Written by Ryan Ballard

Released by Newtronium, Skill shot is q simple arcade game that’s available these days on the internet Play and Amazon. The gameplay is dead simple: Players is going to be tapping the screen, resulting in the ball to shoot away from the reason for the tap.

Players seek to keep your ball bouncing from the wall whenever possible, without letting said ball either walk out bounds, strike the ground more often than once consecutively. Each successful bounce is awarded a place, with the difficulty increasing for each tenth point earned; difficulty is quantified in the size, angle, and form of the target wall.

Skill Shot Features:

– clean, crisp graphics
– fast and twitch-based gameplay
– simple to learn, hard to master
– flip the sport place to fit your needs
– easy-to-understand picture-based ingame tutorial
– beat your friends and also the world with integrated leaderboards
– test your expertise with challenging achievements

Skill Shot can be obtained from both Amazon and Google Play for free with ads, and a $0.99 IAP to get rid of them. You can also take a look at Skill shot within the video below before downloading the sport.

Amazon Marketplace: Skill Shot

Skill Shot (Playboard) | Skill Shot (Play Store)