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OPPO A53 Review: 5G is Just an Appetizer and Affordable Price Product Can Also Have Comprehensive Functions

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After OPPO A72, OPPO Series A has launched a new 5G product, which is the new OPPO A53. A53 is also a product with obvious brand of OPPO Series A. The price is affordable, the design is light and beautiful, the workmanship is excellent, and there are more surprising screen images and good 5G performance, etc. These intuitive qualities make us have a completely different understanding of this 159 dollars mobile phone.

Of course, I think users here are most concerned about OPPO A53 5G or what specific performance, that might as well follow me to see it!



For OPPO, design has always been at the top of its game, whether it’s a high-end flagship or an affordable phone.

OPPO A535G has three color versions: lake green, streaklight purple and secret night black. The black on my hand is more composed, but there is no lack of vitality and fashion of youth. The color matching is simple, and the overall appearance is pretty good-looking, which will not make people have any disputes in the appearance design.

The front of the mobile phone is still the current mainstream left-hand hole design, with a 6.5-inch screen and rounded corners. The two sides of the phone have slightly narrower borders, which are slightly larger than those of the other three sides, but do not affect the look and feel at all. This is the advantage of high screen proportion, and the visual sense of the whole screen will never disappoint you.

OPPO A53 rear case design is very simple, there is nothing else except the lens module and OPPO logo. The lens module adopts a square design. The three lenses and flash are arranged in pairs in the upper right corner, which looks more neat. The lens module is not very abrupt, there is no high bulge feeling, both the look and feel are very comfortable.

In addition, OPPO A53 uses a hidden side fingerprint unlock scheme, which is also one of its more prominent features in appearance. The combination of fingerprint identification and power button is ingenious and looks more beautiful. In addition, thanks to the traditional capacitive fingerprint identification, the unlock speed and accuracy of OPPO A53 are very high. According to the official statement, the unlock speed can reach 0.2S, and the actual experience can be achieved at one go without the delay feeling.

USB Type-C charging port is adopted at the bottom of the body, and 0.14inch headphone jack is retained. Speakers are also concentrated here. The left side is volume key and card slot, double card double to be designed, and support memory card expansion.

5G mobile phone is developing towards the direction of the light, OPPO makes it way pretty well, the fuselage thickness is only 0.31inch, weight about 0.38lbs, 6.5 -inch screen, 2.8D curved surface design and equipped with perfect proportion, the broad the OPPO A53 feel surprisingly comfortable, one hand grip can be very easily.


2.Performance part

With the addition of MediaTek’s 720, MediaTek delivers outstanding 5G performance. The 720 is an active mid-range 5G processor, used by many models. This processor adopts the 7nm manufacturing process of TSMC. The CPU is ARM A76 architecture, the main frequency reaches 2.0ghz, and the GPU part is ARM G57 MC3. The comprehensive experience is still worthy of affirmation.


Top-speed 5G network experience

Because MeidaTek 720 blessings, OPPO A53 achieved remarkable performance, support SA/NSA dual-mode 5G, covering the major domestic 5G band, also support 4G + 5G double network online at the same time, that is to say, support double card double stay OPPO A53 can be compatible with a 5G and a 4G card, of course, both card 1 or 2 support 5G, more convenient and flexible.

According to the usual practice, we have also tested the 5G network speed of OPPO A53. Here are the results of Speedtest, a professional network speed measurement software:

It can be seen that the downstream 5G rate of OPPO A53 reaches 631Mbps/s and the upstream rate reaches 102Mbps/s. To be fair, that score, while in line with 5G speed expectations, doesn’t capture the top 5G speed level of the 720. It’s not hard to see that OPPO A53 has only 8ms ping delay and 3ms jawing during testing, which means it has a lot more potential to explore, but it’s limited by the carrier plan setting that makes it hard to run at top speed. Even so, OPPO A53’s performance was better than that of many other 5G phones tested in the same location.

Meanwhile, Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game was downloaded from the app store on 5G with a maximum download speed of 51.3MB/s and 1.92GB, and the whole process took only about 40 seconds to complete.

Despite the rapid development of 5G network, it is not a perfect substitute for 4G network. Especially in some signal “blind areas”, there will also be the embarrassing situation of disconnected lines. Smart 5G technology of OPPO A53 can help us solve these problems.

It is simple to understand that smart 5G technology can automatically detect the signal environment, such as high-speed rail, subway, elevator, some signals, such as underground parking garage is poorer, can automatically switch between 4G and 5G, it is important to note that this switch will not destroy the current network environment, greatly avoiding brush video, play games, send and receive information risk drops, the other Smart 5G adopted intelligent scheduling mechanism, good balance resulting in a decline in the range of questions under the extreme speed, it is solved the problem of 5G fast power dropped.


