March 8, 2021

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Liberty Air 2 Pro Review: An Excellent Noise Cancelling Expert Which is Enabled by Science and Technology

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In the background of the rapid popularity of smart phones, peripheral products which centered the smart phone and the derivative of technology are gradually enriched, true wireless earbuds with unfettered unique wearing experience, make it become an indispensable new favorite in the intelligent wave of the market.

Due to the different quality products of true wireless earbuds on the market, consumers are confused by the choice. With the higher technical threshold of active noise reduction technology, now true wireless earbuds can be simply divided into two kinds with active noise reduction and without active noise reduction. There is no doubt that true wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation are the trend of the future.


The reputation of a great voice spread internationally

In addition to the established audio players, there are also emerging brands in the real wireless earbuds market that are overtaking the curve, including the well-known Soundcore. Perhaps many people are still relatively unfamiliar with this brand, in fact, it is affiliated to Anker Innovation’s audio brand, which is also the brother brand of charging brand Anker. Those who are familiar with smart peripherals may know that Anker Innovations started its business in audio products in 2014. After several years of rapid development, it announced the establishment of Soundcore audio sub-brand in 2018.

Anker’s beother brand has a strong voice, and is also exploring international markets in a low profile. In more than 50 countries around the world with a wide range of sales channels, which can be called a dark horse in the audio field. According to Futuresource, the Q2 Broadband will have reached the same level as Jabra and Sony in the true wireless earbuds category by 2020. In addition to its extraordinary sales performance in international markets, it is also a technology-oriented audio company whose R&D team accounts for more than 80%. As of December 2019, the company has obtained 118 patents in total.

Talking back to the product itself, the Liberty AIR 2 Pro is the latest in a series of wireless noise-canceling earbuds from the company. The design is extremely simple, skin-like coating keeps the touch from feeling cold, which also provides some anti-slip function, and a raised anti-slip stripe is added to the charging cover. It’s worth mentioning that the charging case supports wireless charging and caters to consumers who are accustomed to using wireless charging, which is a cost stack that is easily overlooked.

The interior of the charging compartment is designed with a smooth and bright surface, which forms a contrasting aesthetic feeling with the frosted skin like coating on the outside. Cooperating with the official standard 9 sets of different sizes of silicone case, to meet the needs of different users and consumers for wearing comfort.

I always feel that the long-term wearing experience of ordinary in-ear earbuds is not friendly enough. However, despite the fact that the wide-sound noise reduction pod is in-ear earbuds, my ear canal did not feel obvious swelling and pain after 3 hours of wearing. In addition to the relatively moderate contour size of the earbuds case, the user can also choose from a number of different sizes of silicone cases, so that the inner wall of the cavity can harmoniously coexist with the ear.


Noise cancelling earbuds are the new trend

Standing out from the crowd of real wireless earbuds competitors is no easy task. Sound products, in order to improve the earbuds itself wide noise reduction tank adopted a two-way comprehension, first in terms of hardware, the earbuds with 10-storey high hardness coating unit and its characteristics by improving the stiffness and tension, theoretically it can fundamentally reduce the dye monophthong, giving the user the high fidelity of lasting and stable listening experience. Although not one-sided story, but a good enough film coating can undoubtedly provide a good foundation for the earbuds to present “good sound”.

Considering that everyone has different sensitivities to mid, high and low frequencies, Soundcore has also introduced HearID 2.0 for users. The Soundcore APP is used to customize your own sound on iOS and Android devices. You need to make sure you are in a quiet place before using the feature, otherwise the test will not work.

In the process of testing, it can be found that both sides of the earbuds body will be for the left and right ears three frequency “hearing test”, through the earbuds emitted by different sound frequency band, the user himself may be able to fully know whether he is really “wooden ear”, or “golden ear”. Once the test is complete, a truly personal sound is available, and users can customize the equalizer based on this basis. According to my subjective preferences, I tend to choose the “original” sound effect of my own, because I think the sound effect is relatively balanced in the presentation of tri-frequency and meets the appreciation needs of different types of music.

When using the sound width noise reduction module in combination with OnePlus mobile phone 8 and Xiaomi 11, you can feel that the earbuds have a very outstanding performance for low frequency. With the advantages of low frequency dynamic and depth of diving, as well as the low frequency transient expression, this pair of earbuds can bring enough surprising low frequency expression. Although the mid to high frequencies are not as impressive as the low frequencies, their ability to interpret and transmit details with precision also gives them a good overall sound quality performance. Obviously, the Soundcore is an excellent pop earbuds product, and it’s not hard to understand why it was unanimously recommended by 10 Grammy Award musicians.

In addition to the sound quality, the Soundcore also has outstanding performance in noise reduction. Through the double-fed ANC noise reduction technology, it can accurately capture and reduce the noise by two external/in-ear noise sources, and it can effectively cancel the external noise with sufficient excellent noise algorithm.

