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Make Business Go Further: BenQ E582 Business Projector Hands-on Experience

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Since I started to use micro projector, and then I gradually used quite a lot of projectors, I have seen so many models of BenQ E series, a lot of E series business models are about 720-resolution. This time I use the model of 1080 – E582. What kind of projector is it? What are its functions? What is its subdivision positioning? Let’s see together

Open the box

The package arrived a little late, the carton is quite big.

The outer appearance of the box is very thick, which looks like a pragmatic business package. On the front and bottom left corner of the package, there is a five-star service reservation package for easy return and exchange, as well as China Energy Efficiency label, which the energy efficiency rating of level 2. On the right side of the package are the product list and ecoFACTS environmental protection logo. After the last evaluation of BenQ, I guess there must be no delicate inner package inside, so unpacking does not have a very ritual feeling.


BenQ E582 projector *1, remote control/attached Battery No. 7 *2, aerial mouse receiver *1, Wi-Fi antenna *1, power cord (by region) *1, HDMI video output cable *1, quick Start guide *1 and Warranty card (by region) *1.

Due to its business orientation, the machine is not designed with built-in batteries.


The whole body is white, may also be for the convenience of dark light to avoid accidental contact. Its shape is that kind of structure sense which is stronger traditional projector design. The fuselage line is rounded. I estimate BenQ holds this kind of traditional design is because it has many years of experience accumulation and technical precipitation. That’s why such modelling has its reason. In addition, the body is made of plastic, with some diamond-shaped lines on the upper surface and some finer lines on the bottom of the middle.

Rhomboid details. It can effectively increase friction and reduce the chance of hand sliding when handling.

12.28 * 8.86 * 4.33 inches, weight 6.39 pounds. We can see clearly than BenQ is longer than general business models, but moving indoor is no problem. It depends on what scene for portable applications. It cannot be carried out going out, not like some shots can be tucked into backpacks and bag.

Lens is the most important part of the projector. The design of this lens is cute. A green ring quite conspicuous. Glass lens hardness is higher, so there is no protective cover. And light machine integrated design can also effectively dustproof. The point on the right should be an infrared receiver.

On the right side of the top is the Android and Bluetooth logos, as well as a dual-band Wi-Fi icon, and on the right side is the radiator hole Logo. The Android Logo means that it is really different from the traditional projection: it has joined the smart system. This also makes it easier for businesses to read some file formats directly without having to connect to a video source such as a laptop.

There are two focusing knobs at the top of the lens and two icons on the left that show the projector not only has focus, but also optical zoom (frame size). Between the focusing knob and the lens is a schematic diagram of “Avoid direct eye contact”. The retinal blue light hazard is registered as RG2, which is very considerate but not easily noticed by ordinary people.

For science purposes, retinal blue light hazards are classified into RG0, RG1, RG2 and RG3 in order of hazard risk from low to high. According to the current safety standards. The blue light hazards of LED lamps should not exceed RG1 or RG2. In order to better protect the younger’s eyes, GB/T9473-2017 stipulates that the retinal blue light harm group of reading and writing desk lamps shall not exceed RG0.

At the top and bottom of the machine, there are power supply, temperature, light bulb indicator and some operation buttons that may be frequently used, such as power supply, power-saving air screen, return, home page, menu, signal source, direction selection and OK button, etc. The operation is relatively intuitive and convenient, making the machine can be used without the main functions of the remote control.

The front right corner of the fuselage has a cooling port, and the left side has a large area of cooling port, compared with the micro projection, the fuselage has a heat dissipation advantage.

All interfaces IN the back of the fuselage, BenQ E582 equipped with A power supply, two VGA, AUDIO IN/OUT, the RS – 232, PC, these few HDMI, USB interface, can meet the daily needs, suitable for household of AV, color difference and S terminal input, and the S – Video, Composite Video has been canceled, but it provides with three USB ports, two of whom were just ordinary USB interface, the other is A can give hard disk power supply 1.5 A USB interface. From the interface setting, it can be seen that BenQ is trying to make a subtraction under the premise of practicality. Compared with the previous interface, BenQ has made up for the mainstream interface in daily life. Cloud file sharing and multi-platform wireless projection, which will be mentioned later, make up for this design to some extent.

