March 4, 2021

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MSI OPTIX MAG274QRF-QD gaming monitor review: unforgettable color experience

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Today’s 3A game masterpieces immerse the players in the game functions such as character plot and skill setting and give more consideration to the visual aspects such as game modeling and screen color so that leaps and bounds have improved the realism of the game screen. But to get a more real and fantastic game picture in the game and the performance requirements of the graphics card, CPU, and other hosts, new requirements are also put forward for the display. The MSI  Optix MAG274QRF-QD that I got not long ago is a competitive electronic display with impressive color performance. Today I’d like to talk about its performance in detail with you..


Before officially starting the evaluation, let’s make a summary of the characteristics of this monitor.

1.Quasi competitive screen: MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD provides players with a 165hz screen refresh rate and 1ms gray-scale response time, which is enough to experience a fast-moving game screen..

2.Quasi professional color: The screen panel of MSI OPTIX MAG274QRF-QD uses original color quantum dot technology to show purer colors by absorbing excessive light waves. Its color performance is sufficient for professional post-production, such as video editing and photo editing.

3.Perfect E-sports supporting functions: Various game types display preset, with a guide star, magical light effect, g-sync anti-tearing, and other E-sports supporting functions are all available to create a pure E-sports environment for you.

Buy Advice: This E-sports display has excellent panel data and perfect additional functions. It quickly deals with both intense and exciting E-sports games and professional work with high color accuracy. It is recommended that players who want to experience a high-quality E-sports experience buy and use it.

The front of MSI OPTIX MAG274QRF-QD uses a three-sided narrow frame design to provide a more immersive visual experience, which allows players to focus on the confrontation when playing games, and it can also bring more Excellent visual effects.


The monitor’s base adopts an irregular solid square, which has more contact area with the desktop, making the monitor more stable in use. Looking down from the top, MSI also cleverly integrates the initials “M” in the brand’s English MSI with the base. Let the base appear sharper, and you can see that this is a display for electronic competition.

The back of the monitor is designed with irregular splicing, which still gives people a strong feeling. On the left side of the drawing design, the back plate is engraved with the brand logo of Mini Star which looks full of texture. The bracket installation area in the middle area uses the quadrilateral design, and players need to use screws to complete the bracket’s fixed installation.

Which e-sports player does not want to have cool lighting effects? The upper area on the back of this monitor is the lighting system that players wish to. Players can adjust it in the OSD menu or use the Mystic Light glare system launched by MSI. While completing the display lighting effect settings, you can also synchronize the RB lighting with MSI motherboards, graphics cards, and other products that support this function, making your gaming atmosphere cooler!

On the bottom and right side of the back of the monitor is the interface area. In addition to providing players with two HDMI interfaces and a PD interface to meet the video expansion needs of multiple devices, it also provides a positive and negative type-C interface to make the device connect more efficiently. Simultaneously, there are two USB-A interfaces and USB uplink interfaces to solve the problem of insufficient host interface, and a 3.5mm audio interface is also used to connect audio devices.

This monitor provides a full-function bracket with front and back pitch, up and down lift, left and right rotation, horizontal and vertical screen switching, which meets the needs of players with different body types and different environments in pursuit of the same comfortable experience.

Regarding the OSD menu adjustment, the MSI OPTIX MAG274QRF-QD gaming monitor uses a rear five-dimensional rocker-style button adjustment, making it easier for players to adjust and enter the battle faster. A circle pattern is printed on the top of the rocker, and the damping adjustment is also relatively soft, and the adjustment feels good.

On the menu call out, press this display to call out the main menu, swing up, down, left, and right to call up the corresponding function keys for players to quickly adjust. Players can select custom shortcuts in the navigation keys in the main menu Features. In addition to regular picture parameter adjustments such as brightness, contrast, and sharpness in the main menu, it also provides a wealth of game screen presets. Players can quickly switch according to their game types to get a better gaming experience.

