March 8, 2021

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Simulates the speed of light, Razer Hunter Light Spider V2 debuts an analog optical axis keyboard

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Following the Talos Devil Professional Edition, Razer finally proposed a second mechanical keyboard equipped with an analog optical axis, a more conventional design of the Soul Hunter V2 analog optical axis keyboard. The price is $310.00, and pre-sales are now available on major e-commerce platforms.

As the latest member of the Hunting Light Spider series, the design of the Hunting Light Spider V2 analog optical axis keyboard has not changed. It is still the familiar Razer style, with a floating design, standard independent multimedia keys, and multiple modes. The rollers, magnetic wrist rests, and the lighting design blessed by the incredibly cool Chroma system are still familiar.

More precise adjustments:

  1. The magnetic wrist rest has a tilt angle compared to the previous one, and the front is made of artificial leather, so the user experience of the wrist rest will be better; 2. The keyboard is a standard arrangement design, which is convenient to replace by yourself Keycap; 3. Replaced with two-color injection-molded PBT keycap, which is more durable; 4. Add a USB 3.0 expansion interface suitable for external mobile hard disks and other devices; 5. The mainline adopts a USB-C interface, standard with UBS-C Turn to A adapter, convenient for players to use.

The more important but not least thing is that the Spirit Hunter Light Spider V2 analog optical axis keyboard is equipped with an analog optical axis. The analog optical axis is still triggered by light, which makes its life up to 100 million times, and the response speed is faster. And it has three characteristics: analog input, adjustable trigger, and two-stage trigger.

Analog input means that the analog optical axis has the flavor of a handle rocker. As the pressing degree is better and the operation is more detailed, it should better affect games that support handles. The adjustable trigger means that players can adjust the trigger point of each key through the thundercloud drive. You can select it between 1.5 or 3.6 mm to better target different types of games; a two-stage trigger can set two trigger points for a key and activate corresponding functions at various trigger points to realize one-key dual functions.

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