Written by AndrewH

Razer’s currently existing series of audio devices/headsets called Kraken now have newer and more effective headsets added to the line. This time around, however, the new headsets are aimed at use with mobile devices, mainly for mobile gamers. Anyone needing an in-line mic and lots of stereo audio can use these though.

Officially named Razer Kraken Mobile, the new type of headsets can be found in six bright ass colors, so people can see you coming miles away. In most seriousness though, the brand new headsets feature 40 mm drivers permanently bass sound, and keep mid- and high-range sounds crisp. Each headset also has their own in-line mic and media controls, so that you can control everything right together with your headset and talking to other people while doing offers or using Skype.

The headsets were originally designed for iOS devices, but Android users could possibly get the optional Android cable accessory pack that will allow users to use these headsets with virtually any Android phone or tablet. If you would like one of these simple headsets, you’ll need to drop $89.99 for any pair, which isn’t bad price-wise, particularly if the quality is there. Hopefully we’ll snag some and perform a review for our readers shortly.

Official Website: Razer Kraken Mobile