February 27, 2021


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Switch’s Magical Device for Party: Zendure Three-in-one Charging Plug

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Comments: it has small size but also has abundant features, it can replace the Switch’s TV dock and charger at the same time, it can also extend the MacBook HDMI and USB-A ports, and it can charge the iPadPro and iPhone12 at the same time. The interface is a bit compact, and the flaw is low charging power to laptop.

It is a great honor for me to participate in this test. I have a high demand for this device because I use Switch a lot in my daily life. In addition to playing with friends at parties, I also hope to use a portable base and charging equipment at home to facilitate the Switch from living room to bedroom at any time.

Many people buy the Switch because of its interactive entertainment features. They buy the Switch because they want to go out and play interactive games like Just Dance, Mariot, and Mario Party with a room full of friends. But every time you go out, you have to take a big bag with you: a game console, a TV dock, and a charger.

But when you have the Triple in One projector charging plug, you can do without the TV dock and charger. The charging plug can not only directly power the Switch, but also function as a TV dock, transferring USB-C output video signals to the HDMI port, which is convenient for direct connection to the TV and projector.

The main output of Zendure three-in-one projector charging plug:

USB-C1:5V3A/ 9V3A / 12V2.5A / 15V2A / 20V1.5A maximum output 30W;

USB-C2:5V3A / 9V2A / 12V1.5A maximum output 18W;

USB-A: 5V1.5A Max. 7.5W;

Maximum output 48W;

In addition to these three USBs, there is an HDMI2.0 port, which supports video output of up to 4K60Hz;

USB-C1 can transfer data to USB-A and video signals to the HDMI interface.

It needs to be paired with a 2-hole tail cord to use, and a USB-C to USB-C data cable are also attached.

The surface adopts the same design as Zendure X5, and my personal feeling is much more delicate than the Roman column design.

It is small in size and weighs only a little over 0.2lbs.

About the size of it, it is similar to a card, which is very portable.

The problem with being portable is that the interface is a bit compact. Especially when USB-C1 and HDMI are connected to the wire, the middle two interfaces to plug and unplug the device becomes more difficult.

It is designed to be used on the desktop, so there are two anti-slip strips at the bottom.

On the other side is the tail connection and an anti-theft latch.

In addition to replacing the dock and charger of the Switch, the 3-in-1 projector charger can also be used as a docking station for laptops and phones. Devices like the MacBook that only have USB-C ports which needs a docking station to connect USB-A devices to the projector. Huawei and Samsung phones can also use this docking station to activate large-screen computer mode and improve office efficiency. If you don’t need docking, you can charge the iPad Pro and iPhone 12 at the same time.

I think the flaw is the charging power, 15W increasing of a single port can charge most business laptops, which is so more practical.

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