March 8, 2021

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Motorola Edge S: Being young is having attitude!

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These two simple words, Moto and Motorola, have always been spokespersons of high-end and quality in the hearts of countless people. With the advent of the Smartphone era, Moto has been continuously exploring and innovating. We can see the Moto brand’s continuing from modular mobile phones to the newly released Motorola edge S.

The slogan of Motorola edge s this time is “New Power Faction” I think it can view from two perspectives. The first is “new and cutting-edge”. As a group of users with the most spending power and geek attributes in today’s society, young people have increasingly higher Smartphone requirements. “To win young people to win the world,” cutting-edge attitude and design are indispensable; the second is “strength.” This is well understood. The strength here can be reflected in performance, photography, experience, games, battery life, etc. What are the advantages of this Motorola Edge S, known as the “new and cutting-edge power”?


The exquisite choice in the critical era,

“Gentle” is my first feeling after holding the Motorola Edge S in my hand. The 21:9 slender screen and 3D curved body give people a sense of “ingenious workmanship.” There are many models with rounded shapes on the market today, but I have to admit that Motorola Edge S’s feel is one of the best. The only thing is that the 7.40oz body may be slightly bulky.


The front of the Motorola Edge S uses a hole-digging screen design, and the two front cameras have separate holes, which further frees up the display area of ​​the screen. The 21:9 ultra-wide cinema screen with a 90Hz ultra-high refresh rate is a must for the current flagship mobile phone. This 6.7-inch high-definition dual microporous screen also supports DCI-P3 wide color gamut and HDR10 technology. The display effect is exquisite and natural. It is usually used to watch dramas and watch movies, and the visual perception should not be too good!

On the back body, the four cameras of Motorola Edge S are neatly placed in the upper left corner of the Body. “Many and not messy”, with the right metal contour modification, will not feel abrupt. Moto provides two kinds of color matching of “Emerald Light, and Snow and Mist”. The one in our hand is “Snow and Mist “. The color on the back of the body will have a enigmatic feeling. I Like it!


The world’s first Snapdragon 870 performance experience has been greatly improved.

As early as in the machine’s preheating stage, most users are guessing its processor selection. This time, Motorola Edge S released the Snapdragon 870 chip for the world’s first time, and its flagship strength is beyond doubt. This processor, which we are still unfamiliar with, has been greatly improved. Due to the advanced 7Nm manufacturing process and kryo 585 8-core CPU architecture, the main frequency is up to 3.2ghz, 12% higher than that of the previous generation; the GPU adopts Adreno 650, 10% higher than that of the previous generation.

Also, Moto is equipped with a “performance iron triangle”: Snapdragon 870 + LPDDR5 + enhanced UFS3.1. Compared with the previous generation, LPDDR5 improved by 30%, and enhanced UFS 3.1 high-speed flash memory improves by 25%. The faster flash memory chip complements the snapdragon 870 and achieves the effect of overall speed-up. Of course, there is no proof to say, we use running points to prove the specific strength!

The Motor Edge S score was 663133 and GPU score was 282792. Such a strong strength, playing the game is absolutely smooth enough!

Next, we used Geekbench to test. Motorola edge s has a single-core score of 4293 and a multi-core score of 10,824. Geekbench’s single-core score mainly represents daily use fluency, and the multi-core score is a game scene that calls multi-core.

A mobile phone’s graphics processing performance determines whether the picture is clear, whether the frame rate is stable, and whether the picture quality is smooth. Therefore, we use 3dmark to test Motorola edges’ graphics processing ability, and the result shows that the score of sliding shot extreme is 8511. This kind of flagship performance is your best companion on the road of the king!

The subsequent frame rate test further confirmed our conjecture. In the game, the frame rate of Motorola Edge S is kept at 60, the picture is smooth, and there is almost no stuck or dropped frame. And thanks to the high refresh rate screen of 90hz, you can obviously feel that the handling and tracking performance are better. When drifting and turning, the control is more freely.

More intimately, Motorola Edge S also provides a “game mode” for players. After opening the game, it can block system notifications for you, intercept incoming calls so that your game will not be disturbed. At the same time, it also supports one-click screen recording and screenshots. The wonderful shots of the five kills must be recorded and sent to friends to show off!

With 5G+ strong performance, will you worry about battery life?  Moto has already thought of it for you. Motorola Edge S has a large 5000mAh battery. According to the official, in the 5G state, it can be in standby for up to two days. Moreover, it also supports 20W fast charging, and the recovery speed is also very fast. Actually, after a day of moderate use, about 40% of the power is left by the end of day. I mentioned earlier that the body weighs 7.40oz, but when I saw a large 5000mAh battery, I suddenly felt that it would be nice to be heavier.