When I first wore the earbuds, it gave me the illusion of wearing anti-noise earplugs. To be precise, it is one of the many real wireless earbuds with active noise reduction, which can bring me the best sound insulation effect close to the anti-noise earplugs. Of course, the sound insulation is certainly not as good as professional anti-noise earplugs, but as a real wireless earbuds product, the sound insulation is beyond my expectations.

Soundcore under different scenarios in order to let the user can freely adjust the noise intensity, it can be through the “Soundcore” APP free switch “noise model” strength, including commuting, indoor and outdoor noise reduction ability, the user can also through custom wheel way to fine tune the noise reduction level, which can reduce the intensity of noise reduction are, after all, to a certain extent relieve the ear pressure; In addition, the “transparent mode” can make good use of the noise reduction microphone to receive the ambient sound, so that users can normally receive the outside sound, which improves the safety of walking; In “normal mode,” the earbuds acts as a regular in-ear earbuds, and the microphone doesn’t pick up any sound. In this mode, it’s more like regular in-ear earbuds.

In the case of one third of the measured volume, the soundcore uses the commuting mode, which can basically effectively filter the tire noise, the noise of the car engine, the sound of the wind blade when the wind blows the roadside trees, the conversation of the distant people and other fine noises, but the problem of wind noise amplification is inevitable; when stay Indoors, when the noise reduction mode is turned on and the volume is adjusted to a third of the volume, you can hardly hear the conversation between others. Even the noise from the computer fan sitting next to you is completely eliminated.

The more thoughtful point is that the Soundcore specially launched a desktop application micro, so that users do not have to open the relevant APP every time to switch different noise reduction mode.

Mobile games like PUBG and Call of Duty, the Soundcore can bring a good sense of space and atmosphere in the game, the reason is that their footsteps for judgment, arms trigger, transportation, such as aircraft across sound show clearly, which can bring enough listening to the sound of intuitive experience, coupled with the earbuds itself enough surging low frequency performance. It makes its can build enough immersed for fun.

The latency of the real wireless earbuds is also a key indicator that cannot be ignored. When using AAC to transmit encoding, the latency of the earbuds is around hundreds of milliseconds, and the audio latency can be felt relatively clearly in the game. However, audio latency can be controlled to about 200 milliseconds if the Bluetooth transmission encoding is changed to SBC, which is better enabled during game scenarios.

When using some streaming media APPs, both SBC and AAC transmission codes can bring relatively natural delay performance, but we can still feel that SBC has a lower delay performance. Obviously, in order to achieve low enough latency, the earbuds need to switch transmission codes to achieve low enough latency. Although the latency rate of the earbuds module is not outstanding, the latency is not a drag on the overall use experience of the earbuds.

The measured Soundcore noise reduction case in with a mobile phone when eight combinations, in accordance with the regulation to a third of the volume size. Open under the condition of active noise control mode, after three rounds of testing, we found that the range of performance is about 5 hours, the range of performance for a with active noise reduction earbuds, has been very good. What’s more, due to the quick charge between the earbuds body and the charging bin, you can get more than 2 hours of battery life after 10 minutes of basic charging.

There is only one shortcoming in the battery display interface, which is unable to query the specific percentage of battery accurate to single digits. Instead, the remaining battery can only be roughly judged by the icon and the earbuds cue tone.


It has the strength to be the best in its category

Although we can imagine that there is a huge enough market demand for real wireless earbuds products to thrive, we have never expected that there are already many excellent real wireless earbuds products with active noise reduction features ready to launch in 2021, including this experience of this Soundcore.

Through this period of experience, it can be learned that the Soundcore is a real wireless earbuds product with a very comprehensive performance. Its relatively simple appearance design and excellent workmanship make it look low-key but also delicate. In addition to the design, the sound quality of this earbuds is also commendable. With 10 layers of high hardness coating units and unique tuning, the earbuds have a very good low-frequency atmosphere and a good sense of instrument separation. Hear ID 2.0, various preset sound effects, to a certain extent, to meet some of the tricky ears for the earbuds sound style preferences.

Moreover, the active noise reduction performance of the broad sound noise reduction cabin is also a very prominent advantage of this pair of earbuds. Through the excellent noise reduction performance, I can enjoy music and games more deeply. Besides, the rich free adjustment feature of noise reduction intensity enables users to control the noise reduction intensity on demand.

Although the product is good, but if the price is too high, it will undoubtedly make many people prohibitive. Therefore, the price of the wide sound noise reduction cabin is set at 159 dollars. As a balanced true wireless earbuds product with active noise reduction, it has enough hard power to support the price. However, compared with some well-known traditional audio companies, Soundcore still needs time to accumulate brand reputation.

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