April 20, 2021


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Peak in Debut? OPPO Intelligent TV S1 Evaluation Experience

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Chen Mingyong, OPPO’s founder and chief executive, once said: “In an era of convergence, there will no longer be a pure mobile phone company.” In OPPO’s planning, smart TV, together with mobile phones, watches and headphones, is located in the core circle, the core entrance of OPPO IoT ecology, and the core product that OPPO is focusing on to create the ultimate experience.

Not long ago, at OPPO Zhimei life press conference, OPPO TV was finally released, the first time into the field of smart TV, OPPO launched two series of a total of three models of products. Even more exciting is the OPPO IoT ecology’s drive to accelerate scene-based architecture, as a living room smart connectivity strategy centered on creating a top-notch audio-visual experience begins to emerge.

OPPO has made it clear that this is its first foray into television and that it hopes to surprise its customers. As a feedback product, OPPO Smart TV S1 is the “king of the heap” in TV circles this year, and it is amazing in all aspects of configuration.

First, the TV comes with a 120Hz refresh rate QLED (quantum dot) panel, which officially boasts 120% (NTSC) color gambit and 1.07 billion (10Bit panel) color gambit, MT9950 flagship chipset, 8.5g running memory and 128G flash memory equivalent to a flagship phone, and the equivalent 120Hz MEMC motion compensation algorithm.

In addition, the OPPO S1 comes with two HDMI 2.1 interface specifications, which are well suited to the recently released SONY PS5 and Microsoft’s XSX next-gen game consoles. Together, OPPO smart TV S1’s specs have long surpassed the $1,229 value proposition.

So, what is the quality of This OPPO Smart TV S1, the “king of the heap”? Let’s get a feel for how it actually works through an in-depth test.


Appearance: It shows OPPO’s unique aesthetic concept

Nowadays, when people are buying TV products, besides consider picture quality, performance, practicality, the appearance level of TV also gets more and more attention. Of a TV use makings, is it a good design, whether can fit integral household design also appears very important. In fact, in the field of industrial design, in recent years, domestic mobile phone manufacturers have achieved a greater lead, and more and more in line with the taste of different people.

As OPPO’s first TV product, OPPO Smart TV S1 adopts a minimalist design concept. It is equipped with a suspension panel with 4K resolution on the front, bringing a bezel-less visual effect. The proportion of viewable screen is as high as 98.6%. When watching movies, we are not affected by the screen frame, so we are more likely to have a sense of presence and immersion.

The OPPO smart TV S1 base features a unique levitation design that makes it look like the entire fuselage is suspended in the air when viewed from the front. The super large base plate made of all metal materials is matched with aluminum support rods to improve the overall stability.

OPPO smart TV S1 remote control design is quite amazing, compared to mainstream TV remote control, it is small and thin. The all-metal frosted material is matched with the key design with a sense of science and technology, which makes the grip and control experience self-evident.



In terms of industrial design and appearance, OPPO can be said to be a heavyweight player with considerable power of discourse. By virtue of the active exploration of technology and aesthetics, OPPO has gradually discovered many unique aesthetic concepts and applied them into practice, which has also been recognized by many consumers. So, to go from small to big, OPPO obviously made its way up there.


Picture quality: Can handle many different viewing scenes

As OPPO’s first TV into the TV market, since it claims to be a flagship product, the product itself should also have the quality of high-end TV. According to the official announcement, OPPO Smart TV S1 is equipped with 4K QLED panel with 120Hz refresh rate to achieve a truly restored display effect with high color range, so as to achieve a more pure and bright picture display with softer and smoother color transition. Equipped with Super HDR technology, 210 partition dynamic backlight is supported, and the peak brightness reaches 1500NIT. It also has a video quality engine, five major picture quality optimization technology. Thanks to many quality techniques, we have reason to believe that the actual quality performance will not disappoint.


Objective instrument test:

The image quality test is divided into two parts: objective test and subjective test. Let’s first take a look at the gamut level and color restoration accuracy of this product:

The NTSC gamut value of the TV measured by Spyder X was 92%. The gamut value performed very well and was able to achieve the top gamut coverage capability. The variety of colors increases, making the color transition in the picture more natural, effectively avoiding distortion and color blocks. More kinds of colors, plus more bright colors and higher brightness presented by QLED quantum dot technology, can also make the picture more distinct, able to show more details, and easier to please users’ eyeballs.

