April 19, 2021


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Realme GT image appreciation: cost performance flagship, this is for you to see

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The Realme GT is an interesting model.

In this era when the price of flagship mobile phones is skyrocketing, models with $500+ prices and flagship platforms are enough to be called “cost-effective.” Even if there are so few flagship performance models with $200+ prices, they often appear at the end of a mobile platform’s product cycle, and users who care about the price/performance ratio can only choose to wait.

Realme GT is a rare, cost-effective flagship model released early in the Snapdragon 888 platform product cycle and has a starting price of less than $500. Realme GT is indeed the coolest cost-effective product in their hearts for user groups who are pursuing the ultimate cost-effectiveness.

Although the sense of exquisiteness is no better than those high-end flagships, the Realme GT is also very outstanding in design. For example, the color matching of the Galaxy battleship and the deep sea airship uses 3D glass to make the back cover and has a large area of ​​”acceleration track pattern.” In contrast, Special Edition-Dawn uses a black and yellow contrast design of plain leather + glass, which has a Unique body feel.

Although it is a cost-effective model, the Realme GT still uses a 120Hz Super AMOLED gaming screen with a resolution of 2400×1080 and a touch sampling rate of up to 360Hz. Realme GT also has front and rear dual ambient light sensors, supporting a new generation of fingerprints under the optical screen. Games including “King’s Glory” and “Peace Elite” will also be adapted to the 90Hz mode.

In terms of performance, Realme GT is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 mobile platform and is fitted with LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 ROM. For a cost-effective flagship, the performance-related hardware will not shrink. After all, this positioning machine will not lose its performance.

To allow the Snapdragon 888 platform to continuously output performance, Realme GT also prepares 3D liquid-cooled tempered heat dissipation. The copper-steel composite internal structure is matched with multi-layer three-dimensional graphite heat dissipation, and the capillary heat dissipation structure is optimized to improve the heat dissipation efficiency. And at the software level, the machine also has a GT mode, which can fully release the system performance and fully open the 120Hz high brush after it is turned on.

In the camera part, Realme GT uses a 64-MP main camera + 8-MP ultra-wide-angle camera + 2 MP macro camera rear three-camera module, in which the main camera is the Sony IMX682 sensor, and the ultra-wide-angle camera has reached the viewing angle of 119 °, the front camera is 16 MP.

And Realme GT also has a new generation of Pure RAW night scene algorithms and super dark light video 2.0, which can better shoot still/moving images with an excellent look and feel in dark scenes. For self-portrait needs, the machine’s front camera also supports the front-facing portrait super night scene, portrait blur, + HDR selfie function.

Realme GT also has multi-functional NFC, Tactile Engine linear motors, and dual speakers in terms of features. Although the positioning of cost-effective models does not allow the machine to be comprehensive, the functions that can bring apparent perception to the experience are relatively extensive.

Also, the Realme GT has a built-in 4500mAh battery, which according to the official statement, can last 5.6 hours of King’s Glory, and its 65W smart flash charge is also very good at the same price. It can be fully charged in 35 minutes without too much waiting for charging.

As the brand new flagship series of Realme, Realme GT guarantees flagship performance and achieves an excellent price-performance ratio. Although, as mentioned above, it does not truly match the top flagships in all aspects, it is indeed a very competitive model, and it is also a boon for users with a price-performance ratio.

Of course, Realme GT is not the only Snapdragon 888 model priced within $500. This price-performance flagship battle on the market seems to have just begun, but Realme has indeed seized the opportunity this time.

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