Like the BenQ business projector I used before, there are three screw ports at the bottom for attaching different brackets to different locations in your home. There are also three supporting floor mats.

The height of the three footpads can be fine-tuned, and the maximum length can be increased by about 4cm on the basis of the original length. Each foot has a rubber pad.

There is also a production logo and a light bulb logo

The remote control is also made of plastic material. Compared with the commercial projection such as E500 and E610 used before, the button setting and layout have changed a lot. It looks similar to the micro projector product. The buttons are simplified a lot, but shortcuts are retained.

In addition to the home button, the remote has a “3D” button and a “signal source” button, which is a nice design compared to the microcast minimalist remote, as I’ll show you later. What’s more, the remote control finally supports the speech recognition system, which can recognize the speech for a variety of operations.

And that’s not all. What’s that USB receiver in the accessory for? In fact, it can achieve mouse operation with the remote control. Just hold down the mouse shortcut on the remote control, and as soon as you wave it in the air, the mouse on the screen will move accordingly, which is a great feature.

These buttons are very convenient for commercial use, which explains why the E582 remote control can’t be completely made into a micro-cast minimalist wind.

Then there is this antenna, which corresponds to the interface on the back of the fuselage mentioned above, as a self-built hot spot signal amplifier. See this for the second time in all used projections. It’s small, but it’s also one of the product’s most important selling points.

Projectors often need to be moved in the office, which requires higher portability. The E582 has a built-in transformer, so only one power cord is exposed, which makes it more convenient to move.

Compared to BenQ’s smart business projectors, the E610 and the E500, the E582 has a looser design, more vibrant colors and a simpler structure, which is already great for business purposes.


White color match has a very clean feeling, very easy to integrate into the environment, it is not abrupt to place in the home.

In general, the appearance of BenQ E582 is closer to the microprojection product than the previous models, but the appearance design still maintains the traditional projection design idea, reducing the buttons on the premise of business and practical, orderly exploration and balance.


In terms of parameters, the E582 lumen is 300 to 3600 higher than BenQ Business projector E500JD, while the contrast ratio is 12,000:1, and the projection ratio is 1.47-1.76:1, which is not bad.

Projector hardware is a very complex subject, let’s talk about a few terms first

What is DLP technology?

DLP technology is an abbreviation of “Digital Light Procession”, which is to digitally process the image signal and then project the Light back out. It is based on DMD (Digital Micromirror Device), a Digital Micromirror Device developed by TI (Texas Instruments) To display visual Digital information. Specifically, DLP projection technology USES digital micromirror chip (DMD) as the key processing element to realize digital optical processing. With effective use of the brightness of the light, image is clear natural, durable, the advantages of the portable, more importantly, in many LCD projection image, we will see when an image size increase, the gap of the LCD image will become larger, while in the DLP projector won’t appear such circumstance, DMD mirrors determines the size and shape of it all.

In addition, there is a kind of 3LCD projection technology, which makes the projector has clearer picture, higher degree of color restoration and less screen noise. But because the price of 3LCD is generally higher, so it is not within the scope of this article.

Question about choosing bulb or LED projection light source?

Advantages of LED: First, long life, there is no need to replace the bulb. Second, as LED is a cold light source, it will not generate a lot of heat like metal halogen lamps, and it reduces the complex light path structure required by the original light source, so that the requirements on the cooling system of the projector can be reduced and the volume can be much smaller than the original. In a small way, LED projectors are generally kept under 2.2 pounds, some even only about 1.1 kg, such a weight is easy to carry and move use. And the noise is much less.

Disadvantages of LED: First, due to the heat dissipation technology bottleneck, the high-power LED chip is not enough, LED cannot make the brightness high, the projected picture is not clear enough. This is also the reason why it was mentioned above that Z6 has heat dissipation ports at the front and rear bottom. Second, the LED’s color rendering is not good (the bulb’s color rendering is 100, but the LED is only good at 80), so the projected image color will drift. So, low-end projectors can be LED, high-end projectors, with the pursuit of high clarity, the bulb or the first choice.

In short: LED light technology is not mature.