Game performance worth a try

OPPO A53 is only positioned in the middle of 200 dollars machine, but the hardware configuration is not bad, in addition to MediaTek 720, OPPO A53 also supports the maximum 6GB storage (memory specification LPDDR4) and 128GB storage space (flash memory specification UFS2.1), in order to let you more intuitively understand the performance of 20, might as well first run with The Test software to have a look:

As you can see from the test results, OPPO A53 is 252,320 points for Antutu Benchmark running. Specifically, OPPO A53CPU score is 83,684 points, GPU score is 62,076 points, UX score is 47,376 points, and MEM score is 59,184 points, which is in line with the expected score of MediaTek 720.

In terms of games, frankly speaking, OPPO A53 is not as good as the flagship. But if you don’t have to worry about the quality of the graphics and just want a smooth and steady framerate experience, the P720 could still be a hit. Here we did a frame-rate test with Arena Game and PUBG to see how OPPO A53 actually performed.

The first is Arena Game. Judging from the test results, after the game’s picture quality is adjusted to the highest level, its frame performance is basically stable at around 58FPS, which is very smooth. Even in team battle, when various buffes cover the whole screen, it can still maintain a good frame number without obvious delay. It can be said that OPPO A53 is capable of playing Arena Game without affecting the player’s experience.

Next up is PUBG, which requires more configuration and performance than Arena Game, and is a bit more challenging for OPPO A53. In terms of picture quality, you can choose to compare “HD” and “high” frame number settings. Although it is not the highest, such a setting will better satisfy the game experience, which can not only maintain good picture quality effect, but also not cause large frame rate fluctuations.

From the test results, under the “high” picture quality, the average frame rate of OPPO A53 can reach 30FPS. During the whole game, no matter whether you are jumping into the urban area with dense buildings in the early stage, driving for a long distance or encountering a fierce group battle, the frame rate is very stable, and there is no frame drop as imagined. All in all, there is no problem playing Elite Peace with OPPO A53, and players who like the game can start with it.


3.Screen part

Users also tend to care a lot about the visual presentation of the screen as opposed to a smooth performance experience. OPPO A53 has a good screen quality, with a resolution of 2400 × 1080 and a standard FHD+ level. It also supports high refresh rate of 90Hz, touch sampling rate of 120Hz and intelligent frame rate switch.

Now that high-refresh screens are no longer the exclusive province of flagship products, mid-end devices can also enjoy a high-frame-rate experience that helps enhance the visual look and feel. OPPO A53 supports a 90Hz refresh rate screen, with 50% more content per second than the traditional 60Hz display. The most direct feeling is more flow and real, and more immersive.

With the addition of high frame rate, OPPO A53 has a higher cost performance and better screen experience. Daily Messenger, checking new information, playing games and watching TV dramas are also enjoyable, which are not available on the traditional 60Hz screen.

But then again, the high framerate experience is great, but the pressure on endurance is even greater, and manufacturers have their own solutions for how to balance the high framerate experience and endurance. In this regard, OPPO A53 has added intelligent frame rate switching function, which can automatically select the best screen resolution according to different scenes and application requirements, so as to ensure a high frame rate experience and further extend battery life of the phone.

In addition to the high frame rate experience, OPPO A53’s screen also supports sunlight screens, which can be triggered at different ambient light levels. The feature adjusts every pixel on the screen in real time, reducing the contrast for overexposed areas and increasing the contrast for overdarkened areas, so that users can clearly see the display content even in strong sunlight.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to pursue a comfortable high refresh experience, OPPO A53 has raised the automatic dimming level to 4096, compared with 1024 for ordinary mobile phones, which brings a smoother and more delicate brightness switch, accurately controls the optimal brightness of each frame, and can also retain more dark details, making the picture more diversified.

Thanks to OPPO A53’s excellent AI performance, in the automatic backlight adjustment mode, the AI will automatically adjust the backlight according to your personal preferences and perception of brightness by learning the user’s habit of manually adjusting the backlight, which is very personalized.

At the same time, OPPO A53 is also equipped with OISE superclear vision effect, the addition of this function, OPPO A53 has further improved the audio and video experience. OISE super clear visual effects are the OPPO independent research and development of visual optimization technology, can be used to optimize a short video, if you encounter video fuzzy, color distortion, can let the video picture becomes clearer, the color will be brighter, the function also supports popular short video APP platforms, such as the OISE super clear visual effects itself has become a real short video artifacts.


4.Image part

With the rapid development of computational photography, we have to take a fresh look at the image performance of mid-end computers, and OPPO A53 is a typical example.

Take a look at the lens configuration of OPPO A53, with an 8MP front-facing camera, F/2.0 aperture, and a smart beauty solution. The rear 16MP super clear main camera +2MP macro lens +2MP black and white portrait lens, and support AI super night mode, 100mm super clear pixel mode, portrait mode and macro mode, considering its positioning, this lens configuration is quite interesting.

In super night view mode, OPPO A53 do well beyond my personal expectation, super night view mode led to a more convenient way of taking pictures, in the face of beautiful night view, users only need to open the night mode, can conveniently record the moment, and picture quality is not low. I want to share a couple of night tear sheets are below, and have a look together.

