March 8, 2021

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Smaller,faster,and more robust,DockCase Display intelligent dockingstation

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It’s delicate and compact in appearance, with a different design, rich and practical interface, with fast file transfer speed,  supports 4k60hz display output. visualizes intelligent display screen to master the status of facts, is compatible with multi-terminal devices. It’s a USB_C port dock worthy of recommendation.

In 2015, Apple released a Mac that cut all interfaces to retain Type-C interface. Was it too radical to make complaints about me? Now what we see is the standard USB-C interface for all MacBooks, and more and more windows computers have joined the camp of “hacking into C.” Cutting down most of the interfaces can make the device more lightweight. It’s still too early for type-C to unify the world, so the expansion transmission can only choose to “drag the family to lead the family.” Understandably, the docking station market has become extremely hot

Talking about the DockCase docking station, it was initially popular at home and abroad with a Mac power docking station. Now it is expected to launch a new one.

It’s a small white box of palm size. On the front side of the box, there is a big D brand logo. At the back of the box, there is information about detailed parameters. What’s more interesting is that the product box echoes with the docking station interface, showing the docking station’s interface types.

As shown in the figure, this device has Eight interfaces,  connected with the device through USB-C, and supports up to Seven interface extensions.


The packaging is relatively simple. The storage box is placed in the groove, and then there is a basic instruction manual, warranty cards, and the connecting line is at the bottom of the docking station.


Product Beauty Map:

The docking station can be connected with notebook or mobile phone tablet through one side type-C interface and its double head type-C data cable.

There are 16 heat emission holes at the interface to assist the heat emission. After all, the docking station is often easy to malfunction, most of which are caused by heat.

The docking station has three USB 3.0, HDMI, SD, TF, USB-C, and PD interfaces.

Of course, the HDMI expansion display supports a 4K 60Hz transmission, which is one of its main selling points. For many docking stations, they claim to support 4K transmission for many docking stations, But most docking stations only support 4K 30Hz transmission, with apparent delay jamming. The PD power supply supports 100W at most, which is very convenient for only one C port.


Product Details:

There are four footpads at the bottom of the product, which can avoid wear and tear during use. Besides, it is convenient to fix the docking station on the desktop.

The docking station’s front is the display screen, so it is recommended to stick a film conditionally. After all, it is not good to rub such a fragile front screen.

The metal fuselage with frosting treatment has a good hand feeling, which is not easy to polish, gray and fingerprint stained.

The product is made of zinc alloy and tempered glass and weighs only 4.5oz.

Each portion/part is polished separately to improve the quality.


I mainly use two kinds of docking stations in my daily work and study: Biaowang’s 11 and Apple’s USB-C docking station.

Biao Wang’s interface is exceptionally flawless and cost-effective, but it has low storage. The wire is easy to be bent and damage, easy to heat, and does not support 4K 60Hz. Apple’s biggest problem is that it has low-cost performance, few interfaces, short wire, and it is easy to twist when connecting to HDMI, and the wire is easy to turn yellow. The advantage is that it can transfer files quickly, and HDMI supports 4K 60Hz output.

The dock case docking station adopts the split design, which solves the low storage problems to a great extent. Besides, if the connecting cable is damaged carelessly, it can be replaced directly, which does not affect  the docking station’s usage. The built-in dual USB-C connecting line is very soft, which can be bent more freely.

The DockCase dock is also smaller and lighter in size.

Directly use the dual USB-C data cable to connect, because of the soft FPC wire, it can be placed and used at will, a large logo will be displayed on the interface screen, and then enter the status page.

The screen is not big, but it can be used ultimately. The screen is bright enough, and the display effect is excellent. When connecting the device, there will be an open screen, then every device connected will have a corresponding prompt and display the relevant parameters. For example, access the hard disk, access the power supply, and display according to the storage device’ support speed.  When connecting the power supply, the current charging power will be displayed at 50W (at that time). If the unplug the display device then it will display the specific parameters.

This screen is not the soul of the docking station, but the soul of the docking station. It displays the status of the currently connected devices in real-time, it displays the connection data of each device in real-time, the charging power, and displays the transmission rate supported by the device.


Connecting the hard disk to transfer files, 2.59G in less than 5 seconds, can be very fast. The three USB interfaces all support USB3.0, the file transfer is a very high configuration, SD and TF cards can also run full transmission according to the card’s data.


This is the highly recommended docking station. It is small and light, and portable.  It is very convenient to use at home or to carry out. It can automatically detect and connect to the device. It is powerful, such as the display brand, model details, and hard disk transmission speed. The data is exact at a glance, and it can be controlled at a glance. The split design is convenient to store and place at will. The USB3.0 interface transfers files fast, 4K 60Hz output display effect bar. Data cable can also be used for daily charging bank to charge cell phone, which is highly praised.




Separate design, light and portable, easy to store;

Fast file transfer, up to 4K 60Hz output;

The visual display screen can control the access device status at a glance.

Impeccable artistry, excellent feel, excellent detail finishing of the design.

Support multi-platform equipment, broad use scenarios

High-cost Efficiency.



I really can’t find any short-board. I have to say that if I can join the Gigabit network port, it will be better.

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