May 6, 2021

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Pro: 3D TOF makes sweeping robot more smart

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The sweeping robot has become another smart home appliance with the highest penetration rate worldwide after smart speakers, and a brand has contributed to it. I believe I don’t need to say too much. Nowadays, the first thing people think of when talking about robot vacuums is Xiaomi’s first-generation robot vacuum products.  With meager prices and excellent quality control, Xiaomi made sweeping robots a hot product in the smart robot market. However, since then, Xiaomi’s sweeping robot products have rarely been updated. It seems only to help this category open up the market and then retreat. However, recently, the new member of Xiaomi’s intelligent robot family-Mijia Sweeping Robot Pro, was officially launched. After five years of dormancy, what unique experience has Xiaomi brought to us this time?

Nowadays, the requirements for intelligent sweeping robot is no longer limited to cleaning work. The more important indicator is its autonomous work, namely obstacle avoidance, and planning. Each product on the market uses different sensors to enhance the obstacle avoidance ability of the sweeping robot. Nowadays, the LDS laser sensor is more mainstream, and then the collocation of other sensors is used to increase the obstacle avoidance ability of the sweeping robot.

The Mijia sweeping and dragging robot Pro uses a new generation of LDS laser technology, which is the largest sensor on the top. This sensor’s monitoring distance has been increased from 8 meters to 10 meters, and the volume is reduced. Through it, you can Perform a 360° scan at home. The LDS laser sensor helps the robot to scan and recognize the room so that the sweeping robot can better understand the floor plan of the house to plan its cleaning range, and at the same time, construct a cleaning planning map. This sensor of the Mijia sweeping robot Pro also includes infrared night Visual function, and it can clean smoothly even at night. Simultaneously, the laser sensor can also help the sweeping and dragging robot determine where it is to work better and recharge.

The other sensors in the obstacle avoidance system of the Mijia sweeping robot Pro use 3D TOF technology. Usually, such technology will appear on high-end total robots, which is no different from those used in unmanned driving. This part is placed on the front of the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot Pro. It consists of two parts: X-CrossAITM 3D obstacle avoidance module, X-CrossAITM obstacle avoidance and recognition system and X-CrossAI intelligent recognition system. It is composed of a 3D TOF sensor and a 2 million high-definition camera. They are mainly responsible for identifying obstacles and judging the distance. It has 2 million RGB modules that can accurately identify objects, including wires, clothing, toys, etc.Obstacles of different materials and colors are marked on the map displayed by the APP.

The sensor is equivalent to the “eye” of the sweeping robot, and the processor is its “brain.” The Mijia Sweeping Robot Pro is equipped with the first AIoT flagship dual processor in the industry. It uses a 4-core CPU + 2-core NPU dual processor to help the sweeping robot quickly establish an image and plan a good path. It can process more temporary information, make obstacle avoidance more flexible and quicker, and make the entire working process of the sweeping and dragging robot more scientific and efficient.

Besides the core hardware mentioned above, cleaning ability is also an important indicator of sweeping and mopping robots. The Mijia Mop Robot Pro is equipped with a vacuum motor with a suction power of up to 4000Pa and a removable cleaning mop.

What’s interesting is that Mijia Mop Robot Pro provides users with two dust boxes, one is a special dust box with a capacity of 550ml, and the other is a combination of a 300ml dust box + 260ml electronically controlled water tank, and the position is also placed on the side. Side rather than inside. Separate the sweeping and mopping functions and replace and match the hardware according to the needs beforehand. At the same time, it is also equipped with a large 5200mAh battery, which is directly fully charged from cleaning ability to battery life, thereby significantly reducing Manual intervention.

For Xiaomi Ecosystem products, powerful, intelligent applications and controllable whole-house interconnection are naturally one of its most significant advantages. The Mijia APP has become one of the must-have applications for many friends, and “Xiaoai Classmates” has also become one of its most significant advantages. The exclusive butler of many people. The Mijia sweeping and dragging robot Pro can also be well integrated into the Mijia ecology and operated through mobile apps, smart speakers, or even smart TVs.

Of course, just “starting” and “recharging” does not reflect its intelligence and autonomous work. The Mijia Mop Robot Pro can perform customizable cleaning of different rooms according to the needs of users. We can clean according to our room. Customized cleaning services for floors of other materials, whether there are carpets, whether you need to mop the floor, etc. Simultaneously, you can set the cleaning time and different cleaning intensities, cleaning efficiency, etc., or prohibit cleaning areas according to your needs. It can be remotely controlled even if you are away from home. Because of its excellent obstacle avoidance and planning capabilities,don’t worry. For modern people, robots stop working or make a mess because they touch the furniture, wires, and even pets in the home. For modern people, they are indeed a good helper for floor cleaning.

Mijia sweeping and mopping robot Pro is also equipped with six cliff sensors, floating dust brushes, floating obstacle wheels up to 2cm, a peristaltic pump water tank, and other functions. Also, there is a quick-release mop designed with sliding and magic buckle.  Drawer filter structure, bird knife, and other accessories that can be cleaned directly. It can be said that the Mijia Mop Robot Pro includes all the advantages of the current mop robot, and at the same time, has a more vital ability to learn and update independently. It is a household cleaning product worthy of everyone to own.

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