Written by AndrewH

Usually we have seen actual physical games getting ported into a mobile game. However today we get to talk about the precise opposite, a mobile game that’s getting a physical game version of it made. Well hopefully made, as the developers have a Kickstarter campaign opting for funding.

Cabals: Magic & Battle Card found life initially on mobile devices, released onto Android and iOS not too long ago. It’s since done pretty well for itself, relaxing in the 100K-500K download mark. Kyy Games now wants to make their mobile game right into a real board game. It will likely be a combination of TCG and strategy board gaming, where the board is actually expandable with different pieces.

Using a mix of units and spells, players will endeavour to conquer the game board through combat and strategic moves. There are four cabals to choose from, each with various styles, strengths and philosophies which will figure out how you will likely play. A cabal, for those of you not familiar with the word, is basically a society of people, at least when conversing relating to this game.

Bearclaw Brotherhood who are thought to operate in the Soviet Union. Danann Covenant full of Irish witches and faerie folk. Vril Society capitalize on modern science from somewhere in Southern Germany. Finally the Order of Zahir brings magic and Arabic wisdom from their laboratories thought to be hidden in Southern Spain.

One a players chooses the cabal they want to represent, you will pick a hero to play as from that corresponding cabal, construct your deck, and attempt to conquer the arena making use of your hero, troops, and spells. Decks can have a the least 30 cards, and every cabal has their own set of cards. However, players can use cards using their company cabals to build their deck with and employ hanging around, but in a slight penalty into it.

Right now funding is sitting at $5,611 having a goal of $25K with 30 days to go. A high level fan of the digital game on Android, and wish to support a real version, hit up the Kickstarter campaign and throw a few bucks at it. You should check out some example gameplay within the video below.

Kickstarter: Cabals: The Board Game

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