Advantages of traditional bulb light source:

First, the essence of the traditional light source is mainly ultra-high pressure mercury lamp and xenon lamp, it is the light source with the most developed time, and the most mature technology. It is widely used in home, business, engineering and education. Projector market is the current proportion of higher light sources. Basically, the projectors you see in classrooms and conference rooms are products of traditional light sources.

Second, the traditional light source of high brightness can be up to tens of thousands of lumens. The space that can adjust in color respect is very big, make its adapt a face wider. The most important point is the low price, which greatly reduces the cost. At present, traditional light sources are mainly used in basic products and high-end products. High-end products are mainly due to their good color performance, so there are products of light bulbs in high-end home theaters.

The disadvantage of traditional light bulbs: traditional light sources have a deadly disadvantage: short life span. The life of the bulb illuminant below normal use circumstance is concentrated in commonly 4000, 6000 hours or so, differ a lot compared with other illuminants. The attenuation of the traditional bulb light source in the process of use will make the image dark and yellow (such as brightness attenuation, color saturation and contrast reduction, etc.). For places with high requirements such as the cinema, the bulb has to be replaced for this reason, which also causes high maintenance cost in the later period.

BenQ’s E582 is used as a commercial projection, using more mature, commonly used high pressure mercury bulb light source, in order to better restore the projection color. In the case of high frequency use, there may be some maintenance costs associated with replacing the bulb, but the E582’s energy-saving settings make up for that

Regarding the system hardware configuration, BenQ did not announce more CPU and other hardware parameters.

My E582 has only 11.9 gigabytes of internal storage, more than enough for business documents, but I don’t recommend downloading videos on the system. Instead, I recommend reading large files on the external hard drive.

In addition, 10W loudspeaker is enough, the measured sound is not exquisite, but loud enough, basically meet the requirements of the meeting. If not, you can get better results by plugging into the speaker.


Here is a brief introduction to boot operation:

The language and WiFi can be used at the first startup according to the prompts. After startup, you only need to press the power button on the top of the body, and the light source of the projector will be lit to put in the picture. Yes, it’s that simple. In addition, in the actual experience, the noise is low after boot.

Here a group of film projection effect, the original image and turn off the lights and turn on the light film, as well as E582 (nominal 3600 lumens) and very m H1S (nominal 1100 ANSI lumens), because the wall area is not enough to hold two projection images at the same time, also as much as possible in order to present the real situation, E582 (turn off the lights) and H1S (off) the screen the same camera photograph of the same flight reservation, light conditions, with the same parameters (f / 11, 1/400 shutter, ISO1000, white balance 5200 k lock), and to facilitate better observation details, Reduce the exposure level to an appropriate level. Disclaimer: There is still a possibility that this test may not be accurate.

(As it is a personal experience, the best projector I have at hand is only The Extreme meter H1S, for reference only, please do not be serious)

The following are the original pictures of the Extreme meter H1S, E582 on, E582 on, and guess the four corresponding in your mind:


Answer: 4 is H1S, 3 is E582 to turn on the light, 2 is E582 to turn off the light, 1 is the original picture. In fact, I put the original image on the screen in Figure 1 on purpose.

Since the exposure is relative and the color temperature is the machine value, I hope you will not focus on the performance and brightness of the individual samples themselves, but focus on the color accuracy difference of 2, 3 and 1.

(Due to the adaptability of the human eye to ambient light, the subjective difference in perception is not as great as the above picture, but the objective difference in brightness is indeed such. Note: it is brightness difference, not brightness.)

As can be seen from the comparison:

The color of the screen is closer to the restoration and slightly cooler, which can be adjusted by setting the color temperature.

The brightness feels very bright at the first glance, and you can still watch it when the light is turned on. If you match the anti-light curtain, you should use it in the daytime and in the light environment.

Full color, no severe color drift.

Turning on the lights does not require splicing comparisons, and it is already clear that E582 and H1S are not in the same level.

When the brightness is set to a maximum of 100 (default 50), the screen overwhitens, E500, E610 are completely distorted, and right E582 can still vaguely distinguish the content.

Three primary colors:



Gray-scale test chart:

(Screen shots don’t really reflect the effect, so it doesn’t make much sense. Here are just a few more test maps.)

