April 19, 2021


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One-Netbook 4 Experience: A smart tool for remote office

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With the increasing performance of smart phones, tablets, and other mobile terminals, people can now do many things on their phones, such as surfing the Internet, live streaming, online shopping, editing pictures and so on. They can handle some simple tasks with their phones.

But when it comes to office, mobile phones and tablets still have inherent shortcomings after all, and PCs are more reliable. In recent years, PC products have made significant progress in thinning and lightening, greatly facilitating mobile office needs. However, I believe that the ideal lightweight mobile office equipment should be as small as possible, with more robust performance and lower power consumption. The current thin and light notebooks still have a lot of room for evolution.

However, there is already a product on the market that works towards the ideal direction with radical steps. It is the No.1 version. In January this year, No.1 released the one netbook 4 mini notebook, which is only the size of a book and has attracted many netizens’ attention. Can such a notebook be used to meet the needs of mobile office and entertainment? At present, it home has got one netbook 4. Now we will learn about it through evaluation.


1、 Appearance design

The One-Netbook 4 packaging box is a regular flat rectangular parallelepiped, and the black surface is printed with a fine grid texture, which looks very classy.

Open the box; One-Netbook 4 is lying quietly on the first floor. This is a small, thin and exquisite notebook. At first glance, it is more quality than I imagined.

The body of One-Netbook 4 is 227mm long, 157.3mm wide, and only 17mm thick at its thickest point. The overall size of the One-Netbook 4 is only the size of a regular novel book, which is very convenient to hold.

One-Netbook 4’s body surface is CNC-engraved 6000 series aviation aluminum material, supplemented by fine sandblasting, which makes the product look very textured. There is only a “1” logo on the A-side of the notebook, which is very concise.

Open the notebook, Its B-side is a 10.1-inch full screen, the width of the three-sided micro bezel is only about 4.5mm, the screen-to-body ratio reaches 90%, and a whole piece of glass covers it. It looks like a large-size full-screen thin and light notebook.

The screen of One-Netbook 4 supports 360° flip, which can quickly turn into tablet mode via rotating shaft.

Looking at the C side, the keyboard area of ​​the One-Netbook 4 looks relatively compact.

In terms of feel, the keyboard of the One-Netbook 4 can also meet the needs of users. The scissor foot structure and longer keystroke provide constant force when tapping, and the rebound effect is also perfect.

Below the keyboard is the touchpad. The touch panel of One-Netbook 4 can be seen as large as possible in a limited size, and it is easy to use.

The sides of the One-Netbook 4 are angular and tough, but there is an evident curvature when it comes to the bottom. The notebook’s bottom is equipped with four rubber pads and speaker openings and product model text, and Intel Core labeling. The overall look and feel are still kept simple and orderly.

In terms of interface, there are two USB-C 4.0 interfaces and a TF card slot on the left side of the notebook, a 3.5mm headphone interface, a USB-C interface and a power key integrated with fingerprint identification function on the right side, and a row of heat outlets on the front end of the notebook.

In general, One-Netbook 4 is small and exquisite, with exquisite artistry. The whole machine’s weight is about 27.10oz, making it a portable and beautiful mini notebook.

2、 Performance test

One-Netbook 4 is equipped with Intel’s 11th generation Core i5-1130G7 processor. This processor has 4 cores and 8 threads, has 8M cache, turbo frequency up to 4.00 GHz, and a TDP of 15W.

Besides, this notebook is also equipped with 16GB LPDDR4x3200MHz dual-channel memory, 512GB PCle SSD. Although it is a small notebook, the overall configuration of One-Netbook 4 is still exemplary, so how about its actual performance output? IT House also tested.

The first is the CineBench R15 test, One-Netbook 4 single-core 155cb, multi-core 528cb, for such a mini notebook performance is acceptable.

In terms of CineBench R20, single-core is 475pts, and multi-core is 1397pts. It can be seen that the One-Netbook 4 is relatively conservative in terms of performance release, possibly considering the body size and heat dissipation.

In the memory test session, IT House used “AIDA64” for testing. One-Netbook 4 has a memory read score of 49029MB/s, a written score of 50299 MB/s, a copy of 47405MB/s, and latency of 105.6ns.

Then IT House conducted a CPU copy test for it. After 20 minutes of copying, the CPU’s core frequency is around 1.1GHz, the power consumption is 15W, and the temperature is 78°C. This verifies what the editor just said. It can be seen that One- Netbook 4 adopts a relatively conservative tuning strategy for performance.

During the copying process, IT House measured the surface temperature of the One-Netbook 4 body to be 37.9℃, and the cooling fan of the notebook is not noticeable, which is probably equivalent to the “buzzing” sound of mosquitoes heard in a summer night.

Next is the hard disk read speed test. The CrystalDisk Mark test of the One-Netbook 4 hard drive achieved a SEQ1M (Q8T1) read of 1793.44 MB/s and a write of SEQ1M (Q8T1) of 1694.67 MB/s.

Next is the nuclear display running score test. The Time Spy score of One-Netbook 4 in “3D Mark” is 1196, which is reasonably satisfactory and better than I expected.

