Written by AndrewH

When Pokemon Shuffle was originally released a week ago, it had been only accessible in a few Parts of asia, mainly Japan. However The Pokemon Company will quickly release farmville into the western markets too, which means it’s now readily available for download in the western world.

For people unfamiliar with with game, Pokemon Shuffle is basically a match-3 puzzle game with a few RPG elements layered regarding this. Players will be trying to match 3 or even more of the identical Pokemon in a row to be able to get rid of them from the field. This is the way combat takes place as you undertake other Pokemon, collecting and leveling them up as well.

Since this is a free-to-play game, it will come with an energy system as well, so you will have to deal with that. However, to date there was not an excessive amount of a problem with having enough energy to continuously keep playing. The Pokemon Company has also stated that there are plenty of additional levels and Pokemon coming to the game in future updates too.

For those of you interested in picking farmville up, and couldn’t since it was location locked, you ought to be in a position to now. Pokemon Shuffle can be obtained for download free of charge with optional IAPs as well. Although this game works with most Android devices, there are some that aren’t compatible. So there is really a small list of those non-compatible devices on the game’s Google Play listing that you could check.

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