Written by AndrewH

NetMarble is keeping themselves busy it appears when it comes to Marvel Future Fight, constantly releasing new content updates on a consistent basis. The newest update which arrived today brings the key Wars to the game, which is based from Marvel’s Secret World comic books that has multiple storylines combining multiple worlds and characters onto a single planet, Battleworld.

All from the currently existing heroes and villains in Marvel Future Fight will have new variants that players can collect and use. Outside the new variants, addititionally there is three new characters introduced in to the game with this update: Sister Grimm, Singularity, and She-Hulk.

Of course it’s not only new outfits and characters coming in this update. Battleworld can also be now available as a PvP event. This can be a 2 vs 2 tag team event where players will select their two heroes they want to participate with, and then go to come up with it to the peak of the rankings. Villain Siege Mode has also had 5 new level put into it too as existing levels having their design re-balanced. You will find new rewards available for Villain Siege too.

Lastly, there is a new comic cover collection pieces in-game that players can collect and put together to create a new full cover. There’s a bonus to collecting all the pieces and completing the coverage as well. Should you complete the cover you will receive hero skill level increases.

The Secret Wars update for Marvel Future Fight has become available for download off of Google Play. If you haven’t check this game out and wish to, downloading a duplicate can also be free.

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