April 20, 2021


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Moistening Things Quietly: LIFAair Intelligence Purification Humidifier Experience

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Comments: LIFAair intelligent humidifier adopts simulated natural evaporation and humidification without fog, which can ensure silence at night and provide 600mL/h humidification quantity. More importantly, it adopts H13 HEPA filter element, humidification filter screen with antibacterial and mildew-proof, and ultraviolet lamp to ensure the humidified air is healthy and moist, especially suitable for the elderly and children.

Writing in the front


If you’ve lived in the north during the winter, you must have an impression of the dry air indoors, especially after waking up. So, the southern winter is struggling with the coldness, while the northern winter is struggling with the dryness.

It is important to choose the right humidifier, especially for the elderly and children. Today we are going to talk about how to humidify the air in a healthy way.


Does the humidifier cause indoor PM2.5 pollution?

I saw on the Internet that humidifiers can cause indoor PM2.5 pollution, so is this correct? Before answering this question, let’s come up with a concept of medical scope.

“The dose makes the poison.”

The humidifier that causes indoor PM2.5 pollution is mainly aimed at ultrasonic humidifier, which is related to the principle of humidifier. If the water in the ultrasonic humidifier is not clean enough, then the impurities, foreign items, bacteria and other harmful substances in the water will break and evaporate into the air, which may lead to PM2.5 pollution in the air.

But if the water can be kept clean, then there is no problem. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two humidifiers.


Humidification type classification


Ultrasonic humidifier:

The principle of ultrasonic humidifier is the use of ultrasonic water shock into small particles, and then blown into the air to achieve the humidification purpose. Long term use can be near the humidifier (wall, floor, etc.).


1.High humidification speed, thanks to ultrasonic wave.

2, the price is low, there are several dollars to dozens of dollars in the market, the choice is quite pretty.

Ultrasonic humidifiers have more disadvantages than advantages.



1, Water quality requirements, it is recommended to use pure water. Ultrasonic waves can shake water into small particles, and impurities, bacteria, and foreign items in the water can also be diffused into the air through the humidifier. This is also the main reason for indoor PM2.5 pollution caused by long time use of some ultrasonic humidifiers.

2, The water tank sterilization requirements are high, the previous has been mentioned that the ultrasonic can spread the bacteria into the air, so the need to sterilize the water tank, especially the pure water tank. Studies have shown that fresh water in tanks is more likely to harbor bacteria than tap water, which is linked to the addition of chlorine to tap water. So, ultraviolet light is needed to keep the tank sterilized and so on.


Evaporative humidifier:

The evaporative humidifier simulates the effect of natural evaporation by blowing water into the air through the evaporative disk.



natural evaporation, low water quality requirements, tap water can be used. Water impurities will precipitate to the bottom. This kind of humidifier basically does not produce PM2.5 or white fog, which is more suitable for the elderly and children (air-sensitive users).



humidification speed slower than ultrasonic. Ultrasonic one will be more expensive.


Like ultrasonic humidifiers, tanks also need to be sterilized or sterilized for better humidification.

For me, if I recommend a humidifier to my family and friends, I only recommend an evaporative humidifier.


Save money and no need to worry? Actually no!

Deciding not to buy the ultrasonic humidifier, I bought a SmartMi pure humidifier. This humidifier has been in use for a whole winter, so it has had a good experience. Generally speaking, the performance is not bad. Advantages as mentioned above, evaporative humidifier is free from white fog and PM2.5 troubles. The split type humidifier is convenient and safe in design, simple and generous in appearance, etc. The most important thing is that the price is relatively cheap, and it also supports SmartMi home ecology, which is very convenient.

But want to save money and no need to worry? No!

The main disadvantages of this type of humidifier are as follows:

1.Open water tank is prone to ash and needs frequent cleaning: the official recommendation is to clean it once a week, but I usually clean it twice. One is to keep the water clean, and the other is to replace the tap water containing chlorine more often to reduce the bacteria in the tank.

2.Limited humidification, suitable for the bedroom (small space): the maximum humidity is 240mL/h, large space is definitely not suitable.

3, noise slightly larger (on the most wet gear during sleep): if it is a higher requirement for sleep environment, the noise of the third gear is relatively large. Noise below third is easier to accept, depending on your needs (I have no problem with third).

Generally speaking, it is ok, but it needs more care. But if you want to give a large space (living room and so on) to provide humidification, but also as far as possible to save worry, so let’s see today’s product– LIFAair intelligence humidifier performance!


The first impression

The parcel I received by express are two. The large part is the host of LIFAair humidifier, and the small part is the spare water tank and descaling citric acid of the humidifier. Humidifier outer packing with two adhesive binding, not only can be easy to handle, at the same time to dismantle the adhesive only need to open the line. I like this kind of design.

