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Not Perfect but Devoted- The Rapoo V860 Deconstructing Experience

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“Experience it with full attention, evaluate it with heart, open the box simply, and test whether the 87 version of V860 can become the next hit from the aspects of shaft body, key cap, design, disassembly and handle in detail.

It is spread widely “some products are the quality of Rapee but with Rapoo’s price.” Thus, in the peripheral circle, Rapoo is the representative of cost performance. This time I was lucky to test the Rapoo V860 mechanical keyboard. The mechanical keyboard of Cherry shaft from Rapoo was finally received after the pain of the express delivery being out of stock on a shopping festival.

Without further ado, let’s open the box first.


Unpack the box

This time, I got the 87 collocation (other 61 and 104 are optional).

Blue axis (optional cherry classic 4 axis).

The main features and points of the V860 are written on the back, which will be tested in detail later.

Open the box, keyboard body, keyboard extractor, instruction manual, three things are wrapped in plastic film.

The manual is just a large paper folded for four times, detailed description of various shortcut key combination, the key extractor is steel wire which is nice.

The keyboard body is very heavy, the number cannot be shown after I put my little electronic scale directly, according to the official data, 87 with 2.2lbs, it is quite heavy to hold in the hand.

PBT material key cap, radium engraving process character, basically eliminate the possibility of oil and character wear.

The original height is also the most classic height, ordinary people can easily use it.

After a brief look at the unpacking of the box, we will see in detail whether the 87 version of V860 can become the next hit from the aspects of shaft body, key cap, design, disassembly and handle.


The shaft body

Mentioned the shaft body, as a mechanical keyboard might know the cherry axis naturally. It is a big name. it is a mechanical keyboard switch which is produced by a German company called cherry GmbH. The shaft body of holy land is cherry, so to speak.

At present, the axle brands of mechanical keyboard can be basically divided into cherry, customization and autonomy, among which the customization circle is a little different, so there is not much discussion. Most of the spindle bodies are also OEM made by domestic manufacturers, and most of them are cheap and affordable Outdo.

Understand the current shaft classification, you can understand the status of cherry axis. Of course, there is no bragging of the keyboard here, after all, the era of “import” must be better than domestic has already passed, although in terms of the hand feel and innovation, many domestic customized manufacturers can do as good as the cherry, but cherry axis stability and visibility is still undefeatable. Market recognition and public familiarity are not comparable to other brands.

So, talking about all these is just to show what level the Rapoo V860 uses the full series Cherry axis. Yuemi keyboard uses its cherry one to be the winner of the mechanical keyboards.

PS: The price of one cherry axis in the retail channel is about 0.3 dollar. You can calculate the price of 104 cherry axes by yourself.


The key cap

To the user, they have the longest contact to the key cap.

V860 uses the PBT material radium engraving character process. Before, I had a popular article of key cap. If you are interested in it, you will see that the PBT material is a kind with very good wear resistance. At the same time, the radium carving process did not provide a colorful character choice, but it was durable. You can say that the fingerprint wear away, it will not lose the character, which is a very cost-effective process.

The characters are clear, but the colors are single.

Remove the key cap, I was a little surprised at the beginning, how could Rapoo makes this set of economic durable key cap chrysanthemum and nozzle treatment so good? This is better than most of my favorite keys. I’m getting ready to brag. The following image was found.

The nozzle is actually closed in the key cap outside. Don’t know how they think, although the key cap is installed, this nozzle, as the user is not visible, facing the computer side, but this is much easier to find than the nozzle placed inside the chrysanthemum. I really want to make fun of this, I hope Rapoo can improve the key cap later.



As a very common 87-key keyboard, it’s a little bit difficult to talk about design, and as you can see, the unboxing diagram in the front is pretty unremarkable. However, I did find a few noteworthy small designs for the V860.

The first is the three-way outlet. This design used to only appear on 500+ products. Although only one thread slot and three openings can be realized, for mass production manufacturers, mold modification is a large investment, and it requires cost to introduce new designs on entry products.

