Written by Ryan Ballard

Released by KUKO, Way of Droid is definitely an endless racing game now available on the internet Play. Utilizing a one-touch control system, players will make an effort to observe how long they are able to continue to keep their vehicle running. The daddy the vehicle goes, the more points are awarded (a la Flappy Bird).

The track is really a fixed strait line, which means you don’t have to be worried about curves. It is, however, riddled with an array of obstacles that should be properly timed to avoid to be able to go through them. Getting in touch with any of the obstacles ends the game. The perspective is set at an isometric angle, and the game has a easy and stark, geometric feel to the graphics.

Way of Droid is completely free, with no cost or IAPs, and that i didn’t use whatever ads when I loaded up.

Way of Droid (Playboard) | Method of Droid (Play Store)