Written by Ryan Ballard

To be ported by Norsfell Games, Kalypso Media has announced today that Airline Tycoon is going to be visiting Android. Like other Tycoon games, players assume responsibility for that business success of the particular venture, as well as in this case players want to run the very best airline around.

There are four tycoons inside the game (the main one players use, and three competitors), all striving to best others. A number of different metrics will need tending, from upkeep and upgrades to the present planes in the fleet, planning flights, buying and selling planes, manage employee relations, procurement of fuel, and hopefully being able to find time for you to have your character sneak in a coffee break.

While no regular date was handed, they did tip their hand a little on pricing. Kalypso mentioned why they selected Norsfell Games, simply because they “topped the area using its Free-To-Play expertise and fresh game design approach to certainly one of Kalypso’s many successful IPs“, based on the developers. When we learn more details, we will post an update.