Fire strike scored 3274.

The running score is good, so how does One-Netbook 4 perform when running the game? In other words, if you have gaming needs, can you use One-Netbook 4 to play games? The IT home tested the “League of Legends.”

In the game’s default 2K resolution and medium image quality, I performed “League of Legends” for about 20 minutes. Most of the time in the game can maintain the frame rate above 80FPS and be as high as 90FPS. When there are more, it occasionally drops to around 75FPS and then rises quickly. The whole game process is very smooth.

At the end of the game, I measured the highest temperature of the keyboard area, 41.6°C. When playing, you will feel heat flowing to your hands, but you will not feel hot. As a small notebook for a business office, it is undoubtedly satisfactory to have such a game performance.

Generally speaking, the performance of One-Netbook 4 meets my expectation for this mini notebook, and of course, it also fulfills its positioning as an office notebook for business trips. Generally speaking, One-Netbook 4 is sufficient to meet most office and entertainment needs, and it can even play some lightweight games, which shows that its overall performance is guaranteed.


3、 Daily use experience

Many people will have a sense of freshness when they get started with One-Netbook 4 and feel that the notebook is so small that it is very novel. Then, there will be new questions. What is the experience of such a notebook in practical applications? Can you start?

In fact, such a special notebook must always be combined with its specific positioning and consumer groups. One-Netbook 4 is mainly aimed at the business light office market, for people who often need to travel on business often need to handle some light office tasks on the road.

The One-Netbook 4 is compact in size. You can put it in a backpack, a girl’s shoulder bag, or even exaggerate it. If you have a big pocket on your clothes, you can also put it in your pocket, which is very convenient. If you don’t have a desk outside, put it on your lap, or just find a small place, you can open it and handle some work directly. This is very important for people on business trips.

In addition to being light and convenient, One-Netbook 4 also has an overall good quality screen, especially its full-screen design, which creates a better visual experience for users who work outside. This is a 10.1-inch full-fit FHD LTPS polysilicon display with a resolution of 2560×1600, a pixel density of 300ppi, and a 100% sRGB color gamut. The overall display quality is more than enough to meet general office and entertainment needs. It can be said to be a surprise for this mini notebook.

Not only that, but the screen of One-Netbook 4 also supports ten-point touch. You can turn its screen 360° to the back, and then the One-Netbook 4 will become a tablet. When it comes to great use, whether it is on an airplane or a high-speed rail, you can get a better experience in the tablet mode, such as watching dramas and reading books. The screen of One-Netbook 4 also supports 2048-level original handwriting. With a stylus, One-Netbook 4 can quickly become a notepad, convenient for recording meeting information or study notes.

As for the keyboard, as mentioned above, the typing feel of One-Netbook 4 is beyond our expectations. The good keying and force feedback is good, and there is no stickiness. Simultaneously, the keyboard also supports a backlight, which is more convenient for typing at night. Another detail is the caps lock key. You can judge whether it is turned on by the small indicator light in the upper left corner of the C side, which is also a bonus item.

Thanks to the dual full-speed USB 4.0 interface, the data throughput of One-Netbook can be as high as 40Gbps; data transmission, video transmission, and charging functions are all integrated connected to an external 4K display. In this way, when the user takes the One-Netbook for a business trip to the meeting place, it is very convenient to directly connect the One-Netbook to the large screen to demonstrate the PPT. If you don’t want to bring a heavy notebook, you have to bring a U disk. With mobile storage devices, you cannot temporarily modify the PPT on the road, which is very troublesome.

In terms of battery life, One-Netbook 4 is equipped with a 10000mAh large-capacity battery and supports 45W fast charging. IT House measured the use of One-Netbook 4 to play local HD 1080P movies. After watching a 2.5-hour movie, One-Netbook 4 consumes 30% of the power. This kind of endurance performance is also enough for normal Road office use intensity.

Interestingly, One-Netbook 4 supports the 45W PD fast charging protocol to share the mobile power supply with the mobile phone as a supplement to the power. This way, it plays an important role and avoids the trouble of not finding a charging power supply during the journey.

4、 Summary

When using One-Netbook 4, IT House always thinks of the netbooks of the past. Early netbooks were similar in size to One-Netbook 4, but the positioning was not a notebook after all. It castrated many functions and was usually only used for surfing the Internet and streaming media. This is not the case with One-Netbook 4, a mini-notebook with complete functions and precise positioning.

One-Netbook 4 is aims at business people who frequently need to mobile office. It attracts them with a compact and exquisite body and basically a complete notebook functions. Although it will not be as wild as a regular notebook in terms of performance output, it is enough to satisfy the user and still have A screen with a good display effect that can be one of the business people’s choices. However, if your daily office tasks are heavy and your computer performance requirements are relatively high, you need to take a detour.

Compared with the current market performance of One-Netbook 4, We are more looking forward to the future prospects of this mini-notebook. One day the chip technology is sufficient to support such a small notebook to release strong performance while maintaining shallow power consumption. At that time, I believe that One-Netbook 4 is one of the samples of notebooks’ development direction.

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