Written by AndrewH

One company that appears to be in our news a lot lately is Noodlecake Games and today happens to be no except either using the release of Tower Dwellers Gold onto Android. If the name of this game sounds familiar, for the reason that Noodlecake also released the original form of Tower Dwellers onto Android as well in October of this past year. So Tower Dwellers Gold arrives almost on the original game’s one year anniversary.

For those of you unfamiliar with this game, Tower Dwellers is really a rather popular game that accompany a mix of tower defense, crafting, RTS gameplay, along with a storyline filled with lots of humor. Players can select from the available heroes, build up their army while setting up their defenses, and detaching the enemy in every stage. Despite the fact that there’s a storyline to this game, it’s not a linear title. Which means you can conquer territory nevertheless, you choose to do so.

Tower Dwellers Gold Features:

? Choose from powerful heroes who have come to help you out with defeating all Evil Hordes!
? Craft a variety of units and command them in real time
? Assist your army with the magic spells
? Unlock various upgrades
? Complete the hilariously narrated tale to regain a land once lost

There are, of course, lots of upgrades open to unlock as you progress through the game. There is also a Sandbox mode you can play directly into practice different tips and techniques to conquering lands and dealing with different enemy types. While you have your heroes and army doing the majority of the fighting, you are able to assist your army with spells, kind of like playing god. In order to build new troop types, additionally, you will have to build support buildings close to the tower you would like the brand new troop to spawn from. So keeping things are somewhat important.

Unlike the initial game which is readily available for $3.99, Tower Dwellers Gold is available free of charge with optional IAPs available. Also, the Hero system within this version is new and is not obtainable in the original game. There are a few differences between the two versions.

Google Play: Tower Dwellers Gold