March 8, 2021

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Samsung S21 Ultra 5G Review: The Benchmark “Super Bowl” can Give You a Lot of Satisfactions

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Just over half a month after 2021, the new flagship of Samsung S series has released as scheduled. Perhaps Samsung is happy with its current business layout, this year’s Samsung S21 series is still made up of Samsung S21 5G, Samsung S21+ 5G, and Samsung S21 Ultra 5G. Through the layout of different price segments, it targets to meet the needs of different consumers.

Ultra means “top,” and this year’s Samsung S21 Ultra 5G also incorporates all of Samsung’s new technology. It has the leading screen in its series, the most powerful imaging system in its series, and powerful performance. Arguably, this phone is the top product of Samsung S21 series.


The exterior design has been greatly altered

After the debut of Samsung’s S21 series, many consumers have been impressed by the new design. This time, Samsung’s S21 series has adopted a more integrated silhouette cutting design, and the camera module edges are smoothly connected to the metal frame, creating a “one piece” look. Of course, of the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G in my hand is still the same.

One of the selling points of Samsung’s S21 Ultra 5G is its image system, which includes four camera systems including a 100-megapixel main camera, an ultra-wide angle lens and a dual telephoto lens. Of course, the Samsung S21 Ultra also has a slightly thicker lens module than the Samsung S21 and S21+. One design detail that stands out for Samsung’s S21 Ultra, though, is that the lens glass is slightly lower than the metal-clad area, so you don’t have to worry about scratching the lens glass even when the phone’s screen is facing up.

This time I got a Samsung S21 Ultra 5G in Fantasy silver, with a back panel that changes color depending on the angle, with a gradient from pink to blue that adds a touch of smartness. At the same time, the AG glass process can also minimize the phenomenon of “fingerprint collector”.

My first impression of the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G was that it was chunky, and its 0.35inch thickness and 0.5lbs weight back it up. Fortunately, the balance of the whole machine is done well, and the frame also used a rounded design, so after long time of holding, you will not feel tired.

Samsung should be the only company in the industry that can control the whole industry chain, from the screen to the chip to the memory, Samsung can achieve self-sufficiency. Samsung S21 Ultra screen quality is also the industry’s top 5G. It carries the largest size in S21 5G series screen, the 6.8 inches of the second generation of dynamic AMOLED screen, with 1500 nits brightness peak, surface strong wear-resisting corning gorilla glass, enough to ensure the daily brush play a short video, which is good enough to get nice impressions.

The phone also supports an adaptive refresh rate of 11Hz to 120Hz to effectively control power consumption. If you’re looking for the ultimate look, you can also turn on 2K High Resolution in the settings menu. This year, Samsung’s S21 Ultra finally supports turning on 2K and 120Hz at the same time. Last year’s “choice difficulties” have finally been alleviated.


It still has a powerful imaging system

Shooting with smartphones has become the norm for consumers, and the imaging system is the biggest upgrade for Samsung’s S21 Ultra 5G. The Samsung S21 Ultra uses a newly upgraded 108-megapixel main camera, which allows you to take a high-quality shot with nine pixels in one for everyday shooting. Measured, a 12 megapixel photo of high quality takes up about 3M space, even when it is frequently used to take photos every day, there is no need to worry about insufficient capacity. Plus, if you’re a pro, the Samsung S21 Ultra’s RAW format gives you plenty of room for post-production. You only need to turn on professional mode to shoot JPG and RAW photos at the same time. The main camera is capable of capturing 12bit RAW photos, which is more than enough to meet your shooting needs.

If you want to capture more detail with a 100 million pixel sensor, you can also turn on 100 million pixel mode in the camera interface to capture more detail. In addition, the mode of 100 million pixels also provides the possibility of the second composition after shooting. This time, Samsung directly integrated the switch of the second composition into the photo viewer. Just zoom in to the corresponding position and click the button on the left side of the screen to realize the second composition. And even after a second composition, you can still see a lot of detail in a 100 million pixel shot.

