April 19, 2021


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One Can Live a sophisticated Life — Westinghouse Mini Vintage High-Speed Blender

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Two Westinghouse mini high-speed blender were the products of this review, and the one I received was one of the few vintage red ones. The first impression it gave me was the academic retro style favored by literary youth.

The gilded hatchback is particularly delicate.

Stainless steel liner is also safe for high speed grinding or high temperature heating. I think transparent shell is more fashionable, but still this retro edition looks more luxurious and upscale.

What impressed me most about the Westhouse mixer was how well the noise was controlled, at around 75 decibels at high speed, and without worrying too much about the neighbors when you use it at night. Compared with the blender used in my home, it is terrible. Every time I use it, I feel guilty for the noise caused by the blender. I dare not use it for a long time. That’s why I really Like the mute effect of the Westinghouse blender.

It took a full cup of beans to make the first one. (For some reason, the fashion version of the blender has a recipe, while the vintage version doesn’t.) So, in terms of the amount of beans I had to learn the ropes). The sand sense of the soybean milk is obvious because beans were put a little too much. It is too thick for soymilk.

The second time I did it, I thought since I’m using a cup of thick beans, I’ll make a mung bean paste. The effect is really good. Mung bean paste made the soymilk thick and smooth, fragrance overflowing, which is really the best to relieve the heat.

The third time, I made black soybean milk, this time I learned good, which is to measure half of the cup of beans. This time the effect is very satisfied-consistent with my ideal soybean milk effect. It is fragrant but not sandy by using black beans. The taste is sweet and smooth as well. It is said that drinking black soybean milk does good to your kidney.

On the fourth day, I made a banana smoothie. It took about 2 minutes to make. It was delicious, healthy and convenient.

On the fifth day, I made apple juice and corn juice.

All three of can be made with “fruits-and-vegetables mode.

If you want to make porridge, choose the function of soybean milk. Just put the ingredients in and wait for 30 minutes.

On the sixth day, I chose to make a thick soup.

I’d like to make fish soup this time. First, add seasonings to marinate the fish fillets, then choose the thick soup mode, and wait for about 24 minutes to hear the hint sound then it is ready. If you want to break the bones, you can make an appointment for 8 hours, and long press will stir the bones and other ingredients to crush them. Of course, for safety reasons, it is recommended to filter the bones through a fine hole before drinking.

In fact, except for being drunk directly, thick soup can also be used to bubble instant noodles or pancake, with just done hot soup on the pancake, and then cover the cover stuffy. It is ready to eat in about 20 minutes.

In terms of production time, for example, it takes 30 minutes to make soybean milk (other functions will not exceed 30 minutes). Although this result is not surprising, I think it is understandable. After all, the fuselage is so delicate, and we cannot be too strict in terms of power.

In addition to the above functions, the Westinghouse blender has several practical functions, such as serving it as a hot kettle for boiling water or as an electric teapot for making beauty rose tea. In addition, if there is a baby in the house, it can also be used as a milk warmer.

With the Westinghouse Mini blender, life has become with its own filter. Breakfast for nutrition cereals soybean milk, you can drink a cup of juice after eating and snacking to bowl of green bean paste.

In terms of serving size, Westinghouse blender is more suitable for single people. When you add water to the Max line, you can fill just two bowls of soy milk, which is great for celibacy. If the first bowl is not enough then the second bowl will be filling.

Although the Westinghouse mini blender machine has only two-page knife, it wins the sharp of the cutting tools of Japanese design. Cooperating with the lining of the four edges of turbulence pillars design effectively reduce cutting corner, thus to realize the effect of double cutting, can be fully shredded cell wall, at the same time and can keep noise when using large, peak to 75 decibels quieter.

The blender has a timing function, which can make an appointment for grinding soybean milk 8 hours in advance. However, the time cannot be adjusted, so you can only make an appointment for yourself. The best thing is to make an appointment for grinding soybean milk before going to bed, so that you can have a fresh breakfast the next day. What a wonderful world!

Question and answer session

1) Does this machine work with a noise?

It works when the movement is very small, use in the dormitory also need not be afraid to affect others.

2) Is the fuselage stable? Is it easy to fall down?

The bottom design is quite stable.

3) Is it fast to make soy milk with it?

I think it is acceptable to do soya-bean milk in 30 minutes. My soybean milk machine used to be a long time, taking 38 minutes. In fact, half an hour is ok, and it would be too painful to wait for another 8 minutes.


If you don’t want to get a whiff of up the next time you use it, I recommend that you remember to dry the soybean milk machine interior with paper towels and let it dry for 10 minutes to 30 minutes before putting it away. It is best to form a good habit, for example, just do soya-bean milk immediately into the bowl, while the remaining heat did not return immediately clean, put on the skin to dry open air dry, and then slowly taste while letting its internal natural air dry, soya-bean milk edible just air dry can be put away directly. Otherwise, it will be harder to wash after eating and more likely to suffer from procrastination


Now that I have it, I can easily live a refined life by myself.

Daily westhouse soybean milk machine can be used as an electric kettle to boil water or make health-keeping scented tea. For breakfast, it can be used to make soya-bean milk, cereal porridge, juice and corn juice, which is not a problem. It can also help me boil a thick soup to dissolve homesickness after a busy day.

It’s versatile but small enough that I can easily carry it on business trips,

I think Westinghouse blender has many advantages. If I have to find a disadvantage, I think the fixed appointment time is 8 hours, which is not flexible enough. If it can be adjusted, it would be better.

I also want to give the manufacturer an improvement suggestion. I think the cleaning function is also used a lot. I suggest long pressing the function key for 3 seconds to directly jump to the cleaning function, which will be more convenient, because the key of the cleaning function is in the rear and you have to press 8 to select it, which is not humanized enough.

Applicable population:

1) Office workers, eating irregular meals.

2) New mother, can be very convenient for the child to do supplementary food. It is convenient to feed the child eating a bowl to two bowls of rice paste. And it’s so small and flexible. It can also be used as a milk warmer.

I think this Westinghouse blender is really great. It’s also a good bargain. This retro version is quite beautiful. So here I want to sincerely recommend it to you.

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