February 27, 2021


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It’s not Just the Performance That Makes the iQOO 7 So Impressive. Here’s What Also Worth Mentioning

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On January 11th, IQOO released its new performance flagship, IQOO 7. As a new generation of performance flagship, IQOO 7 not only carries the latest 120W super flash charging technology and Snapdragon 888 flagship processor, but also uses a variety of the latest technology to create a strong performance, excellent sense of control performance flagship model. Here’s a look at some of the latest technologies in iQOO 7 and how they can improve the user experience.


Qualcomm Snapdragon 888

One of the most attractive features of the iQOO 7 is that it is powered by Qualcomm’s latest flagship processor, the Snapdragon 888, making it one of the first mass-production models to be powered by the flagship chip. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, touted as the top choice for 2021, is built using Samsung’s 5nm manufacturing process and features an 8-core CPU architecture led by the Cortex-X1 supercore and Adreno 660 graphics processor, as well as a sixth-generation AI engine for the Hexagon 780. Compared to the previous generation of Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 865 chip, the CPU performance is 25 percent better and the GPU performance is 35 percent better.

In addition to improving processing performance, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 integrates Qualcomm’s latest X60 baseband into the chip thanks to improvements in manufacturing technology. On the one hand, this feature can help reduce the power consumption of the whole phone, on the other hand, it can also play the role of saving space in the machine. In AnTuTu’s run-score test, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 powered iQOO 7 scored a high score of 74.3W, which can be said to be the best among Android phones.


Enhanced LPDDR5 speed

Along with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, the iQOO 7 also gets an upgrade to the RAM flash memory chip, which is important for mobile smoothness, with Samsung’s Enhanced LPDDR5 flash memory chip. The data transfer rate of the flash memory chip is improved from 5500Mbps to 6400Mbps, which is 16.3% faster than the previous generation LPDDR5 flash memory chip, and the sequential read rate is up to 13.2% higher.

The iQOO 7 comes in a size of up to 12GB of RAM, which allows users to easily run large applications and games on the phone, as well as allow more background applications to be mounted.


More memory fusion technology

In addition to carrying large capacity RAM flash memory, iQOO 7 also uses a new memory expansion technology. This technology can expand ROM storage space into RAM, thus gaining more memory space. With this technology, 8GB of memory can be expanded to 11GB and 12GB can be expanded to 15GB. In order to increase the number of hot start applications in the background, to avoid the probability of background applications being cleaned or stuck.


The 120W Ultra Flash Charge is faster and safer

In terms of quick charging, iQOO 7 is equipped with the FlashCharge 120W super flash charging technology, which was shown in iQOO 5 Pro before. With this technology, iQOO 7 can charge 50% of 4000mAh battery in the fastest 5 minutes. It can charge to 100% in as little as 15 minutes.

Compared with previous models, the 120W super flash charger equipped with iQOO 7 is optimized in design. The volume of the new version of the flash charger is close to the traditional 65W charger, and it supports the 65W PD protocol, which can charge laptops and other products, realizing “multi-purpose in one head”.


In order to ensure the security of high-power charging, iQOO 7’s 120W super flash charger also adopts the secondary encryption technology, which can identify various FlashCharge models separately. OTP once programming, to prevent the charger private protocol being cracked and rewritten by the third party to ensure the safety of charging.


4K class power pump liquid cooling heat dissipation

To deliver continuous and efficient release of processor performance, the IQOO 7 is equipped with an oversized soak plate with an area of up to 161inches*2. The soaking plate is made of 100% pure copper +99.999% pure water, and the internal “capillary structure +fiber power pump” technology is used to increase the fluid circulation power, to cover all the core heating units, so as to achieve better heat dissipation effect.

Thanks to this super strong heat dissipation design, compared with other products, IQOO 7 can achieve the body surface temperature lower, so that the processor performance release more lasting, to ensure the use of mobile phone under high load conditions experience.


Dual pressure control under the screen is faster

Performance is only the basis for mobile game experience, and excellent control experience can greatly improve the user’s actual game experience. In the past, there have been many innovations in smartphones that have improved the gaming experience, and iQOO 7 brings the latest innovation — the Monster Touch dual-control pressure sensation.

With the Monster Touch dual-control pressure sensing technology, the left and right side of the screen can be separated to recognize the pressing action. The operation logic is the same as the traditional shoulder pressure sensing button, so the player can use two fingers to complete the action that was previously done with four fingers while using only the screen. Compared with the shoulder button and other design screen dual-control pressure sensing technology, it has the advantages of rapid response, no need to change the daily grip posture, and it is also easy to learn.


Dual-route motor provides rich vibration experience

It is well known that linear motors can improve the interactive experience of smart phones. Major flagship models have also started to carry linear motor technology. The 4D game vibration function of IQOO flagship model has been well received by the majority of players for a long time. The IQOO 7 takes the dual route motor design a step further.

IQOO 7 has a Z-axis motor on the left and right side of the fuselage to form a dual-route motor. Through IQOO excellent 4D game vibration function adjustment, users can experience more delicate, realistic, three-dimensional rich vibration experience when using IQOO 7, in some games and applications can also achieve complex combination of vibration effect.


Dual card 5G network makes it easy to choose

Previously, only the primary card can enable the 5G network function when using dual-card in some 5G phones. Now, thanks to the latest Qualcomm X60 baseband, the iQOO 7 can now achieve dual-card dual-5G function, and both the primary and secondary cards can host the 5G network.

At the same time, in order to ensure the signal system of the mobile phone, iQOO 7 adopts the vertical and horizontal full scene antenna design. Whether the user holds the phone horizontally or vertically, the signal of the phone will not be affected. And iQOO 7 also specially set up the e-sports game antenna, so that mobile game network signal is more stable, network latency is lower.


Super Night View 5.0 challenges the limits of night vision

IQOO 7 is equipped with a new super sensitive image system at the same time, but also its night image algorithm has been upgraded, the super night image algorithm from 4.0 to 5.0 version. Super Night View 5.0 can realize the ability of night view imaging in scenes such as scenery, portrait and extremely dark. It has excellent dynamic range and natural tone performance.

And the new Super Night View 5.0 not only supports the main photography, but also supports the ultra-wide angle lens imaging, allowing users to use the ultra-wide Angle lens at night to take frequent night photos. At the same time, IQOO 7 also supports the ability to automatically call the fast-super night scene algorithm through the algorithm detection in the ordinary photography mode, so that the ordinary photography mode can also take a night scene.


Three-dimensional twill technology

IQOO 7 also launched the IQOO 7 Legends in collaboration with BMW M Motorsport. The right side of the back shell of this model adopted a tri-color striped design of BMW M Motorsport braided lines and printed with the Slogan “Antique Meets Innovation”.

To AG in iQOO 7 version of the speed of the three color stripe on the glass back cover, it adopted the local three-dimensional twill on AG glass technology, to realize the three-dimensional visual effect and new tactility, for three color texture increases the dynamic running light of visual effect, but also USES the rest of the back cover a large area of pure white matte texture designed to shape the sense of speed.


There are many technological innovations in iQOO 7, and they all have practical applications. For example, new technologies such as memory fusion technology and ultra-wide-angle night view algorithm can solve the pain points of previous users, while the addition of dual-control pressure sensing and dual-route motor under the screen can bring users a new mobile game experience. It’s safe to say that the new technologies in iQOO 7 not only help improve the smartphone experience, but also bring a lot of new experiences.


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