April 20, 2021


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Samsung Galaxy S20FE 5G Reviews: Premium Quality and Affordable Price

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This year, some special circumstances have made the Internet a necessity for us to live and work. The rapid development of 5G makes consumers have a stronger expectation for the lifestyle in 5G era. In order to make it easier for consumers to enjoy the high-quality smartphone experience in the 5G era, many 5G mobile phone products have been lowered in price. Among them, there are some lightweight flagship products that use the technology but are affordable, which not only guarantee the overall performance, but also give consumers more purchase concessions. Samsung’s Galaxy S20FE 5G version just released , is one such product. As Samsung Galaxy S20 5G series of the new members of the family, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G uses Galaxy S series of streamlined design style. At the same time it brings together many other high-quality features such as the high refresh rate screen, 5G Internet, AI of frontier professional camera combination, and long battery life, which provides more quality 5G high-end products for the majority of customers.

Appearance design

This year’s flagship phones have all been equipped with 5G functions, which puts forward extremely strict demands on the structural design of mobile phone manufacturers. Because according to the original structural design, it is difficult to reach the previous standards in terms of heat dissipation and signal after 5G functions are added, which has to force mobile phone manufacturers to thicken and intensify to meet the challenges of 5G. More than 200 gigabytes of weight has become the standard for 5G phones, which offer better performance and more stable battery life, but still give users a discounted experience while holding them.Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G, as a new member of the S20 series, continues the weight control advantage of the S20 and S20+. The overall weight is 190g, but it is the phone with the most stacked features and the largest battery capacity in the order of magnitude. Although some of the new products released before have played a good role in the light and thin, but the performance or vibration motor, camera, protection certification and other aspects can not be compared with The comprehensive quality of Samsung Galaxy S20FE 5G.

As for the appearance, being a new member of the S20 series, it is inevitable that many of its classic design elements will remain. Galaxy S20FE 5G has a very high screen proportion and top screen quality. It features a full 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen, which is between S20+ 6.7-inch and S20 6.2-inch. It also supports 120Hz refresh rate and HDR10+ display, using on-screen optical fingerprint recognition scheme. The 120Hz refresh rate can also be turned off manually to save energy and extend battery life.

The curved screen design was pioneered by Samsung and has since been widely used in high-end models. Unlike in the past though, the Galaxy S20FE 5G returns to a flat, full video screen, a design that solves the common touch-error problems previously seen on curved phones and gives users a more comprehensive display.

Unlike other S20 series products samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G did not use glass back cover design, but use the same material and mist surface texture design like Note 20. It feels the same like the use of glass with AG, which has the texture as well as a greater degree of reduced the stain with fingerprint residue, but also have the effect of the control weight.The design of the Galaxy S20FE 5G can also help users show off their personality. The five fashionable colors of “inspiration Red”, “fantasy purple”, “photosynthetic green”, “fantasy blue” and “space white” can also provide more diversified choices for users of different age groups and different needs.

Phase module

Moving on to the camera, the biggest parameter improvement from the S20 series is the 32mp front-facing camera. The rear features 12 million main shots (F1.8, 1/1.76 inch, optical stabilization,2PD)+12 million ultra-wide angle +8 million telephoto triplex, which supports 3 times optical zoom and 30 times digital zoom and 4K 60FPS video recording and super stable mode.

For young users who fancy taking selfies now, the 32mp front-facing selfie camera can give them more ways to do it. The improvement of pixels can also provide better picture sharpness for anchors such as video live streaming, and further enrich the use scene of front-facing lens with AR function.Users will also be able to use a professional three-camera combination in the rear to capture memorable moments in their surroundings with features such as AI one-click multi-shot and super stable mode. The addition of a telephoto lens that supports up to 30x zoom space also makes it possible to shoot distant landscapes.

The configuration of this master shot is exactly the same as that of Samsung Galaxy S20+. With the outsole sensor and optical anti-shake design, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G can guarantee the quality of photos even in low light shooting environment. Samsung AI multi-frame synthesis technology can also make the shot color and image quality to a further level of subtleties. Through the sample, we can also see that the color expression is very rich, which is very pleasing to the look. In dark light, the details are also well handled and the sharp edges are more layered.Similarly, the AI one-click multi-shoot function, which has been favored by many users before, has been retained in this Samsung Galaxy S20FE 5G version. The maximum shooting time is 10s. The phone will directly generate photos of different styles through the captured images, or add some effects to the video clips, thus saving us from the tedious operations such as post-cutting and production.Performance

After many iterations and a streamlined design, One UI 2.5 on the Galaxy S20FE 5G is now quite mature. Both in terms of aesthetic design and functional setting are enough to reach the first-class level in the industry. The optimization of the underlying algorithm and the enhancement of high refresh rate also greatly improve the system fluency.But if you’re a digital geek, you’ll still find some conflicts between Samsung’s own features and popular features. For example, the sidebar function, which is widely praised by Samsung users, will cause conflicts with the return of full screen gestures. Samsung’s solution is to move the trigger point of the sidebar up, which is a balance between the needs of old users and new users.

In terms of video and audio games, this product also has absolute flagship properties. The 120Hz high refresh rate screen is combined with AKG tuned dual speakers and Dolby panoramic sound, which not only intuitively feels the smooth and delicate picture performance, but also gives a very good enjoyment to the listening sense.Equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 mobile platform, it not only guarantees 5G connection performance, but also provides the best android phone experience in terms of processing performance and games. Combined with LPDDR5 running memory, it also provides smooth use guarantee for users to multitask or run large local games.Samsung Galaxy S20FE 5G comes with a 4500mAh (typical value) large-capacity battery, while supporting 25W accelerated charging technology. In addition, the wireless charging feature also enables users to recharge Samsung Galaxy Buds series wireless Bluetooth headphones or other devices that support wireless charging. IP68 is also dust and water proof and has been retained on the Samsung Galaxy S20FE 5G.There is no denying the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G version keep many of the characteristics of S series, is the comprehensive performance of the android industry benchmark level product. Through the design and trade-offs in terms of image configuration, it makes the product coming with the lowest price of this series of products. You can see in the fierce competition about the price aspect in the domestic mobile phone market, this product of Samsung product made a very good response. On the price side, domestic channels of Samsung Galaxy s20fe 5G costs $699 (8+128GB) and $749 (8+256GB), and many special offers are available, including free Galaxy Buds+ and interest free in 6 stages upon reservation.

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