April 20, 2021


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iWalk Gaming Bluetooth Earbuds: Satisfy the Hidden Needs of Game Lovers

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What is the biggest fear of being a mobile game enthusiast? Whether it’s a bad teammate, a terrible Internet environment, or a device that’s stuck? Yes, all of these things have an impact on the experience of the game (and get higher rank), but can you really control the “superpowers” when these obstacles are eliminated? The answer is no, because there is a more important condition that you have ignored.

More and more mobile game enthusiasts believe that the most efficient and cost-effective game peripheral is not an expensive game phone or a variety of controller kits, but a Bluetooth earbuds. The main reason why TWS Bluetooth earbuds has become a must-have for mobile game is that “sound” has become an important source of information in games. Whether listening to sound to distinguish position or between teammates to cooperate and communicate, the amount of information that sound brings us is second only to the information output of the game screen, so it is particularly important to have an excellent Bluetooth earbuds, no matter which game.

How are gaming Bluetooth earbuds different from other Bluetooth earbuds? This question is like discussing the difference between 10-buck earbuds and 1,000-buck earbuds. It’s subjective and hard to quantify, but the most important thing is what you do with your Bluetooth earbuds. With the popularization of Bluetooth 5.0 technology, today’s true wireless Bluetooth earbuds (TWS) has been able to reach or even exceed the sensory experience brought by traditional wired earbuds, and the most complained of delay and sound quality problems have also taken a qualitative leap forward. Of course, the most important thing about TWS is that it matches the game. After all, we use it to play games. The iWalk TWS Bluetooth earbuds is designed for gaming in many ways. It’s a pair of earbuds designed for gamers. If you’re a big mobile game enthusiast who wants to improve your skills quickly, or you’re a social gamer who loves to communicate while playing, then this iWalk TWS Bluetooth earbuds is the right choice for you.

The iWalk TWS Bluetooth earbuds features the “true player” gene, which is shown in the form factor. As the earbuds box with the function of storage and charging, the earbuds box adopts the hexagonal polyhedron design, and the surface adopts the double color separation of grinding and electroplating. The central angle of the earbuds box is also equipped with a LEC breathing lamp, which can give different color feedback according to the switch cover and charging, with a strong sense of technology. The back of the storage box is secured by a matte coating, while the sides are Type-C charging ports. The whole body is small and compact, and the size is just right in the hand.

When we open the case of the iWalk TWS Bluetooth earbuds, we see the overall electroplating effect of the interior, with two oval earbuds placed firmly in the case. “R” and “L” are marked on the left and right corners of the box, but the logo here refers to the direction in which the device is worn, meaning that the left-hand one should be worn on the right ear and the right-hand one on the left. It’s no wonder that the earphone and the inner part should be marked so clearly. The earbuds body is still plated and coated like the inside of the box, which has a semi-hidden support to keep the lid open.

Next, we take out the earbuds and take a look at the iWalk TWS Bluetooth earbuds itself. They are round and small, weighing just 0.01lbs. They also have a breathing light on the outside and provide feedback when they are paired and worn. It can be seen that the earphone is specially designed according to the structure of the ear. After wearing the earphone, it adopts three-point support and is fixed. After adjusting the earbuds to face down, it can guarantee long-term comfort and not fall, and it can also have quite good stability even in movement. Random equipped with three different sizes of earplugs, which is convenient for users to choose.

We also found that there is no key for iWALK TWS except around diacritical marks on Bluetooth earbuds, that is to say, this is operated by touch induction of earbuds, we can be operated by touch points, respectively, click: call hang up, play pause, double-click the reject, switch songs, three strikes voice assistant, games, music mode. With the exception of double-clicking on the next track on the right and the previous track on the left, the other two earbuds work the same and have a voice prompt when switching. The touch response is very responsive, and it’s more integrated and technological than earbuds with physical buttons.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the gaming experience with the iWalk TWS Bluetooth earbuds. Also mentioned above, the earbuds sound game against doing a special optimization, it can be the environmental sound of the game in a virtual channel 7.1 stereo surround sound, especially in the shooting kind of game like PUBG, three-dimensional surround effect is really quite essential. iWALK TWS discrimination brought by the Bluetooth earbuds and it is beyond all previous earbuds to immersive effect, different from multiple directions you can clearly tell the sound of footsteps, ballistic sound and the sound engine. Users who have ever played this kind of game must be clear, the source of the sound for this kind of games are played a decisive role. Listening to the sound of the position is often able to determine the decisive situation. iWalk gaming TWS Bluetooth earbuds is a good realization of this need, which allows you to give full play to their skills when you play the game.

The iWalk TWS Bluetooth earbuds, on the other hand, is also very good at synchronizing sound and picture. It can reach 40-60ms, and the latency is almost zero, whereas the normal earbuds is around 270ms. It’s hard to tell directly, but the actual experience will make you horray. In addition, thanks to the new generation of Bluetooth 5.0Plus gaming chip iWalk up to 15 meters of uninterrupted connectivity, strong anti-interference, more stable audio transmission, more concentrated signal, low power and high code stream audio transmission to make the earbuds and device connection more stable.

If you don’t play PUBG, then in Glory of Kings, the iWalk TWS Bluetooth earbuds can help you to become a super god. We know that the most important thing in MOBA games is the division of work between teammates, the earlier the insight of battlefield information, the earlier the opportunity to capture, the communication between teammates is extremely important. If there is interference with the speech recognition or the earbuds microphone, it is easy to miss the opportunity. The iWalk TWS Bluetooth earbuds itself features an in-ear design, 7.1 virtual surround sound and 8mm graphene diaphragm for clear and concise speech. When talking, because the earphone uses MEMS microphone, built-in anti-interference circuit, and the internal micro silicon chip integrated audio circuit, has the function of eliminating noise and EMI suppression, so that you “word must achieve meaning”, which achieves smooth communication.

According to official data, only the earbuds battery capacity is 85 mAh, earbuds battery box is 800 mAh, that is a full of can provide a range of about 7 hours, charging box for single earpiece about 10 times, such a life should be able to guarantee our use of a week, at the same time due to support quick charge, half an hour charging box can be full of electricity, so to achieve the range of MAX.

In music experience iWALK TWS Bluetooth earbuds are just achieving average performance, as most of the hardware configuration is set for the game, so are suitable for listening to some music. With the strong sense of rhythm, it was more obvious in the bass performance, but if you listen to some pop music or classical music and the overall performance is a bit difficult, resolution slightly insufficient, transparent feeling there are room for ascension, but we can be adjusted through the equalizer. Of course, we still suggest that “specialty for what it is”, after all, these earbuds are especially designed for the game, that’s enough.

From what have been mentioned above is all about iWALK TWS comprehensive introduction of Bluetooth earbuds, in general the earbuds are for game enthusiasts from all aspects, prepared by the virtual channel 7.1 stereo surround sound, 40 to 60ms low latency, as well as for 7 hours, long life, noise microphone, and cool appearance, the so-called game earbuds iWALK TWS Bluetooth earbuds is very suitable for become your “battlefield”, “winner winner, chicken dinner” to you.

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