After opening the package, the LIFAair host will come into view. The packing is simple: power cord, instruction manual, host. But before the formal use of the need to pay attention to take out the internal protection bubble, the host has the prior use of the prompt.

LIFAair humidifier adopts the consistent design of LIFAair air purifier and adopts the cylinder shape. The air inlet is in the middle of the fuselage, the air outlet is at the top of the fuselage, and the water tank is at the bottom. The maximum capacity is 6.5L.

A spare water tank and descaling citric acid were sent together with the humidifier to make it easier to clean the waterways of the humidifier later.

The top and middle of LIFAair Humidifier is OLED water drop screen, which can display the current operation of humidifier (humidification amount, water level, wind speed, operation mode, etc.). With the environmental light sensor, the backlight brightness of the screen can be automatically adjusted according to the environmental brightness.

It’s worth mentioning that this screen supports adding water to the screen. When adding water, I can pour water on the screen, which can quickly wake up the screen and display the real-time water level, making the whole process of adding water more interesting. This addition of water can make me play for fun for half a day.

In addition to the display screen on the top, outside the periphery is the function of touch keys, so that daily operations can be completed without squatting down, which is more convenient. At the same time, the whole ring on the top is designed with 360° touch control. When operating the air volume, it only needs to slide the ring. It is cool to slide clockwise to increase the air volume and reverse the pointer to decrease the air volume.

LIFAair humidifier maintains the simple design of Northern Europe, so that the products can be well matched with a variety of home decoration styles. But this time in the color is not the traditional white, but slightly yellow color, I personally feel good, but the elderly might feel it is used.

More than humidification

Humidification amount is one of the most basic indicators to test the humidifier. LIFAair humidifier can rapidly humidify up to 1000mL/h, but it is accompanied by a larger fan sound. However, under the use of night mode, it can still provide 600mL/h humidification amount, this is very nice. In the absence of sleep, it provides us with a moist environment.

In daily use, we can remotely turn on the humidifier through the mobile App. The maximum wind speed can quickly humidify the room, and then we can change to the quiet mode to maintain it at home, which will not affect our life, but also make us very comfortable.

LIFAair humidifier simulates natural evaporation and can also have such a large amount of humidification, mainly due to the following points:


Drip water

Different from ordinary type humidifier, LIFAair uses a quiet water pump to pump the water above, and then drip on the humidifying filter, so that the humidifying filter all the time to maintain a comprehensive infiltration, which can gain a greater amount of humidification.

This is indeed more advanced than using siphon or rotary humidification, the amount of humidification is not affected by the water level.

Cold heat evaporation

In addition to the use of cold evaporation, LIFAair also added a PTC ceramic heating network. What ordinary humidifier blows out is cold air, LIFAair can blow hot air, which greatly improves evaporation efficiency and will not produces scale pollution.

The PTC ceramic heating screen also allows the auxiliary fan to quickly evaporate the humidifying screen each time it is shut down to prevent the growth of bacteria.


Large water tanks

LIFAair’s water tank is 6.5L, which can meet the time of a day after actual use, which is related to the local environmental humidity. I live in the northern part of the country, which is relatively dry all year round, so basically the water in the water tank can be used up in just one day.

Thanks to LIFAair’s super humidification amount, the sitting room and master bedroom humidity can maintain between 45% and 50%. What need to be explained is because the living room and dining room is through, there is another SmartMi humidifier working at the dining room at the same time.

I cannot imagine this is before the use of small amount of humidifier at all. But it did it.

Tips: Tap water is recommended. Tap water contains chlorine, which has a better bacteriostatic effect than pure water, and is also more convenient.


Clean and more quiet

If you are familiar with LIFAair, you should know that it is an air purification brand from Finland. When making humidifiers, you will naturally bring your own advantages — the experience of air purifier to humidifiers, so that moistening not only provides moist air, but also healthier moist air.


Air purification

After entering the winter, indoor air circulation will be much worse, coupled with PM2.5, it is more prone to allergic phenomenon, which is the reason why purifiers are sold really popular in winter.

The LIFAair cylindric fuselage has mesh air inlet on all four sides. After entering the air inlet, the air is directly filtered by H13 medical-grade HEPA filter element to make the incoming air healthier and achieve the function of air purification while humidifying.

Water tank purification

Appropriate temperature + ideal water living environment for bacteria, and indoor humidifier water tank is such an environment, which is also the reason why the SmartMi humidifier I mentioned earlier needs to be cleaned frequently, obviously this is not an ideal state.

LIFAair provides UV lamp sterilization, after adding water will automatically disinfection sterilization, combined with the chlorine in tap water can minimize the number of bacteria in the tank.