It can be seen from the sample that the night scene mode of OPPO A53 has a very good control over the light. The light from far and near has been exposed to different degrees, without the feeling of blurring or serious daub marks. More real details have been restored. In addition, in some of the darker areas, the details were kept, and the dark noise was handled so well that you would hardly think it was taken from a mid-range product.

Of course, although the night scene samples taken by hand are not bad, if people pursue a higher quality of night shots, they can also use the foot frame for auxiliary shooting. The foot frame mode can obtain a longer exposure time and composition time, which further improves the quality of night shots.

It is worth mentioning that OPPO A53 also supports the super clear quality function, which uses the super-resolution algorithm, through combined frame is shoot the photos of the one hundred million pixels. With more image details, photos will be clearer, as high as one hundred million pixels dailies, there is a passage literally interception, which can be used as a piece. It is more advantageous to the creator for the second creation, meet the demand of different ideas.

In addition to the megapixel mode, OPPO A53 also supports portrait mode and macro mode. It also supports up to 6 portrait styles to create different feelings.

We noticed that OPPO A53 also has a 200-pixel black and white portrait lens in the rear third shot, which means that OPPO A53 can produce a higher quality

In the same scene, the black and white style portrait sample outputed by OPPO A53 presents a more advanced fashion texture in retro style. Because it is the independent black and white lens, and we are familiar with the black and white filter or has a very big difference, the picture level is more distinct, coupled with higher definition with portrait optimization, easy to shoot a large texture.

In addition to the rear lens supporting portrait mode shooting, I believe most women are also more concerned about the front lens selfie effect. OPPO A53’s front-facing camera can provide intelligent beauty solutions according to different scenes such as color temperature, brightness, and positive and negative light. In addition, intelligent skin color extraction technology and intelligent light metering method are adopted to extract skin color separately and adjust skin color according to different lighting environments, so as to achieve the true and natural beauty effect. The following is the selfie effect test.

OPPO A53’s selfie images are very good, thanks to the combination of 8 million foreshots and the new upgraded AI beauty feature. Even in the dim light of the room, the gitl’s skin color was not affected, but more fair and delicate, some of the facial shadows, hair details, background blur and so on have been retained, the clarity and purity of the portrait part is also maintained at a very high level. In addition, different portrait styles also bring different feelings of taking selfies. Each style conveys different emotions. Everyone can find his or her own style of taking selfies and meet his or her most beautiful self.

With that out of the way for portraits, the OPPO A53 has a separate macro lens that can be used to capture finer microscopic details.

As can be seen from the macro model above, the picture quality is still very clear. Both the veins of leaves and the details of flower stamens have been retained. Moreover, the light and shade levels are very bright, and the color control is also in place.

According to the above sample photos, the image function of OPPO A53 is very outstanding, especially in the same position of the mobile phone. The reason for this performance is that, on the one hand, OPPO has already formed a mature system in the image road, and its products at all price segments can obtain the best image performance. On the other hand, thanks to the excellent combination of hardware and software, OPPO A53 image level can also be played beyond the level.



No matter it is 5G, or high brush screen, it is a real power consumption, battery life has naturally become a common concern for many users.

OPPO A53 is very light and thin. Its body thickness is only 0.31inch, but it still has a large battery of 4040mAh tucked in, which gives it a quality guarantee of battery life. According to the usual practice, we still carried out heavy machine test on OPPO A53 with 100% power for 5 hours, and the test results are as follows:

According to the results, after 5 hours of unremitting “agonizing”, OPPO A53 still has 41% power left in the end, among which one hour of game test consumes 17% power, photography consumes 7% power, and video consumes 9% power. The overall battery performance is very good, which fully meets the long battery needs of people in work, study, video and entertainment.

Of course, even if you do experience low power, you don’t have to worry about your battery. OPPO A53 also offers a super power-saving mode. In this mode, OPPO A53 will turn on a more stringent power-saving strategy. Six commonly used apps can be selected to maintain the basic functions of the phone. Among them, phone, message and clock are the default values, and you can choose to replace the default values or add three more apps. This mode will alert the user when the battery power is only 10% or 5%, of course, you can turn it on with the voice assistant or with Settings.



From the perspective of practical experience, OPPO A53, although with a lower overall positioning, is not a new product rushed to market in pursuit of 5G, nor is it a product that ignores user experience in pursuit of cost performance. It can be said that within this price range, OPPO A53 has achieved balanced development, with outstanding performance in 5G, performance, imaging and battery life. Faced with it, the user doesn’t have to do any more which-one-to-choose questions, so “excellent quality and reasonable price” looks like this.

There is no doubt that the emergence of OPPO A53 has further accelerated the 5G popularization process, and its relatively favorable price and uncompromising experience will obviously become a benchmark in the current 5G replacement wave. It is believed that more consumers will be willing to accept it. So, at the end of the year, if you or your family are looking to get your hands on a 5G entry-level model, OPPO A53 is clearly a good choice.

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