June 21, 2021


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PS5 Demo Summary: Good Horse with Good Saddle, TV is very important

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End of 2020: Game shortage of new generation host

Within one year after the new generation game console release, it should be the “honeymoon period” between the players and the new console. The accompanying “Escort Masterpiece” (like Selda and Mario of a Switch) simultaneously as the console release has always been the corresponding platform’s highlight.

There are very few games that I can play. I like themes like “Tsima Island.”

 It hasn’t been optimized for PS5, but it’s no different from playing on PS4 Pro.

The situation of this generation of Sony and Microsoft seems particularly embarrassing. The number of XSX escort works is zero. PS5 has two slightly better ones, but one is a derivative of the film and television IP “Spiderman: Miles Morales”, The other “Dark Soul: Remastered Edition” is the old IP’s hot and cold cooking.


In the new generation, have all your promises been fulfilled?

Of course, the lack of game works will be alleviated with the addition of subsequent works. However, from the information given in the current game release table, as of June 2021, it can be adapted to the new generation performance of PS5 and XSX. There will be no more than ten works. The exclusive use of the PS5 front army is also rare, which causes much trouble for the console evaluation and the combined test of the joint TV.

 Sony PS5 + Hisense U9F 8K TV

I spent a lot of money on the PS5 from Japan (thanks to the friends who got the pre-order for their support). Now I have experienced it for about two weeks, and I will give you a detailed explanation of the changes in the PS5 body compared to the previous generation. And some trial conclusions and suggestions for players who want to start PS5.

Test notes:

Host platform: Sony PS5

Test TV: Hisense U9F 8K TV

Test Games: Soul of Malaysia, Space Robot: Guide to Wireless Controller


Trial experience: It is not recommended to start immediately; creating an environment seems to be a better choice.


OK, let’s start with the conclusion: “Until the first half of 2021, I do not recommend that you start with the PS5 game console.” The reason is simple. Although the performance of PS5 is excellent, it is not difficult to find from the game release table. The games that can be fully adapted to PS5 in the first half of 2021 are only about 5-6 games. The optimization of the host platform limits the playing experience of other more games. The experience you can get on PS5 is Not much better than PS4 Pro.

DualSense: The biggest and most direct surprise!


What are the biggest upgrades of this generation of PS5 consoles? I think that the advancement of the DualSense controller is in the priority sequence. Starting from the struggle between XBOX and Sony’s PS platform, Sony’s controller has been criticized by players for “bad hand feeling” and other issues. Even many PS players will complain. The handle is not as reasonable as the XBOX design.

The PS5 DualSense of this generation has completed the counterattack. Just when the XBOX controller still used most of the previous designs, the PS5 made drastic changes on this generation’s DualSense controller.

PS5 trigger key can achieve three forms of feedback

The PS5 DualSense handles trigger button has increased adaptive capability. The handle can automatically control the trigger button’s keystroke through the game scene, and even the trigger button can achieve independent vibration feedback. The PS5 trigger button can achieve three forms of feedback.

1.Normal: The full range of the trigger button.

2.Half range: The second half of the trigger button is automatically locked, shortening the key range for faster response.

3.Rebound feedback: Rebound according to different game scene changes Tactile simulation feel.

Gyroscope accuracy has also been improved

If you use a light rifle in the game, the handle will switch to halfway to provide faster excitation speed. If you use a shotgun, the handle will release the key to get a definite touch of “gun to meat”. If you use a bow and arrow, the trigger key can even be used to simulate the bowstring jitter (rebound feedback).

                                              The PS5 DualSense vibration can even simulate the “Zipper Up” touch

In addition to the trigger key’s multiple modes, DualSense has also completed more precise vibration feedback and sound feedback. (there is a synchronous loudspeaker on the handle, the sound quality is not strong, and it is only used as additional feedback). For example, in “Space Robot: wireless controller user’s Guide,” the vibration and sound feedback of the handle are combined, and the characters walk on the road of different materials, which brings different feelings. This experience is excellent!


Picture Quality: looking forward to more works together

According to the paper performance provided by PS5, it is undoubtedly astonishing. In general, the supporting “light chase”, the PS5’s body performance can also complete 4K or 120Hz screen output. As for the 8K on the PS5 game console box, let’s take a look. In the follow-up, it is possible to launch games with more potent optimized exclusive works that can support 8K screen games. But so far, we have not experienced 8K game screens.


At present, PS5 skills can provide stable 4K 60Hz game screen

If from a stable point of view, PS4 pro’s performance can support a 4K 30Hz game screen, while PS5 further stabilizes a 4K game’s performance, pulling the frame number up to 60Hz. There is no doubt that it is still in the early stage for the 4K + 120Hz or even 8K game. It does not rule out the follow-up game works; making deep optimization for PS5 body performance can better support 4K 120Hz or 8K.

A good horse is equipped with a good saddle. To enhance the experience, TV is very important!

In terms of experience, players pursuing high-end PCs and game consoles are very similar. PCs provide stronger performance, and game consoles + TVs can offer larger screens and more comfortable postures. These are beyond the reach of mobile phones and monitors. Of course, the better performance provided by the PC, together with the higher resolution and picture quality of the TV, seems to be the best experience combination at the moment. This shows that the TV is the most important factor affecting the gaming experience.

The dynamic picture is silky smooth, and the details are great, which is also a great credit to the TV

There are two key points in the game player experience upgrade starting in 2020. One is that NVIDIA and AMD have updated the latest graphics cards, and the other is that Sony and Microsoft bring players a new generation of game consoles. And this seemingly unrelated combination has one obvious commonality. They all claim to be able to provide higher performance and provide a gaming experience that was unimaginable before. Since then, stable 4K games have become the threshold for players.

Combined with the relationship between performance and screen, the upper limit of game experience is decided by both the game console and the TV. No one can do without it. The importance of the so-called “good horse with good saddle” TV is self-evident.

Many people ask me a question: is it necessary for the new generation mainframe to be used with 8K TV. The conclusion is that there is no need to be particularly strict, but the relationship between the TV and the host computer is a “mutual upper limit.” The PS5 can provide 8K pictures, which is the fact that others printed on the packaging box. There is no need to refute it, but it is subject to the current host computer performance and the works’ optimization degree. It must be a fool’s dream that you want to play stably at 8K 60Hz.

The 8K claimed by PS5 is 8K 30Hz and fluctuates up and down. In the complicated part of the picture, the frame number and resolution will fluctuate. The same is true for 4K 120Hz. When the picture is involved, the resolution and frame number will fluctuate.

However, if your TV only has 4K and your ability to experience 8K is blocked, what will this product’s price be? As mentioned earlier, “there is no special, strict necessity,” but 8K TV can indeed bring more. This choice depends on whether you have strong financial resources.

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