February 27, 2021


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OPPO A55 hands-on evaluation: good looks and endurance

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Oppo a series are all popular models in the mobile phone market. Its price is reasonable for the people, and its configuration is close to the mainstream. It has a vast audience. Oppo recently launched the latest A-Series model, Oppo A55, with a price of $250.00 on its official website. This device has made the already bustling 5g entry-level machine market trending again.

Oppo A55 has an outstanding performance-price ratio. It has a very high appearance and thin design and is equipped with a 5000mAh battery, excellent endurance. Simultaneously, the machine also supports integrated dual-mode 5g, 128 GB memory, and is equipped with a 6.5-inch high-definition eye protection screen, which also has good competitiveness in the same model. In short, if you need to replace your family with a new device, the A55 is a very suitable device.

Of course, I know that many friends may want to know more about this product. Without saying more, let’s share our experience and have a look.




OPPO A55 is available in rhythmic black and light blue. The one I got is the light blue version. Compared with the classic and steady black, the light blue is more transparent and agile. Thanks to the five-layer vacuum coating brightening process, the glass body is also more varied. It can refract a stunning light path under different viewing angles, which is very durable.

In terms of gripping experience, the device’s camber is just right, and with the slender body, it can fit the palm and finger joints well, and the grip is good. Also, this time OPPO A55 has also innovated the internal space of the body. Under the new space structure, a 5000mAh battery is installed, but the body’s thickness is only 8.4mm, and the weight is only 6.55oz. It feels light.

The OPPO A55’s middle frame is made of plastic material, and the right power button integrates the side fingerprint module. The central part is up, just within the pressing range of the thumb. It matches the mobile phone’s holding posture in daily life and conforms to the user’s pocket The habit of using mobile phones. Also, the fingerprint unlocking speed is good, and the official said that within 0.3 seconds, the experience is very brisk, and there is no feeling of dragging.

The left side frame focuses on the volume up and down buttons and SIM card, supporting up to 1TB SD card expansion. From left to right at the bottom are a 3.5mm headphone jack, microphone hole, Type-C charging spot, and speaker hole.

The appearance of the A55 still follows OPPO’s consistent fashion and thin design ideas, but the commendable point is that although the A55 is thin and light, it does not sacrifice battery life. On the contrary, it is equipped with a large 5000mAh battery, which is attractive for its appearance and longer battery life.



The first time I saw the front of the A55, I felt amazed. After all, today, when digging screens are popular, water drop screens are indeed rare. Fortunately, as a continuation of the classic, the positive appearance is always online while bringing a higher screen-to-body ratio.

The A55 is equipped with a 6.5-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1600 × 720, a pixel density of 269ppi, 16.7 million colors and a typical brightness of 480nit. The screen size is large, and the proportion of screens has reached 89%. With a slender ratio of 20:9, it is suitable for watching movies, dramas, and playing games.

OPPO A55 also supports 4096-level brightness adjustment, rare in the same gear models. With this technology’s support, the screen is more natural and even when the brightness transitions. The dimming is more delicate in a dark environment, and there will be no glare.

In short, this screen size is big enough, and the screen proportion is also good, the actual impression is excellent. At the same time, AI intelligent backlight system also brings more eye protection features. It can look clear during the day and soft at night, which can take care of our eyes all day long.


3.5g and games

OPPO A55 is equipped with Dimensity 700 5G processor, the chip is a 7nm process, and adopts 2×2.2GHz A76+ 6×2.0GHz A55 8-core architecture design, GPU is Mali-G57MC2, which can meet the needs of daily use and games.

In geekbench, the single core run was 2696 and the multi-core run was 6920.

In terms of 5G, Oppo A55 supports dual-mode 5G integrated with dual card, dual standby, and adapts to the mainstream 5G band of three major operators. The antenna is distributed 360 degrees around the body. It will have a good performance in 5G network experience. Here we also test the A55 on-line 5G, and the results are as follows:

From the results shown by the authoritative speed measurement software Speedtext, the average 5G speed of OPPO A55 can also reach 581Mpbs/s. Under the same network conditions, downloading a 1.91GB game through the software store only takes about 40 seconds and the peak rate is as high as 60M/s. From the perspective of 5G performance, OPPO A55 is very qualified.

In addition to the excellent 5G performance, the A55 is also stable and smooth in gaming and daily use. In terms of core configuration, OPPO A55 is equipped with Dimensity 700 and equipped with a 6+128GB memory combination. It also uses RAM + storage expansion technology to reduce memory fragmentation, increase the number of background cache apps, and reduce the whole machine’s load. Let 6GB RAM have an experience that is almost equivalent to 8GB RAM.

Also, aiming at the phenomenon that Android will freeze/hang when it is used for a long time, OPPO A55 makes efforts in the system experience and fluency. It is equipped with the latest ColorOS 11.1. Optimizing the fragmentation of physical memory and virtual memory ensures the mobile phone’s fluency from the bottom of the system to not freeze for 30 months.


