April 19, 2021


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Nikon Z7 II Full Frame Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera: A Tour to Western Sichuan

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Nearly a month has passed since the release of Nikon Z7 II, the latest generation of Nikon Z-series full frame SLR cameras and the second generation of the Z7. This generation of Nikon Z7 II retains a 45.75 megapixel full-frame sensor design, so the camera is still very relevant to landscape photography users. Of course, the Nikon Z7 II has been upgraded in many ways, which we will share with you later. Today, we will bring Nikon Z7 II and several Z-bayonet lenses to western Sichuan together to see what the great rivers and mountains in China are like recorded by Nikon Z7 II.

01 Nikon Z full frame camera is still the same high quality one

First of all, no matter what the Nikon Z7 II is upgraded, it is still the same full-frame camera with high image quality at its core, and it is also a high pixel camera. The 45.75 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor design, coupled with the dual EXPEED 6 processor, provides the Nikon Z7 II with better performance and picture quality, as well as a high-resolution, detailed picture.

Thanks to the Nikon Z7 II’s high pixel design, users can get photos with a resolution of 8256×5504. The advantages of high resolution in addition to being able to provide high resolving power, let users through the amplification can be easily seen by excellent sharpness of details, you can also in later time by secondary composition, cutting, better pictures, especially when the lens focal length is not enough to carry, can be achieved through cutting the pictures they want. Of course, either way, the Nikon Z7 II performs very well for landscape photography.

No matter in western Sichuan or other places where we can shoot natural scenery, we will encounter environments with large light ratio. For example, when we shoot at sunset or sunrise, there will be very large natural light ratio. Nikon camera has a very good reputation in the industry for its leniency, and its performance in this respect has been recognized by users. Through post-production, we can easily repair the Nikon Z7 II photos taken in the high light ratio environment, especially the details of the dark light area. Moreover, this kind of restoration will not significantly increase the noise of the picture or change the color of the picture, which is not easy.

In terms of the direct color of JPG files, Nikon Z7 II, with its dual EXPEED 6 processor, can better perform photo compression, color blending, noise reduction, packaging and other operations. As you can see, the photo above is a straight out JPG image taken by the Nikon Z7 II. The photo not only presents a wonderful picture texture, but also the color restoration is very accurate, which can perfectly record the visual sense of the picture at that time.

Thanks to the dual EXPEED 6 processor, the Nikon Z7 II’s 493-point focus system performs even better. In many environments with similar colors, Nikon Z7 II can also easily accurately identify and focus, which is very important for shooting natural scenery such as snow mountains. Of course, the Nikon Z7 II’s improved human eye recognition is also significant, so this camera also performs well when it comes to portrait photography.

02 Lightweight body and Z bayonet lens

The Nikon Z7 II is a full frame camera. It is also an interchangeable lens digital camera, so it has a lightweight body design. With a total weight of 1.55lbs, the camera is close to many APS-C microcameras, so carrying it around is definitely less stressful. Especially when you come to western Sichuan to shoot, you will often encounter the dilemma of climbing mountains in the plateau area with an altitude of 1.86-2.48 miles. Therefore, a light camera can greatly reduce the burden, which is very important.

Nikon Z7 II is still matched with the Z bayonet design. The Z bayonet has obvious advantages, especially in terms of the size of the inside diameter and flange distance. Therefore, the lens of the Z bayonet has better picture quality and the aperture design can also be larger. In addition to the level of picture quality, the lens of Nikon Z bayonet also has a lightweight design. With the Nikon Z7 II, it is still light enough to reduce the burden in the plateau area.

03 Z7 II excellent handling and protection

The Nikon Z7 II not only has excellent picture performance, but also excellent handling and protection.

First of all, the photographer took a Nikon Z7 II camera to western Sichuan, and now it is in the cold period, so the temperature at the foot of the snow mountain is very low, which is a challenge for the camera shooting itself. The Nikon Z7 II performed very steadily in cold and wet conditions, and there was never a case of “chain dropping” outdoors. In fact, Nikon’s Z-series full-frame cameras have excellent protection, which can be easily handled even in harsh shooting environments.

In terms of controls, the Z7 II inherits the Z7’s keypad layout, making it easy to use for those who are familiar with or not familiar with the Nikon Z-series cameras. The layout of the buttons is so well designed that it’s easy to use even with one hand.

Of course, the Nikon Z7 II has an excellent turn-over touchscreen, making daily adjustments, menu options, focus and even shooting easier by touching the screen. Of course, the operation of folding can help the user to complete the scene shooting at a large Angle with a more elegant posture.

This time, Nikon’s Z7 II is equipped with SD and CFexpress (compatible with XQD) card dual slot design, users can choose the appropriate memory card according to their own economic strength, to solve the problem of supporting hardware.

Another big change is that the Nikon Z7 II with the EN-EL15C battery can be charged while shooting, just like we would with a mobile phone. Previously, you couldn’t shoot at the same time while charging, so this upgrade is truly infinite battery life.

In fact, Nikon Z7 II also has many advantages, such as 5-axis anti-shaking body, 10 full-size high-speed continuous shooting per second and so on, which provide great convenience and security for users’ daily use. Not only scenery shooting, Nikon Z7 II can be used for various types of photography, and its 4K 60P video specification can also help users to shoot many quasi-professional videos. For users, the Nikon Z7 II is an all-purpose, high-pixel, full-frame micro single camera, so it can bring a lot of photography and video fun.

More photos of Nikon Z7 II’s trip to Western Sichuan:

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