April 19, 2021


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Ralemo Pre 5 Wireless Keyboard is the Peripherals Dessert That Has Captured the Hearts of Consumers

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While the range of keyboard products on the market may seem overwhelming, it’s not uncommon to find a keyboard designed specifically for female users. After the Ralemo Air 1 Air cushion mouse devoted to female users, Ralemo launched this Ralemo Pre 5 multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard, perhaps adhering to the concept of keyboard and mouse combination that a good horse must be matched with a good saddle.


Vibed with a strong girlish atmosphere of keyboards

Most of us can tell by looking directly at the design of Ralemo Pre 5 that it was a keyboard designed for women, even without words.

In terms of the selection of fuselage colors, Ralemo Pre 5 respectively launched four fuselage colors: snow white, subtle powder, intellectual blue, and boozy purple. Of course, what makes Ralemo Pre 5 so attractive is not only that ralemo equipped the keyboard with sweet and playful body color, but also that the keyboard has a wide range of round design elements instead of the traditional keyboard’s hard lines.

The key to the keyboard’s unique look is the pleated round ABS key cap, which resembles the cupcake cup holder and caters to women already keen to eat sweets. Perhaps in order to improve the feel of the key cap, the central area of this key cap has been designed with a small dent, with a fine frosted touch on the surface of the key cap, to have a certain anti-skid effect. Compared with the traditional key cap, the circular key cap has a smaller contact surface, so it takes some time to get used to it at first.

Compared to the RGB keyboard backlighting for positioning game attributes, Ralemo Pre 5 only offers a white keyboard backlighting scheme. After all, compared to the complex and varied colors, female users should prefer simple but not ugly solid color lighting effects. Even though the backlight of this keyboard is only a solid color of white, the combination of FN key and right Ctrl enables the keyboard to switch freely among six backlight modes, namely, ripple, constant light, single light, breath, starry spot and curve, which meets the individual needs of users in terms of keyboard light effect.

Another small design worth sharing, Ralemo Pre 5 status indicator was placed on the inside above the keyboard, which not only ensured the practicality, but also avoided the damage of status light to the overall minimalist design. In addition, the shortcut keys on the top of the keyboard can realize the quick access of some programs and function control, such as email, music track has been switched, volume adjustment, etc.


Once the external stepping-stone is firmly established, the internal nature should also keep pace with it

Ralemo Pre 5 also has very rich connection modes. The product provides Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 3.0, wireless 2.4g and wired connection respectively. With these four connection modes, it can basically cover the connection requirements of most products at present. Input delays are hard to detect, especially in wireless 2.4G mode.

Of course, for users with multiple devices, the keyboard also allows for fast switching between up to five devices, and it allows for free switching between Windows/Mac OS keyboard configurations. In the actual experience, it can be felt that once it enters the sleep mode under Bluetooth 5.0 connection mode, it has to wait about 2 seconds after being reawakened before reconnecting with the device.

As a key keyboard product with wireless connection, Ralemo Pre 5 can use the wired connection mode of USB Type-C interface to realize undercharging in the state of no power, thus avoiding the inconvenience caused by insufficient power of the keyboard. In this mode, the full-key conflict-free feature is also realized. Compared with the wireless connection mode, wired connection mode actually has the lowest delay, and the highest support for key combination, and rarely produces inaccurate identification.

Besides the appearance, the keyboard and mouse, as the most important input devices of computer products, cannot be ignored naturally. Different from the film keyboard with relatively low cost, Ralemo Pre 5 adopts the customized Rapoo shaft independently developed, and provides four different coaxial bodies for users to choose, including black axis, red axis, green axis and tea axis. The four shaft bodies have distinct features respectively, and have a single shaft service life of 60 million times. As ZAEKE has only three types of axis products, namely black axis, red axis and green axis, we only give comments on these three types of Rapoo axis after experience.

First of all, the black axis of Ralemo Pre 5 is the one with the highest pressure grams in the three mechanical axes we have experienced this time. Although its working noise is the lowest, it is relatively easy to feel tired when facing a long time of text input. However, with short trigger key process, I personally think it is more suitable for use in games. The red axis is a compromise among these three axes, because it has a low-pressure weight and a relatively easy input experience, which can well meet the two major needs of game and text input. Of course, in actual use, I found that the Ralemo Pre 5 red axis buttons had obvious spring sound. To the green axis, it is certainly one of the three axis body can bring the most significant sense of paragraph, suitable for the most crisp and neat user experience, but it also has a certain spring sound, but not as significant as the red axis.

As a 79-key layout keyboard product, Ralemo Pre 5 can give consideration to both volume and practicality. In order to create a solid and strong feel, this product did not deliberately lose weight for the sake of weight loss, so the weight of this keyboard was controlled at 1.7lbs. Not only that, in order to give users more input experience, Ralemo Pre 5 keyboard designed a certain slope at the bottom of the body, and the body foot pad of the keyboard has excellent anti-skid effect. Unfortunately, the keyboard does not support the tilt angle adjustment function.

In terms of battery life, Ralemo Pre 5 can provide battery life of about 10 days under the condition of Bluetooth 5.0 connection mode, the most bright keyboard backlight (normal mode) and 8 hours of work. As the backlight is a big power consumption of wireless keyboard, Ralemo Pre 5 can theoretically achieve remarkable battery life through its built-in non-removable 4000mAh large battery under the circumstance of shutting off the backlight of keyboard.


This “mousse cake” is worthy of women’s careful and detailed taste

In fact, the Ralemo Pre 5 is also known as the Mousse Mechanical keyboard because of its very different, rounded appearance, which gave the product a dessert-like appearance. Snow and ice white, graceful pink, intellectual blue, light purple four kinds of sweet and nifty fuselage match color, and through a lot of mellow design elements and unique key hat clever fusion, promote this product in the design and the traditional keyboard has a very different visual sense.

Not stopping at the outside Ralemo Pre 5, but also in terms of practicality. Looking at all the wireless mechanical keyboards on the market at present, wireless keyboards offering four modes of connection are not common, as well as the free switch between Windows/Mac OS two modes of keyboard arrangement, which can largely meet consumers’ demand for connection between new and old devices. Ralemo Pre 5, which has the backlight of keyboard, not only solves the keyboard use problem in dim environment, but also provides users with certain personalized choices through the free switching feature of six backlight modes. In addition, depending on the black axis, red axis, green axis, tea axis four distinct features of mechanical axis, to take care of different users’ preferences for the touch of keys.

The Ralemo Pre 5 wireless keyboard, which starts at as low as 69 dollars, did not deliberately set the price beyond reach because it was targeting the female market segment. Rapoo has prepared this “mousse cake” for female consumers, no matter how many consumers are willing to pay for it, it cannot change its soul to bid farewell to an average soul.

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