March 4, 2021

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Orico: Light Dimension Mobile SSD Experience

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As a person who often needs to go on business trips, it is common for me to work on site in the location of clients, and I also often need to copy and integrate a large amount of information. Large capacity of mobile hard disk in a large number of data storage space for enough, but speed and portability and poor. Going on a business trip, the less you take, the less burden you have. Light is always the key. The Orico Light Series SSD disks are fresh, fast and compact enough to be about the size of a card, which makes them easy to carry around.


Hello everyone.

As a person who often needs to go on business trips, it is common for me to be stationed in the customer’s location for on-site office work. However, due to the impact of the pandemic this year, there are more short-distance business trips and remote docking, and a lot of materials need to be copied and integrated frequently.

I have been using mobile hard disk a lot before. USB flash disk speed is marginal, but when the volume is small, the space is also small. Vice versa. large capacity of mobile hard disk in a large amount of data storage space is enough, but bad portability and speed of a section. Like mentioned earlier, light is always the key when you travel. Less stuff, less burden as well.

Why is SSD more advantageous?

There are no more than two options that can meet the usage requirements:

Mechanical portable hard disk

SSD Mobile Hard Disk

Is it just a difference in speed? No! There are several other big differences.


1.The noise

We all know that HDD has internal motor, disc, magnetic head and other mechanical structures. When working, the disc rotates, so there will be slight vibration, and accompanied by sound. After using for a long time, there will even be the sound of boiling water, and the noise is too loud.

In contrast, SSD’s internal structure is more like a U disk, with a master control, flash memory chip, no mechanical vibration when working, so it is quieter.



Similarly, there are many mechanical components, and the working mode is a problem. When the mechanical hard disk is used, the vibration should be avoided. If it is accidentally dropped, it is very likely to cause disk damage, so the fault tolerance rate is very low.

But SSD is different, the unique structure makes it very strong shock resistance, even if the fall and collision, as long as there is no damage to the internal motherboard, the large probability of problem is not big.



Mechanical hard disk capacity is very sufficient, but the speed is a bit unsatisfactory, especially in the small file a lot of time, the speed is slow. Usually between 30-60m /s, high performance can reach about 100M/s.

The speed of SSD is improved obviously relative to the mechanical disk, the read and write speed is doubled, the theory can be about 500M/s, if it is NVME protocol, 3000M/s is not empty talk.



It’s finally time to make a comeback for mechanical hard disks.

Mobile hard disk technology has been very mature, the price has been very low, a 2T mobile hard disk 400+ or so. SSD have been falling in price and have long been used as system disk loading mainframes, but the overall price is still much higher than machinery.

This time I was lucky enough to get the public test of Orico SSD hard disk. I am extremely happy! Without further ado, just use it out of the box and see what the difference is.

1.Unpacking & Appearance


The first thing you feel when you get the Orico Portble SSD is how small it is!

Different from the mechanical disc purchased before, the packaging of this one is more like a large U disk or charger. This time, I got the moon set white color match. The design style is very small and fresh, and the appearance adopts the design of “composition of red, blue and yellow” with strong design style of Mondrian.

There are four color combinations in the collection: Queen Pink, Avocado Green, Curd Violet and Moon White. I think the most beautiful color is white, followed by the avocado color palette.

After simple unpacking, black packaging is used inside, the mobile hard disk which only occupies a corner of the package is much smaller, and the two data lines (C2C and C2A), manual and quality assurance card are received as gifts below the box.

With minimalist style accessories, it already very small instructions in front of the SSD hard disk, which appears to be quite large. The most intuitive and deep impression I have is the body of the three dimensions.

It’s as long as a USB flash disk, and as wide as a matchbox. It’s a size that can be grasped in one hand.

The appearance of the body adopts the cutting color block design, the style is modern, the golden proportion divides the color block, the matching color of the moon falls white is very fresh and bright, whether it is placed in the bag or the desk, the appearance level can win a number of black and heavy mobile hard disk.

The bottom of the USB-C data port, the use of USB3.1 Gen2 interface, speed up to 540MB/S. On the other side is the status light, which lights up blue when connected to the computer.

Side red jumping color, which appears more lively. Its segmentation proportion is just right. The design concept is based on the representative work Red, Blue and Yellow Composition by Dutch painter Mondrian. White represents innocence, blue rationality and red enthusiasm.

Viewing its 3 circumference from different angles, each angle does not have dead angle. it has the same size of name card size. the design is adopted with clear line. Its appearance is very good-looking.

Two data cables, which are not long enough, are given as a gift. One is from port C to port A, and the other is from port C to port C, respectively for connecting to computer and mobile phone. Whether it is mobile office needs or mobile phone direct reading data can be handy.


2.User experience

As a small, portable mobile hard disk, what is it special?

No comparison, no harm. Let’s compare it with some big brothers first. From left to right are Orico SSD, SanDisk SSD, and Mechanical SSD.

In terms of dimensions, it is a very intuitive signal shape, even compared with the SSD’s 2.5 inch solid disc is 2/3 smaller.

In terms of weight, Orico is only 0.06lbs, SanDisk SSD 0.09lbs, mobile mechanical hard disk 0.35lbs.

At one-sixth the weight of the heaviest mechanical disc, this portability is unbeatable.


Speed test

Let’s use the most common testing tool, CrystalDiskmark, for a simple test to see how it performs.

First of all, USB3.0 versus interface rate, left mechanical mobile hard disk, right is the SSD mobile solid hard disk.

It can be seen that whether SEQ1M or 4K, SSD is rolling for HDD rate.

If you open the SSD software AS SSD Benchmark, you will find a symbol of 31K bad. It should indicate that the disk is not aligned with 4K. Use the partition assistant to re-align the partitions. Test it. This is not a mechanical hard disk for horizontal comparison, no reference value.

Finally, let’s copy the file test. A single file 10G movie file, copy speed 200+M/s, copy the movie speed is very good.

Copy a lot of pictures folder, mainly about 5M pictures, the speed can reach 160MB/s, and very stable, almost all is second transmission.


3.Usage scenarios

Compared with ordinary hard disks, SSD mobile hard disks are not only faster, but also have unique advantages in size and weight, so that their use scenarios are more diversified.

The size of the card, along with the office bag, which is easy to use with a thin lightweight laptop. C port direct connection, the speed is very fast, the storage of working files, software can be thrown into this hard disk, free computer space.

Android phone OTG mode direct connection to C2C port speed is very fast, if you are on a business trip, you can use it to watch movies and watch TV series, do not have to endure the trouble of slow network buffer speed.

The weight advantage of the body is prominent, it can be easily stuffed into the bag. No burdens are added to business trips. Daily commute as a work tray is very convenient to use. You do not need to take heavy hard disk.


Once used SSD, you can never go back to previous disks. this is really right, whether it is a computer built-in hard disk or mobile hard disk, after experiencing the SSD speed and thin weight, and then look at the mechanical disc bulky, I can feel the gap is quite big!

In conclusion, if your budget is enough and you are looking for super fast storage, portable portable hard disks, this is worth considering!

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