Special note: Objective conditions such as test instruments and test environment used in evaluation are different from official laboratory conditions. The test data results and evaluation conclusions provided by both parties are only applicable to the horizontal comparison system of similar products under the same conditions.

Note: The gamut value represents the ability of the TV panel to display the number of colors. As for the evaluation of TV picture quality, we believe that the gamut value is only suitable for reference. The final picture quality level needs to be evaluated based on the actual output effect after optimized processing by the quality processing chip.

Delta E, the actual color accuracy test result of OPPO Smart TV S1, is 4.79, indicating that this TV product can display the original color of the picture with high accuracy, which is close to the level of professional level display equipment, and the color restoration level is quite excellent. Traditional picture quality evaluation is completely described by the results of gamut value and brightness value, while the accuracy of color restoration has been neglected in the field of television. We believe that only products that can accurately express the original state of color can be regarded as excellent.


Subjective image quality test:

Entering into the subjective testing part, we conducted a comprehensive test on this TV from the aspects of color performance, color purity, detail display, brightness performance, dark detail and fluency through 4K pictures, 4K video, HDR video and games.

4K image test: with high color gamut, the picture is bright and rich in color

4K image test: smooth transition of light and shadow, clear and clear

4K photo test: The overall color is warm and smooth to flatter the eyes, and the facial body details are almost perfectly displayed

4K video test: The moving object has clear particles and no shadowing occurs

4K video test: The image with high saturation is full without distortion and has a good sense of stereo

HDR video test: Under the support of HDR technology, the overall picture is more colorful, transparent and bright

HDR video test: The black field can be almost completely black, alternating cleanly with the main body in the picture, without glare and light leakage

HDR video test: the light and shadow details are controlled in place, and the light and shade clearly cut the black field details can also be expressed

Game test:120HZ screen body under holding, combined with VRR variable refresh rate to make the picture extremely smooth

Game test: the game screen is full of color, and the light and shadow processing is accurate and effective to enhance the visual experience



Through a number of tests, it can be seen that under the support of QLED quantum dot technology, the high gambit brings a very good visual impact on the color performance. The quantum dot technology also has very high purity and inorganic stability, making the color and brightness remain undimming for a long time. In addition, OPPO smart TV S1 has a good overall performance under the adjustment of image quality technologies such as 120Hz high refresh rate, Super HDR technology, and 210 dynamic partition backlighting. OPPO smart TV S1 can handle many different viewing scenes, which is a rare opportunity for OPPO to enter the TV field for the first time.


Sound quality performance: beyond the mainstream TV products on the market

At present, the concept of “harmony of sound and painting” is more and more recognized by consumers, and more and more users pay attention to sound quality experience. However, although audio amplifier technology has been developed by a long way, the effect of TV sound should also rise, but at present, the performance of TV audio is still not satisfactory.

In terms of sound quality, it’s not hard to see that OPPO has put a lot of effort into this. The sound system of OPPO S1 is jointly created by OPPO Acoustics team, which is well known in the Blu-ray industry, and High-end Hi-Fi audio brand Dana. Equipped with 5.1.2 sound channels (central sound channel + left and right sound channel + left and right surround + bass unit + sky sound channel), the number of stereo surround speakers is up to 18, 85W super power, and supports Dolby panoramic sound. He also teamed up with Daniel Emonts, Danae’s chief acoustical expert, to conduct sound tuning.

When we open the movie built into the system source, in some gunfight scenes, we will hear different sounds, such as the sound of footsteps, the sound of guns, and the sound of shells exploding. With the sound of Dolby panorama, different sounds can be described by an object instead of the sound channel.

In the actual sound quality experience, the middle and bass are the most prominent, strong and powerful, enhancing the sound of shock and three-dimensional sense; The sound of the instruments is clear and listening, the drums are steady and mellow, and the middle notes are full and clear. The whole experience is satisfactory. It can be said that whether listening to songs or watching movies, this TV can bring good sound performance, the strength of the market beyond the mainstream TV products. It is also worth mentioning that OPPO Smart TV S1 stereo can also be used alone when the screen is off, and can be connected via Bluetooth.


