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Snail Games has announced a brand new content update that’ll be going to their popular MMORPG called Taichi Panda. The update, that is titled Overlord, will be bringing with it all kinds of new content for players to look at. Unfortunately, Snail Games has only decided to reveal one area of the update for right now, and that’s the new pets.

So far two new pets happen to be revealed: Jib Jab and Master Shoo. Both of these new pets are pretty interesting, particularly if you follow the lore and storyline behind Taichi Panda. