April 19, 2021


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Meizu 18 Pro appearance analysis: Light and Portable, Everything is just right

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On the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the founding of Meizu, the brand-new 18 series flagship of Meizu officially meets you. Meizu 18 Pro is not the same as Meizu 18.

Among the two mobile phones, Meizu 18 Pro is a product positioned as the “extreme flagship.” It has the more extreme 2K resolution screen in the same series and the more powerful “AR full-scene master imaging system” in the same series. With a 4500mAh large battery and 40W wired and wireless fast charging, it brings us the ultimate experience.

In my opinion, the ultimate experience’s premise is the ultimate grip, and by polishing the structure and materials, the feel of the Meizu 18 Pro is just perfect.

With the popularity of 5G mobile phones, smartphones have begun to increase in thickness and weight, but this will also affect the user’s daily grip and experience and even make the little finger overwhelmed. This year’s Meizu 18 Pro adopts an eight-curved micro-arc design. Its screen glass and back cover glass are bent toward the middle of the frame, smoothing the edges and corners of the frame, and with an exquisite structural design, finally realized based on a 6.7-inch screen finally achieves the right grip.

To ensure the screen’s look and feel, the Meizu 18 Pro uses a four-curved micro-arc screen. This design can ensure that the screen does not appear rainbow patterns while reducing the body’s thickness as much as possible on the visual level. From the actual hand experience, the thickness control of the Meizu 18 Pro is also quite reasonable. Its body thickness is only 8.1mm, and its body weight is only 6.66oz. It is not wrong to say that it is a new generation of the thin and light flagship.


From the perspective of screen appearance, the performance of the Meizu 18 Pro is also very satisfactory. This 2K resolution 6.7-inch screen has a PPI of 526, and it also supports a refresh rate of 120 frames. In the future, Meizu also said that it would upgrade “2K 120 frames at the same time” through OTA. For those who pursue the ultimate visual effect may wish to look forward to it.

Smart phones’ screen size is getting bigger and bigger, which has also caused many people to worry that the phone cannot be grasped by one hand. However, when using Meizu 18 Pro, I did not feel discomfort. This is because the width design of Meizu 18 Pro is quite reasonable, and the 73mm gold grip with rounded side frame design greatly reduces the discomfort when holding. You won’t feel tired even after using time.

Meizu 18 Pro is not only a flagship in hand but also a benchmark for beauty. This time, Meizu 18 Pro is available in Flying Snow Streamer, Galaxy Mystery, and the vast sky. Thanks to AG glass’s craftsmanship, the back panel of Meizu 18 Pro feels warm and delicate and not easy to stained with fingerprints. After using it for a long time, we can also feel the heart that Meizu brings to us.

After using Meizu 18 Pro, I think it is entirely appropriate to use “Everything is just right” to describe the design of Meizu 18 Pro. This phone uses a 6.7-inch screen to take care of users who are looking for a large screen. Moreover, the body’s proper weight and thickness can also ensure that you will not feel tired after long-term use. It is the ultimate hand-feel flagship for every user.

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