April 20, 2021


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Suitable for Video Editing, Streaming and Karaoke. HyperX SoloCast Mini Condenser Microphone Evaluation

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After about only 10 days experience of HyperX SoloCast miniature microphone, I think it is a high-performance microphone product. Each function properly focuses on what the user just needs to, not only suitable for e-sports players for the game’s communication and exchanges, but also bring high quality radio experience for those who are bloggers for video filming and singing.

Computer recording equipment is now simply can be said to be a variety of kinds. Some even has more complex set to make a professional sound card playback and capacitor microphone, which constitutes a set of large volume of professional recording equipment set, simple direct use of the game headphones with the MIC basic needs. The key really just depends on your personal needs.


In fact, for most gamers or full-time bloggers, both content and sound are critical. If you are a user who likes the simplicity of the desktop and have high requirements for sound, you can try this HyperX SoloCast sound mini microphone, a small microphone, built-in professional sound card. It can be plugged and play on your computer.


[Unpacking and Product display]


The packaging of HyperX SoloCast mini microphone is relatively simple, but the interior is made a lot of security measures, the microphone is wrapped in a 360° surround plastic box, the packaging is very simple and safe.

The items in the box are shown below. In addition to the HyperX SoloCast mini microphone body, there is a long USB cable and a manual.

The first time I saw the HyperX SoloCast mini microphone, it felt so small! The total height with the bracket is about 6.69 inches, which is quite a mini microphone. The overall shape is relatively cute, with black full metal shell, the workmanship is quite delicate and durable.

There is a little trapezoidal light on the phone body, which is red after being energized. Actually, I would prefer it to be green or blue, which will be more gentle. Below the light is the HYPERX LOGO, which you must be familiar with.

Its blowout preventer cover is also made of metal material. As the blowout preventer is built in, there is no need to install a spraying cover if the requirements are not high. Generally, spraying saliva thing will not happen.

At the top of the microphone is a tap-to-mute sensor that will mute and cause LED light indicator on the phone to flash red. Take the mute off and the light stays red, making it easy and intuitive to use.

The camera took these pictures outdoors and then ran out of power. Then I took it home and continued shooting. When I got home, I found that this microphone and the microphone stand could be separated, and it was quite simple to separate. There were no clips or locking devices, and it could be removed directly from the microphone stand. The core radio component of HyperX SoloCast’s mini microphone is a heart-shaped electret capacitor, so it’s not completely unidirectional.

The reason for the heart-shaped radio mode is that I think the manufacturers mainly set it for gamers. In this way, a little of the ambient sound will be picked up by the microphone, so that your teammates can know that you are focusing probably? Let’s take a look at some real pictures!

[Audio recording measurement]


The HyperX SoloCast mini microphone doesn’t look like RGB, nor does it have a listening interface, but it’s small in size and suitable for flexible placement. You won’t get bored of its appearance after some time. The overall design is quite simple and straightforward. So, here comes a question that people are curious about, how does it sound? Here I recorded an audio recording with AU to observe its spectrum, and it can be seen that the sound density is quite good. In addition, it can be clearly seen that the high frequency is suppressed to a certain extent, so that the recorded sound will not be harsh.

Next is a recording of myself, just a song, the goal I set at the time of application must be completed. Excuse my singing, just focus on the quality of the HyperX SoloCast sound mini microphone.


Generally speaking, 4 inches or so away from the HyperX SoloCast mini microphone is appropriate when recording, and too close is prone to the situation of spraying saliva. Originally, I planned to record with a singing APP, but I found that the audio uploaded by the APP would be compressed, so I still used AU and integrated the accompaniment and voice together, and the output was MP3 audio. Why not use a higher audio file? Because I found MP3 is good enough!! (Headphones are recommended)

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