April 19, 2021


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MI Philips Desk Lamp 3 Experience: Light up your smart life with professional lighting

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“God said that there must be light, so there is light.” Light is a great significance to human society. It is not only a symbol of technological development but also a sign of human civilization. When I think of my childhood, I always admire the older children who sit under the lamp and do their homework. That beam of light illuminates the hope of a family and the future of the nation. With technology development, a small desk lamp has more technical content and becomes more intelligent and eye-protecting.

This MI Philips Desk Lamp 3, from the name alone, has a feeling of “good quality.” Philips, founded in the Netherlands in 1891, mainly produces products in lighting, home appliances, and medical systems. Naturally, its technical strength needs to be said. As the most mature intelligent ecosystem in the today’s market, its ecological chain companies cover all aspects of our lives. So what is the experience of this MI Philips Desk Lamp 3?


Simple appearance, love at first sight

The Mijia Philips table lamp 3 uses a pure white color scheme in its exterior design, matching the classic and simple shape of MI products, giving people a very refined and atmospheric texture. If your home has a large number of MI products, MI Philips Table Lamp 3 will quickly integrate into your home environment. However, pure white is less tolerant of stains and dust and needs to be cleaned up daily.

From the appearance design point of view, MI Philips Table Lamp 3 can be said to have absorbed the two designs’ essence. The base with large rounded corners ensures stability and is also convenient to be placed in the table’s corner. The only opening on the top of the base is a light sensor, and the bottom is a touch light adjustment switch. Apart from that, I can hardly find any extra decorations. The design philosophy of “LESS IS MORE” is vividly embodied.

Speaking of a significant feature of this lamp, it must be the adjustable lamp pole that can rotate and bend freely. According to officials, it can withstand 10,000 bends without deformation. Whether you want to use it as a desk lamp, a spotlight, or a Nightlight, you can change it at any time with a little twist. It’s simple and easy to use.

An excellent product must be exquisite and designed in detail. The lighting area of MI Philips Desk Lamp 3 is also very delicate. The superior integrated design, combined with the frosted cover plate, uses 32 0.23W LED modules responsible for lighting. Don’t underestimate these small LEDs. They support the national standard AA lighting, no blue light, no strobe, high color rendering, and other indicators. The advantage of a professional lamp brand is reflected here.


Bright Eye Protection,  Essential for Learning

After talking about the appearance, let’s take a look at the hardware parameters of the MI Philips Desk Lamp 3. As a desk lamp, first of all, it depends on whether the light is good. From our experience, the light of the MI Philips Desk Lamp 3 is very even, and the entire desktop is lit up after lighting up. Especially suitable for reading and children’s homework. And its central luminance can reach 1900lx. Even if only one light is turned on in the room, the brightness is sufficient.

Besides brightness, the “quality” of light is also very important. If you want to see clearly and comfortably, you need to work hard on strobe and color rendering index. MI Philips Desk Lamp 3 supports no blue light and no flicker and has passed national professional organizations’ inspection. Another significant parameter is the color rendering index. A light source with a high color rendering index (RA) must be used to express the original color of the material correctly. The value is close to 100, and the color rendering is the best.

The MI Philips Desk Lamp 3 has reached Ra90 in this aspect, with a higher color rendering index, which can be closer to the effect of sunlight. Whether it is children reading paintings or paintings, or professionals with demanding color requirements, they can obtain more accurate display-color effect. As a smart table lamp priced at only $31.00, it is conscientious.

As a smart desk lamp, the convenience and functionality of the MI Philips Desk Lamp 3 have also been greatly improved in the MI ecology. The simplest is that you can switch the lights on and off through the mobile APP. Moreover, you can also set various modes, such as children’s mode, adult reading, and mobile-computer mode.

Suppose you want to achieve more advanced gameplay. In that case, you can also set functions that delay turning off the lights, visual fatigue reminder, and turning on and off the lights at regular intervals that ordinary lamps cannot achieve. And because of the addition of MI ecology, you can also control it through Smart AI. Sometimes I don’t want to get up while lying in bed. Move my mouth to let Smart AI turn off the light for you! For the friends living in the North, the cold winter day is full of happiness.

As a “hybrid” product of Philips and MI, MI Philips Table Lamp 3 combines the advantages of both sides in appearance design and provides users with a professional lighting experience and the blessing of MI smart ecology. The price of $31.00, from the perspective of comprehensive understanding, is indeed a rare price-performance dazzle. If you are a person with strict requirements for home quality and wants to experience the convenience brought by smart homes, then I think choosing MI Home Philips Desk Lamp 3 is right!

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