AI omnipotent six photos discover beauty and record beauty

If you want to capture young people’s hearts, you must first catch the eyes of young people. As an essential feature of Smartphone today, taking a picture requires excellent and clear photos and beautiful views. This time Motorola edge s uses a rear 64MP full-scene AI four-shot combination, including 64MP primary lens + 2 million image depth of field lens + 16MP ultra wide-angle macro lens + TOF stereo deep sense lens. The four lenses each perform their duties and cooperate. Let’s look at the proofs for specific performance.

During the day, with plenty of light, the 64MP primary lens of Motorola Edge S brings a delicate picture texture and precise details. In the above image, the distant buildings are apparent in light and shadow reflections and window details. Moreover, the 64MP high-pixel captured the more detailed results, and it does not matter even if the secondary cropping will be performed later.

This 16MP ultra-wide-angle macro lens can come in handy in the face of beautiful scenery. It has a 121 ° ultra-wide field of view, and the larger the viewfinder range means that more the depth and shock of the picture will be more vital. Under the ultra-wide-angle lens, the original ordinary architecture presents a more artistic center.

In this chaotic world, how to achieve “only you in my eyes”? The combination of TOF stereo lens and 2MP portrait depth of field lens brings a more natural portrait shooting experience.  By analyzing,  of the distant and close range of the scene, the virtual background effect of large aperture SLR is realized. Especially when shooting portraits, the effect are more artistic.


In the night scene, Motorola Edge S also performed very well. The handheld long exposure mode is handy in dealing with low-light settings.

Even when facing a scene with a large contrast between light and dark, the picture is still very pure, and the noise control is also excellent. If you like the beauty of night like me, it’s enough to use Motorola Edge S to record.

If you want to take a self-portrait, Motorola Edge S also has a luxury configuration for you. The front dual camera consists of a 16MP primary lens and an 8MP ultra wide angle lens respectively. The 100 ° ultra wide angle camera can be installed even when meeting many people to take a self-portrait. Also The “heart rate detection function” is also added to moto, which can recognize biological signs through spectrum capture and 0 radiation detection and accurately feedback the heart rate in 15 seconds.. Usually used to record health data, urge yourself to exercise more, hold your mouth and step forward!

With the continuous development of 5g, a short video has become the most popular mode. Want to make your own VLOG? A cell phone is enough. Motorola Edge S not only supports 4K 60 frame video recording but also adds Vlogger mode. What water beauty, portrait video one click to get. And it also supports video or camera dual wide-angle/dual spot color / dual macro / double image mode. Usually with inspiration, you can take out your mobile phone to complete the work from shooting to editing.


When elegant interaction meets efficient office

Motorola Edge S runs UI system, and the overall painting style is close to the native Android system. Bright and straightforward color matching and line design give people a very lightweight operation experience. However, the seemingly Bright and straightforward system is unambiguous and practical in function.

The Ready For AI smart office function can realize cross-device 4K HD screen projection from mobile phones to display devices such as monitors/TVs/projectors with a Type-c cable.The mobile phone screen instantly becomes more extensive, and it can achieve a desktop-level office experience. Usually store the data in the mobile phone, connect to the projector during the meeting, do file processing, mail sending and receiving, and picture/video editing.


The meeting mode is mainly aimed at the demand for video conferencing during the current epidemic. MotoAI Nicam technology and 3-microphone multi-dimensional radio technology can improve the voice experience in various noise environments. Even in a multi-person conference scene, everyone can speak clearly and brightly.

One-click access is my favorite feature. Motorola Edge S has a one-touch access button placed on the body’s left side, equivalent to your personal “shortcut.” It has more custom functions and supports one-click to retrieve payment codes, health codes, and other applications; long press can also go directly to the setting interface. You can modify the function interaction at any time. When the epidemic was severe, I set it as a health code, saving many unnecessary operations.


The players will love the new cutting Edge

After a few days of experience, Motorola Edge S, I can say that to achieve the dual requirements of “cutting edge” and “strength group.” The glowing body design, smooth and simple, fully functional, and office-specific optimized system are the cutting-edge in design and experience. The intense strength of Qualcomm snapdragon 870, the photography experience of 64MP AI four shots, and the long endurance of 5000Mah battery are the best.

We have been demanding the world by our standards. The more we understand, the more we need, but in the end, we forget what our original intention was. Motorola edge s feels like a refreshing sports drink. It can meet all your needs. Is this the strength of major international companies?  And the price is only $310.00. I only want to say that I love it!

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