can always pay attention to the health of users and in low blood pressure. A warning is automatically issued when the oxygen level is reached low.

The Sports Health App can display the blood oxygen saturation detected in each period. The fourth-generation HUAWEI TruSeenTM4.0 heart rate detection technology can also provide users with heart rate monitoring functions continuously, quickly, and accurately.

It is understood that the HUAWEI TruSeenTM heart rate technology is a heart rate monitoring technology independently developed by Huawei, which combines the innovative technology and R&D strength of Huawei’s 2012 laboratory and Huawei’s global research institute. It has lower power consumption and a higher signal-to-noise ratio through deep tuning of multi-sensor fusion and neural network AI technology. It combines the distinctive ergonomic design of the product, optimizesthe motion interference noise reduction algorithm, effectively avoids the interference of wearing the product in running, walking, cycling, and other sports so that the accuracy of exercise heart rate monitoring reaches the industry’s excellent level.

Put the Huawei Band 6 upside down to see the sensors used for heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen detection. HUAWEI TruSeen TM4.0 heart rate monitoring technology also has a brand new upgrade to the light path design, from a single-row light-receiving module to a dual-row layout dual-receiving module solution which further increases the light-receiving area. The light-emitting LED optical lens is exclusively customized, making the detection beam more concentrated and more penetrating. While improving the accuracy of blood oxygen and dynamic heart rate monitoring, the heart rate monitoring sensor requires less light and lower power consumption.

Thanks to the HUAWEI TruSeenTM4.0 heart rate monitoring technology, the heart rate detection frequency can be intelligently adjusted according to the activity state while ensuring battery life and can record the heart rate curve of the past 24 hours and the resting heart rate measurement. It can automatically capture your resting heart rate value after wearing the Huawei Band 6 and turning on the heart rate monitoring function. Huawei Band 6 also supports high/low resting heart rate reminders. After wearing the bracelet, when your heart rate is too high or too low for more than 10 minutes in a static state, the device will send out reminders in time to take care of your health at all times.

Huawei Band 6 is equipped with HUAWEI TruSleepTM 2.0 sleep monitoring technology, based on infrared light detection sleep technology, without disturbing the user’s sleep, sleep stage monitoring, real-time heart rate monitoring, sleep respiration monitoring, and assessment of sleep quality.

We can see that the Huawei Band 6 can automatically identify the user’s time to fall asleep and time to fall asleep. This time my sleeping time is 20:12 and the wake-up time is 7:16. A comprehensive sleep structure including dreams and sporadic naps can also be fully presented on the Sports Health App. In this sleep, the editor’s late-night sleep was 10 hours and 1 minute, of which the proportion of deep sleep was 33%, the proportion of light sleep was 43%, and the proportion of rapid eye movement was 24%. At the same time, you can also see the data of the continuity of deep sleep, the number of wakefulness, and the quality of breathing. With the help of these data, we can accurately identify 6 types of typical sleep problems such as difficulty falling asleep, light sleep, easy waking at night, early awakening, multiple dreams, irregular work and rest.

Also, Huawei has joined the Heart Health Research Program in different Hospitals. Huawei smart bracelet users can obtain medical resources from more than 70 collaborative hospitals on the 301 Hospital remote management service platform, combined with professional algorithms and technical analysis, to assist in the study of the user’s arrhythmia detection results, and the doctor will provide the user with arrhythmia diagnosis and treatment, Follow-up service.

In terms of battery life, Huawei Band 6 can still provide up to 14 days of battery life with continuous heart rate and scientific sleep monitoring enabled. The bracelet adopts magnetic charging, and there are two charging electrodes at the bottom. When charging, put the charger directly on the back of the bracelet to quickly charge. With the blessing of Huawei’s fast charging technology, it can be used generally for 2 days after charging for 5 minutes in a typical scenario.


96 kinds of sports modes, covering daily sports scenes

The sports function has become the standard function of the smart bracelet, but how to make the sports function outstanding requires the manufacturer to have deep technical accumulation. Huawei Band 6 supports 96 sports modes. In addition to running, walking, cycling, swimming, elliptical machines, rowing machines, and other sports that we often use, Huawei Band 6 also adds a rope skipping mode, which can not only accurately monitor skipping ropes. It can also provide rope skipping movement data, such as the number of consecutive jumps.

The automatic motion recognition function is also continued on the Huawei Band 6. The automatic motion recognition function supports the recognition of indoor and outdoor running, walking, and elliptical machine and rowing machine 6 sports modes. Huawei Band 6 can intelligently recognize the current exercise status and send out reminders to ask whether you are running, walking, or elliptical machine or rowing machine exercise. The user can choose to turn on or off exercise monitoring.

Huawei Band 6 can accurately record exercise data such as running distance, time, pace, trajectory, and calories burned. It supports real-time heart rate monitoring, heart rate zone monitoring, and high heart rate reminders during exercise and finally generates personal exercise data throughout the day. You can also share your post-exercise data to social platforms such as Twitter or Instagram with one click to share your exercise results with more people.



Nowadays, the boundary between a bracelet and a watch is becoming more and more blurred. There is not much difference between the two in terms of function. If you want to have a better wearing feeling, a small and thin bracelet will be a better choice. As a long-term health bracelet with a full screen, Huawei Band 6 not only leads the new form of a bracelet design, it is also the most versatile entry-level wearable product. It guides users to establish a new way of active and healthy life through a long-lasting battery life of up to 14 days and comprehensive and professional Huawei sports health functions. it leads users to establish a new active and healthy lifestyle.

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