Tips: It is recommended that every time you add water, it is best to add more than 90%, one is to reduce the number of times you add water, the other is more than 90% UV disinfection lamp will automatically work, so you do not have to go to manually operate.

In addition, because the water tank did not use wide open, so in the continuous use of 10 days or so water tank is relatively clean, this and before the open water tank is really more convenient.


Evaporation purification

In order to ensure the consistent humidification amount, LIFAair adopts the drip humidification method. Officials claim that the wet curtain is coated with an antibacterial coating that helps to keep bacteria at bay. Because it is consumable, it needs to be replaced after a period of use.

At the same time, in order to prevent the wet curtain from breeding bacteria when the humidifier is turned off, the wet curtain will be blown dry by default each time it is turned off. Of course, it can also be turned off directly (not recommended).

However, this wet curtain drying process takes a long time. Instead of using maximum air volume to dry quickly, it tries to dry quietly and at the same time.


Self-cleaning of waterways

The humidifier design of LIFAair is very thoughtful, if you have used the humidifier, you must be bothered by cleaning scale, with ordinary cleaner is not clean off (alkali), can only use vinegar and other acidic substances for soaking.

The waterway cleaning function provided by it can achieve this, with the amount of citric acid provided, 30 minutes can complete the waterway cleaning, which is really the good for lazy people.

By the way, if you are used to having water on the screen, the screen also supports citric acid cleaning. It is recommended to use the official citric acid to avoid damaging the screen.


Quietness that does not disturb sleep

If you choose to keep the humidifier in your bedroom, turn on the maximum wind speed before bed to get the right humidity quickly and then turn on the night mode to maintain it.

There will be a slight movement noise, which is very regular, but the noise is so low that it will not affect your sleep.

Since I don’t have a professional noise test device, I roughly tested the sound software on my iPhone, and the results were consistent with the experience. It was indeed very quiet.


Wisdom from the inside out

The host is intelligent

LIFAair built-in multiple sensors, provide AI intelligent mode, according to the environment automatically adjust the wind speed, indoor humidity control at about 50%. This is also the mode I use most during the day, so I don’t have to worry too much about the humidifier settings.

At the same time, the following small functions are very intimate:

1. Intelligent adding water: the previous has been introduced, so I am not going to discuss more here.

2.The display screen supports light sensing and automatically reduces the brightness at night to reduce the impact on sleep.

Tips: If you think the AI auto mode humidity is low at 50%, you can turn on wetter mode (60%).


App control

In the era of Internet of everything, LIFAair naturally also supports mobile phone App control. The initial setup is also very simple, which is consistent with most smart devices connected to the Internet.

I don’t know the password for the first connection, 12345678, actually it is marked on the App description.

At the same time, the host system also supports OTA upgrade, which is very convenient for late software update.

The biggest advantage of this humidifier is that it supports App control. You can turn on the humidifier before you get home, so that you can maintain the humidity when you get home. It has a moist and comfortable environment, and it will not be affected by the humidifier noise.

In addition, the App can see the status of the filter element, and it should be intelligently reminded to replace it in time. Which is great.

Finally, the replacement of the filter element is very convenient, only a few simple steps to complete the operation, you do not have to worry about it too much.



In fact, I had a very good experience using LIFAair humidifier, which can fully meet my requirements for the humidification. Let’s summarize the pros and cons.


  1. Cold evaporative humidifier, a healthier way of humidifying.
  2. The humidification volume is large and quiet, and the humidification volume is easy to do, but it is very quiet while ensuring the humidification volume of 600mL/h, which is quite difficult to achieve.
  3. Triple protection, the air is not only moist, but also healthier. The air is filtered from the source through the H13 HEPA filter element, the water is sterilized by the ULTRAVIOLET lamp, and the humidifying filter supports the bacteria-resistance, so as to meet the health needs to the maximum extent.
  4. Intelligent mode, from the water, use, cleaning to provide intelligent mode, which is all easy to operate.



  1. Poor mobility. This humidifier adopts a split type design. The 6.5L water tank and the weight of the body make it difficult to move the humidifier.
  2. Consumables are not cheap, wet curtain and filter elements belong to consumables. It needs to be replaced in continuous use after a period of time. The price is 45 dollars. It consumes 3% after using for a week. So, calculated down a winter must be used again with a set of filter elements.

Tips: It’s best to keep your humidifier’s place in the corner of your home so that your child doesn’t knock over when playing.


The end

With the improvement of living standard, people’s pursuit of material conditions is getting higher and higher. Air purifier, foot bucket, humidifier and other products are used to improve the quality of life of users.

Giving your family a comfortable and healthy environment to “moisten” the dry winter may be the most important thing you can do when you’re away working hard for family.

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