You can observe the above three pictures by yourself, so I can choose to ignore the following judgment: It can be seen from the test photos that the reduction of red, green and yellow in the three primary colors is relatively in place, while the color of blue appears to be partial. The center of the picture is bright, so the brightness of BenQ E582 is still very high. At the same time, BenQ E582 solid color performance or relatively good.

There is room for improvement in the uniformity of the color spread in the monochrome area, but the color display of this product has perfectly satisfied the business needs. The E582 also didn’t disappoint on the transparency scale, with the bright colors on the test chart (which may not be visible in the photo), the usual discernible rainbow effect on the projector, and the natural transition between each adjacent color. By actual observation found that E582 56 order gray-scale performance is better than I had used of E500 (image effect is less than the actual perception), 256 order gray, most of the level of the adjacent grayscale color piece a bit better (photographs may look not to come out), and each gray-scale digital identity is clear, therefore, the resolution of the E582 do have improved significantly. In general, BenQ E582 grey level can also, the three primary colors, permeability overall performance is good.

In terms of font clarity, there is little difference between the two, and the H1S seem a bit better.

In the process of projection, BenQ E582 business intelligence projector has rich humanized display settings option, menu design is concise and clear, such as color, contrast, sharpness, color temperature and so on can be adjusted according to the user’s habits. It is worth mentioning, color temperature and an independent “fine-tuning” color temperature options, can adjust the RGB gain and offset. There’s even a one-click palette option for ‘wall color.’ The image modes of E582 include brightness, presentation, cinema, sRGB and user. In different modes, the images show slightly different effects, while the screen proportions are 16:9, 16:10, 4:3, automatic and practical, which can be selected as far as possible to take into account the needs of users in different work areas.

The E582 has a projection ratio of 1.47-1.76, which is an upgrade over the E500’s 1.96-2.15. This is a fairly regular parameter, with 1.1x zoom to maximum (provided the focus is clear). In general, however, the size of the projection from the table opposite the screen in a conference room is not a problem for the entire conference room to recognize text, and don’t forget that the larger the conference room, the bigger the picture.

It’s still one lap smaller than the H1S in the room.

E582 has the function of vertical trapezoidal distortion correction, which is often referred to as trapezoidal correction, and it is fully automatic. E582 allows users to tilt the machine 30 degrees in the upper and lower direction and still put the correct screen, which is more convenient for users to create an ideal picture, but unfortunately it does not support left and right trapezoidal correction.

In addition, the settings options are similar to what microshots call “infinite zoom” options, and the “phase” and “horizontal size” options on the E500 are integrated into the “image zoom” sub-options.

Among them, “digital zoom” is equivalent to local amplification, projector size unchanged.

“Digital scaling and displacement” is to shrink, shrink the size of the projector remains the same, you cannot cut at the same time down, up, down, left and right translation screen.

BenQ E582 has four bulb models, in addition to the conventional pattern of normal, energy saving, it also has secret technology LampSave longevity bulb mode to adjust the brightness of the lamp power dynamic content level. Normal mode theory of bulb life is 5000 hours, and LampSave mode theoretical service life of up to 15000 hours, as much as three times that of the normal mode. cross using can greatly extend the lamp life and reduce the maintenance cost of small and medium-sized enterprises. During the long meeting, there are some explanations for the operation of the projector. At this time, the E582 also has ECO BLANK “power-saving air screen” function to save power for you, which can theoretically save up to 70% of the power consumption of the bulb. The combination of these two modes can greatly extend the life of the bulb and save the office expenses of small and medium-sized enterprises.

But I noticed that the “ECO BLANK” button was removed from the remote compared to the previous E500.

It’s worth noting that the projector also supports 3D. I tried shutter glasses, but the “frame sequence” in the settings option was not selected.

PS4 screen output to E582:

Frame number reflects the actual performance of the game. It is very smooth and has no lag.


Probably because the system hardware configuration is not very impressive, BenQ did not announce more CPU and other hardware parameters, but I was impressed by the actual experience of the basic operation is still smooth.

The first boot step by step according to the prompts and enter the system.