ColorOS TV incorporates a variety of innovative connectivity features

In terms of system UI, OPPO Smart TV S1 is equipped with a new ColorOS TV system, which continues the borderless UI style of OPPO mobile phones and adopts the overall horizontal rolling interaction. Basically, all content resources can be displayed on the front page. This interaction mode is actually more intuitive for users without switching back and forth.

It’s worth mentioning that the OPPO Smart TV S1 uses the industry’s highest performance SoC MT9950 chip, which is designed specifically for TV manufacturers’ flagship products. Quad-core A73 processor, with a master frequency up to 1.8ghz, 8.5GB+128GB storage space, G52 MC2 display GPU and 1.6Tops independent picture quality algorithm APU. In the actual use process, we played and decoded 4K video without any pressure, and the application loading and interface switching process were extremely smooth.

It is reported that OPPO IoT Has developed more than 20 innovative connectivity functions, covering multiple businesses such as mobile phones, IoT devices, software platforms and Internet services. OPPO IoT provides users with hardware products and software services including personal entertainment, home furnishings, sports and health, and other scenarios. The core advantage of ColorOS TV system should also be reflected in multi-device interconnection.

First of all, OPPO Smart TV S1 supports three new modes of screen projection, namely mirror projection, flash projection and four-way projection, on the connection between TV and mobile phone.

OPPO smart TV S1 comes with a free NFC sticker. We use OPPO mobile phone to touch the sticker, and the screen projection can be started without any operation. The whole operation process is very smooth, with almost no delay, and the display effect is very good.

In addition, we can also download OPPO TV Assistant through the mobile phone, and use the mobile phone to conduct remote control, screen projection, push movies and TV series and other quick operations.

At present, OPPO Smart TV S1 has been able to achieve interoperability with headsets, smart wearables and other devices, including fast and non-sensory free connection between devices, free sharing of content and intelligent perception experience.

For example, when OPPO Smart TV S1 and OPPO EncoX headphones are connected, the TV sound can be transmitted directly through the headphones. Connected to the OPPO Watch, the Watch acts as a remote control for the TV. Even when the watch detects that the user is asleep, the TV will automatically go into a dead screen.


Built-in 2K camera video call, AI fitness is fun to play

The idea of social networking is so popular that many manufacturers have built cameras into their TVs. OPPO Smart TV S1 has a built-in intelligent lifting camera, uses FOV 76-degree wide-angle camera and large pixel sensor, supports up to 2560×1440 over 2K imaging, and supports DPTZ (Digital Pan-Tilt-Zoom Digital head) face tracking algorithm. Intelligent software calls the camera to lift and retake, which can better protect user privacy.

It is believed that many people will exercise at home through the app, which is convenient and saves trouble. However, in this case, we cannot judge whether our movements are in place and it is difficult to achieve the goal of efficient fitness. The AI fitness in OPPO Smart TV S1 can be combined with the AI algorithm to capture the key points of the user’s body movements in real time during the fitness process, so as to judge whether the movements are in place.

We can also customize our own training plan according to our physical condition. After starting the training, you can see that this camera can capture our movements on the screen in real time. During the exercise, we can judge whether the movements are in place and score them, which is quite practical.


Evaluation summary:

As the first TV product created by OPPO, the OPPO Smart TV S1 comes out with such a high specification is really a surprise. Such “extreme stacking” is a comprehensive demonstration of a manufacturer’s technical talent, technical reserve, production strength and design strength. Of course, judging from our test results, OPPO smart TV S1 outperformed our expectations in terms of both picture and sound quality.

At the same time, OPPO smart TV S1 also shows its unique thinking on TV product form in intelligent application, content resources, cross-screen experience and other aspects. It integrates more connectivity attributes. Based on daily life scenarios, OPPO smart TV S1 can achieve good connectivity with other devices.

You can feel OPPO’s determination to create a living room intelligent interconnection centered on top audiovisual experience. As its first TV product, OPPO Smart TV S1 has an eye-opening maturity and is a very amazing product in the TV market in 2020.

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