Written by Ryan Ballard

Released by Neocom Mobile, GALLIA Rise of Clans is really a strategy game where players assume charge of Gallian barbarians hoping of driving the Roman Legions that occupy your villages. Players will seek to pelt the Romans using catapults, looking to bludgeon them into submission, and rewarding players for damage dealt and for soldiers killed.

Neocomix, a druid that assists players could make potions and other, destructive inventions to aid you in your quest. Gameplay is really a mashup, containing elements of match-three, blocks, and bubble shooters, in addition to the catapulting of Roman Legions.

GALLIA Rise of Clans Features:

– Farmville is dependant on real events: the Gallic Wars.
– Combination of the three ideas: Match3, Bubbleshooter, Catapult
– Colorful graphics and sound clips.
– Several game modes are possible: arcade and time period limit.
– Various effects, bonuses and combo!
– A lot more than 75 fascinating levels.

GALLIA Rise of Clans can be obtained from Google Play for free, with optional IAPs included. You can also browse the game for action via the trailer below.

Gallia Rise of Clans (Playboard) | Gallia Rise of Clans (Play Store)