BenQ E500 is the same as the business projector factory installation of the old version of the system, the factory installation of the E582 is a new system interface, very cool.

Is the network status point manual update prompt cannot connect to the server. I have tried many times but still all no good. Might due to a network problem, so I gave up. but every once in a while there would be out of the update prompt, so the system update or no problem.

There is an important hardware and software upgrade: the addition of the aerial mouse and brush. The attached USB receiver inside the fittings are used. After inserting into the projector, projection screen press mouse button on the remote control will see a similar to the mouse icon, remote control different directions waving in the air. The mouse on the screen will be to the corresponding direction, actual experience response speed, sensitivity and accuracy is very high.

Then press the brush button on the right of the flying mouse button, and there will be a floating window on the screen with Settings such as brush color and eraser, etc. Click the “EZ” in the middle, hold down the flying mouse button and wave the remote control to draw lines on the screen, which is very easy to use.

The former solves the pain point that a large number of mobile phone apps cannot operate with arrow keys all the year round, while the latter reshapes and expands the function of laser pointer and provides system-level support.

Have you noticed that some of the previous explanations are system screenshots and some are screen shots? Why? This brings us to the “3D” key on the remote control, which is actually the entry to activate the “underlying menu” on the remote control. Exiting the 3D sub-menu can be selected from the main menu.

What is the underlying menu? And micro pitch completely to the design of the different operation is based on the android, BenQ E582 adopt android system is just a source of the projector, that is to say, Android is not we can call the bottom of the system. And under the Android system settings interface, even if is the system out of date or even collapse, still can switch to HDMI input as traditional projection is used, “smart menu” as the name suggests is exhaled Android intelligent system source of shortcuts. What the 3D key calls out is the underlying system, a system that makes basic adjustments to projection effects, signal sources, etc. Based on this design, the E582 can be switched to the full and complete projection settings menu without quitting the current task, unlike Android TV or Microcast, where changing display settings requires switching to another App. So, back to the question, when taking screenshots with the Android screenshots plugin, you can’t capture the underlying system, so you can only take screenshots.

In addition, compared with the E500 and E610 before it, the voice assistant has been added, which can recognize common commands accurately by holding down the “voice key” of the remote control to speak.

Since it is a business projector, we must talk about the features of this system customized for business:

1.Self-built hot spots:

E582 has two WiFi antennas, one for network connection and the other for direct connection of mobile devices. The projector can also be connected to the Internet while the mobile phone is connected to the hot projection screen.

The connected part of the network also supports 2.4G /5G dual frequency.

Before the use of commercial projection has a convenient and troublesome point, although the self-built hot direct connection, but connected to the phone or Pad cannot be connected to the Internet. But my phone still connected to the E582 self-built hotspot (I turned off cellular data at this point).

As one of the selling points of this product, it supports wireless projector on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platforms. The screen of mobile phone, tablet and laptop can be projected by switching with one button. Wireless projection can be realized without the help of external wireless module, thus you can say goodbye to frequent unplugging steps and waiting time when changing the report.

In the absence of WiFi, E582 itself supports the function of transmitting hot spot. Mobile phones, tablets and laptops are directly connected for 2 seconds. Wireless projector is more convenient, more efficient and more stable.

Moreover, the actual measurement shows that not only the screen projector, but also the self-built hot spot is also supported for file intertransmission.

2.Multi-screen interaction:

Screen projection supports Windows/Mac/Android/iOS four platforms, which can easily solve the problems of cumbersome unplugging of different devices used in business, insufficient cable length and mismatch between computers and projectors.

Multi-screen interaction:

(a), the mobile phone remote control projector, need to install the  remote control App on the mobile phone. With the help of the third-party  remote control, you can control E582 with your mobile phone. You can cast videos, see photos, push music and upload photos. The easy-to-use multi-screen interaction and delivery make watching TV full of fun.

(b), apple phone projector, directly open AirPlay projection.

(c), Android projector and Miracast delivery can be opened directly through WiFi. Direct connection requires the AirPin App to be installed on your phone.

(d), Windows desktop projection to the projector, requires the installation of the Airpin client on the PC. Mac can directly use AirPlay to project images to the projector.