If you look closely at the wires, you’ll see that Rapoo has carefully designed the little buckles to the wires so that the data connections, which are just thick enough to get stuck in the slot. They are tightly held so that they don’t fall out when you move the keyboard.

Although this is only a small design, but it does give me a lot of good impression, The Rapoo V860 does not compress all costs for the sake of “cost performance” outstanding.

Secondly. Three-stage foot support, this is not the first but this design is really clever, so that the mechanical keyboard has three different heights, which can facilitate different user habits.

As you can see from the gifs, this design is very practical.

What’s more valuable is that the tutorial is very stable after being propped up and there is no shaking. This is a small thing to say, but when you buy a 500+ keyboard and find that your feet are unstable, you will understand why I mention this.

Again, large keys factory lubrication. Nowadays it is an era that pays attention to product experience. Embellish shaft is popular from the customizing circle. Although, like headphones, the customizing of keyboard has many of its own metaphysics theories. It really can effectively improve user experience. Therefore, in many high-end products, ex-factory lubrication products have appeared. This time, The V860 really brought me a big surprise. Considering its price, the lubrication is not so fine, but it is very conscientious indeed.


I have been fond of dismantling things since I was a child, and I always couldn’t put things back together. This time, I will try this Rapoo V860. After all, what kind of PCB it has, whether it has extensibility and whether it can be modified, I am still very curious.

First, to be safe, remove all the key caps in case there are fixing screws hidden under them.

No fixed screws were found, cherry blue was also clear at a glance. I really like this neat mechanical aesthetic.

The V860 adopts a screw free cover buckle design, which is very easy to disassemble. The upper and lower seams along the back side can be gently pry open with the card.

The red PCB is very clean and tidy, after all, it is a mass production factory, the industrial welding of circuit board is very reliable.

After careful observation of the circuit board, we can see the LED lamp position and the resistance of each shaft side. The former determines that this V860 can be equipped with LED patch lamps by itself, thus solving the pain point of V860 without backlight. The latter resistance is for the full bond nonimpact to provide a guarantee.

The positioning steel on the front is very thick, and the weight of the whole keyboard is mainly from this positioning board. If you want to remove it, you need to remove all the axes. This project is a little too large, so I won’t do anything about it.

The shell is made of plastic material with thick texture. It is worth mentioning that there is enough space for the data line position to reconstruct the line separation. Users are more capable can operate it by themselves. However, we hope that Rapoo can be changed into line separation directly in the next version. This is not expensive, but it can really provide convenience to users.



Finally, I was going to write about the feel of the keyboard, but after thinking it over, I felt that the rebound strength and quick response of the keyboard was really a little weak, so I just recorded a video, the equipment is relatively simple, let’s have a look.

Because what I received is the blue axis, the sound of the axis itself may weaken the sound of the big key adjustment, so I still need some words. The touch of the keys of V860. 87 is due to the thick positioning steel plate of Rapoo, which is very stable to press, while cherry blue is also the tried and tested axis, so there is nothing to introduce. PBT key cap is relatively delicate, radium carved character finger touch character trace sense, which is also a special touch. And like the previous part mentioned, the big keys was pre-lubricated at the factory.so the overall big key performance is very good, although there is a certain degree of empty key, but the uniformity and stability is very good, which press smooth and has a quick rebound.



I feel like I’m talking too much nonsense.

Overall, the performance of the Rapoo V860 was above my expectations. At first, I thought that the cherry axis was used as the selling point of the office keyboard, but after the actual use and dismantling, it has made a great difference. It can be seen that Rapoo is making this keyboard with great efforts. No matter the three-way outlet and three-section foot support, these small designs are nots something big, but they will make users more comfortable. And the big keys was pre-lubricated at the factory, the thick steel plate also reflects the Rapoo did not because of the use of cherry shaft advertising blow feel. It’s really about improving the feel and the texture.

In a word, if you can buy this V860 on Black Friday, I think it is absolute a value. If Rapoo has a plan to upgrade the version behind, I hope to improve the key cap nozzle, build line separation, backlight three aspects. It’s hard not to be a hit at this price.

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