April 20, 2021


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SONY Alpha 7R IV Has High Picture Quality and High Speed to Satisfy the Needs of Different Users

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SONY Alpha 7R IV, as the highest pixel full-frame camera today, has a main of 61 megapixels, and can achieve 10FPS high-speed continuous shooting, which can meet the different needs of professional users. Today we’ll look at the core strengths of the SONY Alpha 7R IV.

SONY’s Alpha 7R IV uses a 61-megapixel back-mounted sensor that gives it a resolution of 9,504 x 6336 images, allowing it to print larger images in later stages. At the same time, high pixel has important value to photo composition, if we need to cut picture, geometric correction, etc., image pixels will be lost. However, SONY Alpha 7R IV high pixels can ensure that we in the later processing, still have enough pixels. It is more suitable for professional users for commercial photography, scenery and portrait photography.

Of course, not only does the SONY Alpha 7R IV have excellent resolution, but the camera’s breadth is also excellent. With a 15-bit dynamic range, the camera has more post-processing space after shooting RAW, which can achieve not only more exposure correction space, but also more color adjustments.

As in this photo, the night scene was shot using Alpha 7R IV. The ratio of light to building shadows is very large during night shots. SONY Alpha 7R IV makes full use of RAW space to retain the detail of highlights while retaining the detail and quality of dark shadows.

In landscape photography, the role of tolerance is not only to highlight the details, but also to obtain a larger photo color space. Therefore, SONY Alpha 7R IV can guarantee more color records, and even with more adjustments in the later period, it can guarantee the image will not show color break.



For SONY Alpha 7R IV, excellent image quality in scenery photography creation provides a better photographer, and back as sensor, also raised the camera high sensor noise control ability, so in interior photos, SONY Alpha 7R IV on the premise of not using stand, can still guarantee the stability of the late performance and tolerance

For SONY Alpha 7R IV, the camera itself also has five axis fuselage stabilization, so while the camera has 61 million pixels, the actual filming we can use below safe shutter speed shutter, practical stabilization effect can reach 5.5. So, even for simple handheld long exposure, it also can be achieved.

For photographers, one of the big trends in camera development today is getting smarter. In the past, photographers had to consider metering, focusing, white balance and other factors in their shooting, but now the camera can take care of a lot of performance by itself.

For the SONY Alpha 7R IV, the camera has excellent image quality, excellent focus, and a 10FPS continuous shooting speed, which makes it good not only for landscape photography, but also for wildlife photography. And 61 megapixels capture birds or wild animals, giving you more tailoring space, which is equivalent to getting a longer focal length.

For photography hobbists, the SONY Alpha 7R IV paired with FE 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 GM OSS, a telephoto zoom lens, is a great combination for everyday shooting. The lens has a 400mm telepar, and with the SONY Alpha 7R IV you get very flexible focusing. In addition, high pixel can be used to achieve further cutting, so as to obtain better composition effect.

In addition, when we use SONY Alpha 7R IV to focus, the focus system can quickly lock the subject of the shooting. Even if there is some interference, it can still lock the subject for tracking without running out of focus or defocusing.

For everyday photography, the SONY Alpha 7R IV also features real-time eye focus for animals, such as cats and dogs, to lock the eyes and achieve more efficient focus. The SONY Alpha 7R IV’s focus is also flexible and reliable in bad light.

SONY’s Alpha 7R IV also features SONY’s fourth generation body, which offers an ideal grip and excellent handling, both with a wide-angle lens and with a telephoto lens.

Whether you’re a professional photographer or someone who just likes photography as a hobby, the SONY Alpha 7R IV is a high-performance camera that combines photography, stabilization, and focus. Moreover, the camera itself has a long battery life and supports charging while shooting, which can meet the battery life requirements of long-term shooting.

If you need a professional-grade full-frame micro unit with high quality and high performance, the SONY Alpha 7R IV is a trusted photography partner on your photography path.

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