Written by AndrewH

The other day we posted about a new content update going to Taichi Panda soon called Overlord. Snail Games had only started teasing what can be coming with this update, revealing only two pets and nothing else at the time. Apparently development and testing went super well though as the Overlord update is now live and readily available for download.

So what all has the Overlord update besides the two new pets? Well i know of a great deal of cool new features. Firstly, there is a whole new combat system that are responsible for battling while on a mount. There are particular mounts for this though, three in total, therefore it will not work each and every mount in the game. Talking about mount combat, there is a new cross-server Guild battle called Warpath, featuring 25 vs 25 combat while on your mount.

Mounted Combat preview

As with the past content updates for Taichi Panda, that one also boosts the level cap (now level 100) obtainable in the sport. Which means that gear, items, pet levels, and so forth have all been increased to complement, and new levels to play through. Addititionally there is new gear and items now available towards the new available levels. Mega Boss has additionally been updated with three more new bosses added to it. Lastly, Overlord also introduces new team instances to obtain a number of this new loot from. Tier 6 Ascension has become available as is Tier 36 Discovery.

Admittedly, the brand new mounts that fall under the mounted combat system actually look pretty cool. One appears like a Kodo from World of Warcraft but on steroids. For the new Guild battle, there are a few requirements that should be met to be able to participate. Guilds that can participate must have a Guild Rank of Elite or more. Players who wish to participate also need to be a minimum of level 55 in order to be granted use of Warpath.

New Master Shoo pet

Lastly, it comes with an entry fee of three Royal Tickets that should be paid. If you do not have Royal Tickets, or are missing one, you are able to grab Royal Tickets for 300 diamonds per ticket. In other words, be sure you save your Royal Tickets you discover so that you can participate.

There are several other smaller tweaks that have got into Taichi Panda with the launch of Overlord. Storage Slots have been increased to 200, Top-up Two for One Reset within the Diamond Store is now available, and guilds are now able to occupy the Relic for six days in Relic Rumble. This update is now live and available for download from Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore.

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