May 6, 2021

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One Plus First Smart Watch AKA Oneplus Watch

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One plus today launched One plus 9 series flagship mobile phones and One plus watch oneplus, which are priced at $150. Now it home has also got this smart watch and brought you an out of box picture.

The One plus watch’s packaging box adopts a red background with the name of the Oneplus watch printed on the side. Although it doesn’t look heavy, it still has a sense of weight.


Take out of the box and verify the body. Let’s take a look at the difference of this $150 little thing.

Oneplus watch adopts the classic round dial design, which is more concise and generous, more in line with the general aesthetic.

For the first time, the watch introduces the cobalt alloy material selected by classic luxury watch brands into the smart watch’s middle frame. The hardness of the watch can reach twice that of stainless steel. After manual polishing, it has two kinds of straps: leather strap and fluoro- rubber strap.

Considering only the external appearance, the One plus watch’s two leading spirits are simplicity, delicacy, and advanced sense.

It is worth mentioning that the silver watch frame of Oneplus watch, when you get this watch, must bear the brunt of the attraction of this watch frame because it is too pure, too “bright,” and this extremely delicate mirror effect always can’t help but let people hold it in their hands.

The key design of the One plus watch is on the right side, which is also the only two keys. The top key is also printed with the logo of “One Plus.”

Oneplus watch adopts the traditional magnetic thimble charging, and the charger is of integrated design. Oneplus watch is equipped with warp flash charging technology, charging 90% in 30 minutes and a 402maH battery in 60 minutes. According to the official, charging for 20 minutes can lead to a one-week battery life.

The advanced sense comes from the design soul of the Oneplus watch. This developed sense also comes from this watch with a slightly 2.5D curved surface.

If you observe, you will find that the One plus watch screen is slightly higher than that of the watch frame. When the screen is bright, the screen will be more transparent and three-dimensional. When the screen is dark, this screen will be integrated with the silver watch frame, presenting intelligent devices’ unique information screen aesthetics.

This screen of the Oneplus watch adopts 454×454 resolution and 326ppi, reaching the retinal level. The display effect is delicate and colorful. You can also choose the automatic brightness in the setting, and it still has a good display effect in strong outdoor light.

The Oneplus watch’s strap also adopts the quick release design, but compared with other products, the quick release lever of the Oneplus watch strap has a larger volume, which is convenient for fast positioning.

The body size of the Oneplus watch is 46.4×46.4mm×10.9mm (excluding the convex part of heart rate detection), the standard size is 46mm, the whole machine weight is 2.68oz (including the watch strap), the weight control is acceptable, and it has a certain sense of weight when worn on the hand.

Oneplus watch is a long-term fashion sports watch, which is similar to Huawei Watch GT. In the design, it adopts a round dial polished with fine steel. In sports health, it cooperates with the go-more physical fitness algorithm, the exclusive partner of Sports Science Research Institute of State General Administration of sports, and provides more than 110 sports modes and rich health monitoring functions.

Sports, including running, cycling, walking, swimming pool, elliptical machine, rowing machine, badminton, mountain climbing, cross-country, cricket, yoga, free training, etc. Also, the Oneplus watch supports automatic motion recognition detection.

In terms of health monitoring, the Oneplus watch supports can monitor more detailed data whole day heart rate, stress rate, sleep, sedentary activity reminder, continuous blood oxygen recording in the “health” app.

Also, the watch supports offline playback. On the right side of the watch screen is the music playlist. You can choose to control the music of the phone or watch in the settings. It has 4GB of storage space and can upload music through the “health” app.

In terms of function, the OnePlus Watch provides four modules, including information assistant, life assistant, music interconnect, and convenient payment. The specific functions include Bluetooth call, music, weather, wallet, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, flashlight, barometer, compass, mobile phone, and so on.

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