The Samsung S20 Ultra has a 48-megapixel submersible lens for the first time, and this year Samsung is giving us dual 10-megapixel lenses. The two lenses support 3x and 10x optical zoom respectively, which is suitable for different scenes. At present, many users will by telephoto lens a distinctive image, while 10 million pixels 3x optical zoom lens provides us a new perspective, it will help the creator in guarantee under the premise of clear picture to want to work, also in 1x to 10x zoom have very good transition effect between.

The 10x zoom lens with the submersible structure can help us find the appropriate shooting object in the messy environment, so that the theme of the photo can be expressed more clearly and provide more possibilities for the creator.

At 3x and 10x zooms, the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G looks pretty good. Even in dark scenes with low light, architectural details can be captured.

To be able to shoot more details in the long focal state, it is also a big challenge for the phone’s anti-shake function. To improve the telephoto experience, Samsung also offers more stable stabilization for the telephoto mode. When magnified to more than 20 times, the phone will automatically turn on the anti-shake function when it does not detect significant movement within 2-3 seconds. The viewfinder on the left is now yellow, which means anti-shake is turned on, which should help you if you like taking pictures of the moon.

Of course, the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G also has an ultra-wide-angle lens. This 12 megapixel ultra-wide angle lens can take a much wider picture. It also supports night mode, allowing for brighter and more detailed shots at night.

This year, Samsung has also made a number of software improvements. For example, 0.6x, 1x, 2x, 10x, 30x, 100x options in the camera’s viewfinder are still retained, and when the zoom is more than 20x, the camera’s viewfinder will also be marked with the enlarged area. Also, the new “Director’s View” feature allows users to choose different shots when shooting a video. Ultra-wide-angle, wide-angle and telephoto lenses are all in the same frame. When shooting video, you can freely switch different shots to enhance the fun of shooting.

As for the front camera, the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G also uses a 40-megapixel front camera, which takes a 10-megapixel photo in a four-in-one mode during everyday photography. The S21 Ultra 5G also features that have been well received by users, such as beauty and portrait lighting. Whether you’re taking landscapes, portraits, or selfies, the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G’s powerful imaging system is there for you. It’s safe to say that the Samsung S21 Ultra’s imaging system is more than enough to help us achieve the world in one device.


Flawless hardware performance

For a smoother experience, flagship performance is a must. Samsung S21 Ultra 5G comes standard with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 mobile platform. This chip uses 5nm process and has the most advanced performance at present. After testing, Samsung S21 Ultra 5G achieved a score of 680,000 on AnTuTu platform, which met our expectations.

In addition to the Snapdragon 888, the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G is just as sincere in its memory mix. The phone has a 12GB to start with, up to 16GB of RAM and 256GB and 512GB of storage. Even if you’re a regular video shooter or like to cache a lot of movies and TV shows on your phone, don’t worry about running out of storage space. Of course, playing games on the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G is also fine. We have tested some mainstream games, such as PUBG and Primal Spirit, and the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G provides a smooth screen experience. With the help of the dual speaker design, the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G provides a more immersive experience, but the back of the phone will be warm after a long time of playing the game.

Many users are also concerned about the battery performance of the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G. The 5,000mAh figure is pretty reassuring, and the adaptive refresh rate helps keep the phone’s power consumption under control. In my actual use, only the two scenes of shooting video and playing games have a great impact on the battery power of the phone, and the battery power consumption of the phone in other scenes is at normal level.

Like previous Samsung flagships, the S21 Ultra 5G also supports a wealth of charging capabilities. Including wired charging, wireless charging, reverse charging and more, the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G is all ready for you. When we get home at night, we plug in the cable to charge our phones, and when we arrive at work, we put our phones on the wireless charging pad, which is enough to ensure that our phones are always fully charged.


Write in the last

Samsung’s S21 Ultra 5G is the “venti” version of the S21 series and the best of the bunch. It has the most powerful imaging system in the series, the sincerest storage combination and the largest battery capacity. The newly upgraded image system can help every user to achieve full scene shooting, which is the new generation of photo benchmark of Samsung, allowing us to take out our mobile phones at any time to share bits and bits of life with friends.

And the strongest hardware performance, longer battery life and support for 5G network are enough to meet the current consumer demand for smartphones, providing users with one-step satisfaction. This full venti version is worth your choice.

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