Besides providing rich game screen presets for players to get better visual effects, this monitor also provides NVIDIA g-sync compatible technology to complete the game screen without tearing. Specifically, after this technology is turned on, the display’s refresh rate can change dynamically with the graphics card’s number of frames to avoid the picture jamming and tearing caused by wrong frames.

Long-term use of the monitor can easily cause visual fatigue. That is because the LCD screen emits high-energy short-wave blue light to reach the eye’s macular area, causing toxins to increase in the macular area of ​​the eye. This MSI display provides a low blue light technology that supports TUV Rheinland certification, which can effectively prevent short-wave blue light from harming eyes. The screen also uses non-flicker technology so that the eye’s ciliary muscles will no longer shake frequently due to the flickering of the screen, which delays the occurrence of visual fatigue.

The MSI OPTIX MAG274QRF-QD gaming monitor brings a delightful gaming experience to the author in the user experience. “Overwatch” is a first-person shooter type of competitive game, and its screen style is more anime, colors are more vivid. The game screen effect presented by this monitor is impressive. Plus brings a sense of smooth 165Hz high refresh rate, really intoxicated.

In addition to “Vanguard”, the author also likes “League of Legends”, which happens to be a colorful game. The excellent color display ability of this monitor has another place to play. The picture is smooth and easy to operate, and the appearance and skill of the characters are even more impressive.

The subjective evaluation of the display’s color is too sloppy, so the next step is to use professional equipment to test the MSI OPTIX MAG274QRF-QD gaming display and use objective data to evaluate the display’s screen performance. The instrument used in this test is the SpyderXElite color calibration instrument. The test items include color gamut, hue response, grayscale, color temperature consistency, color uniformity, and color accuracy. The display has been restored to factory settings before the test and has been warmed up for one hour.

In the color gamut coverage test, the MSI OPTIX MAG274QRF-QD gaming monitor has 100% coverage of the sRGB color gamut, 100% coverage of the Adobe  RGB, and 98% coverage of the P3 color gamut. The color gamut coverage and the performance of professional displays are already on par.

In terms of hue response, the measured black curve should be consistent with the light blue “photometric 2.2” curve as far as possible. It can be seen that the measured black curve and “photometric 2.2” curve almost completely overlap, and the hue response performance is excellent.

In terms of grayscale, the display is stable at 20% – 100% brightness, and the overall color temperature is about 6460k, which is very close to the standard color temperature.

In terms of color temperature consistency, this display’s white point color temperature is stable at 6500k standard color temperature. From the contrast of 1100:1, IPS panel is no doubt..

In the test of color uniformity, it can be seen that No.9 area on the bottom of the right side of the display is closest to the D65 standard, and the color temperature of No.8 area in the middle of the bottom of the display has a particular gap with the standard color temperature value, the difference value is 5.5, and the overall color uniformity of the display is good.


In terms of color accuracy, the average △ e value of 48 colors tested by the display is 0.74. When 1 ≤ E value ≤ 2, the human eye can hardly distinguish the color difference. The color restoration ability of the MSI Optix MAH274QRK-QD electronic competitive display is outstanding.


Evaluation summary:

As a gaming monitor, MSI OPTIX MAG274QRF-QD has color capabilities that are more than that of professional monitors. While the author was shocked, there was also some confusion. Is it a professional monitor or an e-sports monitor?

In the author’s opinion, the different types of displays are entire because of the different usage scenarios. Thinking from this perspective, the MSI OPTIX MAG274QRF-QD is still a very pure gaming monitor. In addition to the panel’s visual performance, the functions it provides, such as RGB lighting effects, G-Sync tear resistance, and self-contained cross-center, are all tailor-made for gamers and have no connection with professional work.

So MSI OPTIX MAG274QRF-QD, a pure gaming monitor, can bring you an extraordinarily smooth, smooth, clear, and shocking gaming experience. Whether it is an e-sports game or a 3A masterpiece, it can get more stunning graphics effects, allowing players to immerse themselves in the game.

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