April 19, 2021


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MOMAX PILLS MINI Earbuds: Put on Sweet Candy on Your Ears

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The importance of true wireless Earbuds can be seen from their original “new form of headphones” to the digital products that almost everyone owns today. However, relatively, this also makes consumers have higher requirements for this kind of products, including appearance, color matching, battery life, connectivity, comfortable wearing and other factors. In particular, the appearance, although we can only perceive the presence of earbuds through touch, greatly influences the comfort of wearing them and the first “eye catching”.

MOMAX clearly understand that, after it launched MOMAX PILLS MINI true wireless Bluetooth Earbuds (hereinafter referred to as MOMAX PILLS MINI), the device by more variety of colors and the shape of the delicate and cabinet, to make it most similar products on the product quality and market made a very good, and four with dragon “Macaron” the style of the color make the headset more “accessible”, but also increased consumer choice space.


Put candy on your Earbuds

Unless you have a particularly stunning design or a highly recognizable look, the typical headset review doesn’t take a lot of effort on the look, as the headset highlights an “experience” that is good or bad to know. But MOMAX PILLS is a little different, because before wearing them, it’s actually the appearance that gets me there first.

MOMAX PILLS are designed with bean styling instead of the mainstream handle styling. The benefit of this design is that they can reduce the size of earphones, making them easier to take in and more fit to the ear. There were no earphones falling off during normal wear, and even in the subway setting, they were safely on my ear.

The inside of the earphone is marked with “L” and “R” respectively to distinguish the left and right. The outside of the earphone is the touch operation area. This earphone can play/pause, reject incoming call, answer, last song, next song and other operations by gently pressing.

In addition to appearance, weight is also a very important factor, because it directly affects the comfort of wearing. MOMAX PILLS weighs only 0.008lbs per Earbuds, lighter than AirPods. In addition to its own ergonomic cavity and in-ear design, so that it can better fit the ear, but also can play a better sound insulation effect, to ensure the listening sense when listening to music and answer a phone call.

Take off the earphones and put them in the battery case, and what you see in front of you is the most “lovely” aspect of the headset, which is its color palette. MOMAX PILLS MINI have four colors matching namely cool black, bright moon white, violet and coral pink, but these four colors didn’t leave today’s popular low saturation style, choosing instead to show the color itself, more lovely Macaron color, outstanding young people’s preferences, because the headset is the choice of consumers, especially one character expression for the young consumer groups. I was lucky enough to get three of the colors: cool black, white moon and coral pink.


True wireless free listening

Despite its compact body, MOMAX MINI is still equipped with high-performance composite diaphragm and 6mm moving coil, resulting in a very clean sound. From this point of view, the sound quality of this kind of Earbuds meets the needs of more groups for music. It’s worth noting that the headset supports AAC/SBC audio decoding technology, and the excellent instrumental separation makes the human sound very good in the same price range.

In addition, MOMAX PILLS MINI supports TWS interconnection technology, allowing two earphones to be separated from the main earphone, which can effectively reduce the earphone delay, which is shown in obvious feedback when listening to music and playing games with these earbuds. For these earbuds, playing games does not appear out of sync. In addition. This technology also allows MOMAX PILLS MINI to allow one person to wear one earphone and two people to listen to the same song. Imagine two people hanging out on the road walking close to each other, each wearing an earpiece, enjoying music together, and the winter suddenly feels much warmer. For the user, what is less is the tethering of the headphone cord and what is constant is the empathy and resonance between the two people. The existence of Bluetooth 5.0 also makes the “connection” more stable.

As for battery life, MOMAX PILLS MINI alone has a battery of 50mAh for Earbuds, and charging case has a battery of 550mAh. Combined with charging case, the battery life can be used continuously for 16 hours, reaching the current mainstream level of true wireless earbuds.


Write in the last

Compared with other true wireless earbuds products, the color matching and delicate and compact appearance of MOMAX PILLS MINI Macaron are much more lovely. Moreover, the sound quality, battery life, connectivity and wearing comfort of the earbuds can meet the current daily needs. If MOMAX PILLS MINI is compared to candy, then this must be not only good to hear, but also good to use.


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