April 20, 2021


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Small Body with Big Energy: Mijia-Braun Electric Shaver Experience

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Advantages: (1) small body, easy to carry. (2) The motor is powerful. (3) Imported shaving components from Germany. (4) Independent double floating knife head, fit the face more. The whole body is waterproof and long lasting. Disadvantages: (1) razor cover is easy to get dirty. (2) There is no fast and slow gear switch function. (3) A little too loud.

For most of us men, shaving is an essential routine in the morning after washing the face and brushing the teeth. The cleanliness of your face affects your appearance, especially in front of your leaders or clients. Being clean and tidy is also a form of politeness to others. Appearance can also reveal a person’s state of mind and etiquette. For people who shave quite frequently, their beard grows faster. It is often a daily shave, but the effect varies with the razor. Some big brands, such as Philips shave well, but the price is too expensive for ordinary people. Some economical ones are too big to carry on business trips. So, is there a small, portable razor that can shave well? Fortunately, recently I just received a good cost – effective razor which is “Mijia-Braun electric razor.”

The brand Braun must be familiar to everyone. It is an old brand inherited from Germany for one hundred years. With a perfect and exquisite German technology, it won various design awards. The brand is recognized by everyone because of its quality workmanship,

Above all, MiJia Braun electric razor uses the design like case of mobile phone for outer packing. The material is pretty thicker. The box is exquisitely made and is a perfect gift. The overall packaging box printed how it looks like on the front of the product, with some important text embellishment. It has simple but fashionable design. And the quality of the packaging box is hard enough, there is no need to worry about transportation bumping.

On the back is a printed picture of the actual product and some of the razor’s selling points. And the detailed parameter information of the general back product is designed in the side of the packaging box.

The main features of this product are floating double head, skin-friendly ruler tooth comb plus trimmer, body washing plus wet and dry, 5 minutes quick filling plus 1-hour full filling, etc., which are all practical functions.

Opening the box, you can see that the interior design is also similar to a mobile phone case. With a hard-recessed interlayer, the Mijia-Braun electric razor rests in a groove wrapped in a plastic film. The lower layer is the charger and data cable. We took out all the accessories, and we could see that the accessories are also relatively simple.

All accessories are: Mijia-Braun shaver, charger, charging cable and product instructions. It is a pity that there is no cleaning brush attached as a gift accessory.

Mijia-Braun electric shaver is indeed relatively small in volume, the whole machine size is only 4.33*2.36*1.06 inches. The fuselage is cuboid with rounded corners, which is round and feels good to hold. The design seems stylish to be divided into two parts, the top cover is the glossy and has reflective effect. But a bad thing is that it gets dirty because it is easy to leave fingerprints. Fuselage exquisite frosting process, to ensure that the hand has a certain anti-skid.

At the bottom of the front is printed the word Mijia Logo, which enhances the image of the brand, also allows all black fuselage no longer to appear too monotonous.

On the upper cover side of the razor, there is also the Braun Logo.

When you open the top cover, you can see the side handle on the top of the Mijia-Braun shaver, which is made of silicone with a diagonal texture. In addition to a good grip on the performance, it also has a good anti – slip effect.

The same twill also has Braun’s Logo printed, and symmetrical echo on the cover. At the connection between the handle and the tool head, an oval notch can be seen, through which the tool head can be disassembled and installed. Gently push with the finger, it can be opened very convenient. There is no problem for me to hold with one hand.

The only power switch of the shaver is set on one side of the twill handle for excellent concealment. The function is to open and close by clicking, there is no adjustment function of speed and slow gear. It would be even better if we had the experience of switching between fast and slow.

In terms of the head, we can see that Braun is dedicated to the high quality of the product, with an independent floating double head design. Using German bionic knife mesh of 899 different kinds of mesh, inspired by dragonfly wing design, the mesh is carefully distributed according to the pressure during shaving, so as to be cleaner and more comfortable in shaving. The cutting part of the knife net also comes from high-quality German fine steel. After special processing, to ensure that the grinding out of accurate sharp Angle, which makes it sharp for shaving. Cooperate with the hair of comb tooth of close skin, comb first after shave, even if beard have not been shaved for 3-4 days, there is no need to worry about this again. Regardless of the length of the beard, shaving can be a good fit with the contours of the face with ease.

If you take off the head, you can see that the internal design of Mijia-Braun electric razor is very simple. Two hexagon screws are fixed, and the motor shaft is located in the middle. Although it has a small body, but it also has a strong power. With the guarantee of Japanese technology, it can easily output the maximum torque, with no resistance at 7,200 RPM, and you can feel the cleanness and comfort.

The bottom of the razor is the charging socket and work indicator light. It will light up when the green shows up in charging. Mijia-Braun electric shaver also has a good performance in battery life, one hour full battery can last for 40 minutes. And it’s worth mentioning that it also has a 5-minute quick charging shave. When you sometimes forget to charge up and hurry to get out of the house, just charge it for 5 minutes to clean up your shave. For frequent travelers, such a range and portability is a good travel product.

The charger is also simple in design. The USB port is also printed with the word IPX4, which can only play a role in life waterproof splash. Do not use it when soaked with water. The input of the charger is 100~240V, and the output is 5V-1A.

Mijia-Braun electric shaver is waterproof and can be rinsed directly. And support wet and dry double shaving, it can be used with shaving foam. Two ways can be chosen according to their preferences.

In the daily life, there is no need to buy a rack for Mijia-Braun electric shaver. It is small enough to fit anywhere. Its small fuselage does not take up much space. They are very portable even when they go out into a pocket or a free bag.

In real life, for people like me who grow beards faster. You must shave every morning after washing up at work. I didn’t shave for 3 days on purpose because I learned about this shaving experience. After receiving it, so I can better experience the product. In this case, the long beard can be combed by tooth comb first and then introduced into the trimmer, which can easily clean the long beard. And the independent floating two-headed knife doesn’t require a lot of pressure to fit the face, even the lower jaw. The whole shaving process is very comfortable without pulling the pain. The only downside is that the sound is a little too loud, which would be nice if it has a better mute effect.

Finally, the overall effect of using Mijia-Braun electric shaver after shaving, no matter in front or on both sides, you can see shaving cleanness. I am personally satisfied for its shaving performance.


Through the experience of this Mijia-Braun electric shaver, we strive to have a perfect and exquisite German technology in the process. It has small body with big energy. The Independent floating double head fit the facial contour to the maximum extent, making shaving cleaner and more comfortable. Wet and dry double shave suit your needs. And it saves time and effort because it supports the whole body to wash. Being charged for an hour can reach 40 minutes of endurance. There is no need to worry about shaving even after a 21-day trip. What’s more, it also supports a 5-minute quick charge shaving experience. Price-wise, the price of $37 at present still have certain price-performance ratio. This is a must-have artifact for men traveling on business.

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