All of the above methods can choose to use the LAN connection, or without the help of home router with E582 self-built hot direct connection.

Under the actual test of 2.4G, mobile game AirPlay output card, connected to 5G WiFi is much better.

In addition, the E582’s wireless projection supports simultaneous access to multiple devices, up to four screens.

WiFi is relatively smooth most of the time, occasionally a pause.

3.File sharing:

The Benq E582 can directly read various Office, video, music, pictures and other files inserted into the USB flash drive and hard disk, and even directly install the APK files on the USB flash drive.

While within the same LAN:

(a), Computers can access and download files from the projector and from the storage equipment connected to it. Follow the prompts and enter the corresponding IP address in the “My computer” address bar.

(b), The projector can access and download computer Shared disk files remotely. Just set up a Shared folder on your computer and enter the corresponding IP address on the projector interface.


(c0, Upload files to the projector through the browser of computer or mobile phone. This feature works even on a non-LAN, meaning that if your co-worker is on his or her home computer or phone, the content can be sent directly to your projector.

In addition, I also tested the slides presentation function, and matched it with the WPS Projector App built in the system. Although the slide had slight changes in the typesetting font position, it basically restored the original appearance of the slide, and the dynamic effect was also preserved. It also supports the ability to project mobile documents directly to the projector. No external equipment, basic business office is no problem.

There are a variety of apps available for downloading. In your spare time, you can also watch movies with your colleagues on this machine. And you can install other apps on a USB flash drive, extending just as much as any other Android TV box.

Results supported by Ann Tutu video test:

Supported format:

Imperfect supported format:

There are no unsupported formats in the test results.

To say not quite satisfying bit is to shut down after the reboot need to wait for a longer period of time.

In general, the interaction logic of the built-in Android system is not a big problem, the aesthetics of the system is indeed the level of commercial machines, the system is relatively smooth.



Applicable people: First of all, E582 is undoubtedly very suitable for business office. In fact, it doesn’t matter if there is no short focus in business. We can’t expect too much at this price.

All the E series I’ve used in the past have the XGA (1024*768) resolution. This one is more powerful with 1080P, but it’s more about using 1080P, which may not be suitable for small and medium enterprises with limited budgets. The addition of dual WiFi and self-built hotspots is not necessary for ordinary consumers’ homes, but it may be a very good choice for enterprises that demand business efficiency and higher requirements. This also reflects BenQ’s positioning strategy in the market segment.

Since I bought the first micro projector, I bought the first projector in life. I changed a lot when I saw photos I took. I used a lot of projectors gradually, from the micro to traditional light bulb machine, including 4K, 1080P, and home and business models, I changed from being not sensitive at all, to gradually can tell the difference and find some brand characteristics, for BenQ, I think it is a reliable company that can devote to do projectors. In terms of color. Before using micro investment and then BenQ found micro investment in color problems, and BenQ made it clear: do not put too much effort in unnecessary places, especially business models.

Comprehensive review:

back to the beginning of the article, I believe you have a very clear understanding of this product. It is the positioning of the business, it’s distinct feature is double WiFi and self-built hot spots. While the smart systems designed for business custom make full use of it, to some extent on the logic, software and hardware set-up for business, provides a more complete set of solutions. In addition to its brightness and comprehensive for almost everything, this projector basically is perfect.


  1. Built-in hot spot is the most prominent highlight of this product.
  2. Support physics 1080P.
  3. Upper and lower trapezoid correction function.
  4.  lumens up to 3600, night and indoor lights can be displayed clearly.
  1. The design of Android intelligent system as only a signal source is excellent. Users can directly switch to the rich and perfect projection setting menu without quitting the current task, which is very convenient.
  2. Remote control shortcuts designed for business use can greatly improve office efficiency.
  3. Slides and other presentation files, videos and music can be played, and there is no format limit for reading business documents.
  4. Wireless screen projection supports Windows/Mac/Android/iOS four platforms, greatly improving the efficiency of business office.
  5. More comprehensive file sharing functions.


  1. The 900 dollars price is a little expensive.
  2. The appearance design is too traditional.
  3. Only vertical trapezoidal correction is provided.
  4. Long shutdown process.

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