In the game, we selected three popular mobile games, “King’s Glory”, “Peace Elite”, and “Call of Duty Mobile Games” for actual testing. Among them, “King of Glory” can run at 60fps stably under the conditions of high frame rate and ultra-high image quality.

“Peace Elite” has higher requirements for mobile phone configuration, which is also a big challenge for entry-level models. Under the conditions of balanced image quality and ultra-high frame rate, OPPO A55 is also stable at about 40fps. During the game, there are no sharp fluctuations or screen freezes. The experience is smooth.

Finally, the “Call of Duty” game is popular recently. Although it is a traditional first-person shooter, the picture quality is better, and the variety of weapons has attracted many players. Under the conditions of standard image quality and high frame rate, the game is stable and free of lag, and the frame rate can reach 60fps. The experience is also good.

After a round of experience, OPPO A55 can run smoothly for most mainstream mobile games, and there is no lag in daily use. Also, it has a 5G performance comparable to flagship products. As an entry machine, OPPO A55 as a whole The performance is satisfactory and can fully meet the users’ daily needs.


3.Battery Life

Whether it is daily use, streaming dramas, taking pictures, or playing games, battery life is the key to ensuring user experience. The OPPO A55 has a super large battery with a battery capacity of up to 5000mAh, which dwarfs many flagship products. Therefore, there must be some surprises in terms of battery life.

So, I also tested the battery life of the A55. Before the test started, the phone volume was adjusted to 50%, the screen brightness was 50%, the high-performance mode was turned off by default, and the background was cleared.

In the actual test,  OPPO A55 is fully charged. After 30 minutes of video recording, 30 minutes of music playback, 90 minutes of 1080P movie playback, 90 minutes of gaming, 30 minutes of social media usage. After the test, there is still 60% power remaining.There is no doubt that this battery life performance is excellent. It is no problem for users to fully charge once and use it for a day for users.

In addition to the large-capacity battery, OPPO A55 also has a built-in super power-saving mode. When the phone has only 10% of battery power left, you can choose to turn on the super power-saving mode. After turning it on, the phone can chat on Whatsapp for more than 2 hours.

With the sleep optimization, the power saving of mobile phone at night has been further improved. The phone still had 47% of the battery before going to bed. In the morning, I still had 45% of my battery life. In nearly 9 hours, it only consumed 2% of the battery.

It can be seen that the battery life of OPPO A55 is still awe-inspiring. It can say goodbye to the daily charging situation, and it can also allow users to say goodbye to power banks and say goodbye to battery anxiety.



In terms of photography, OPPO A55 uses a rear three-camera combination: a 13MP primary camera, a 2-megapixel macro camera, and a 2MP portrait filter camera. Let’s take a look at the actual performance of oppo A55.

For the primary camera, the “AI scene enhancement function” can intelligently identify the scene and optimize the picture through algorithms. In sufficient daylight, OPPO A55 can take very pure proofs, and it is more accurate in color control and color transition. It is also very smooth. For some buildings with apparent chromatic aberration, the picture level will be more prosperous.

In terms of night shooting, thanks to the night scene algorithm and HDR technology, the night proofs were taken by the OPPO A55 will be brighter, but the picture purity is outstanding, and there is no apparent noise. While suppressing the highlights, it also retains a lot of dark details. The night scene proofs are less smeared and more natural and realistic.

Simultaneously, the main shot of A55 is also equipped with a super-resolution algorithm, which can use multiple frames of photos to reconstruct super-resolution images with 100 million pixels. It can be seen from the sample sheet that the architectural details are preserved fairly well after the central part is enlarged, and the loss of image quality is not apparent. After the edge area is enlarged, the noise is slightly improved, but the details are still evident. Generally speaking, the quality of a picture taken at 100MP is not obviously degraded even after secondary clipping, which is more convenient for later creation.

In addition to these, OPPO A55 also provides shooting methods such as macro shooting, multi-style portraits. It is convenient for users to record the beautiful moments in life with a novel perspective. If you are interested, don’t let go to the offline experience store. Try it.

OPPO A55 video gameplay is still relatively rich, and due to the excellent AI optimization, when driving some complex scenes, it can also easily take very colorful proofs. In short, OPPO A55 can be used to record the wonderful moments in daily life and control various beautiful scenery. You can rest assured.


Finally, I have something to say:

OPPO A55 focuses on the 5G mid-range market. However, it has outstanding performance in terms of smooth experience, 5G performance, and battery life and is not inferior to some flagship products. Under the tuning of ColorOS, the first appearance of Density 700 has also played a good performance advantage, and there is no problem in daily use.

Overall, OPPO A55 can be said to be a $300 mobile phone with outstanding overall performance. If your budget is between $250 – $320, and you pay more attention to the large screen, long battery life, and 5G, I think OPPO A55 will be an excellent choice.

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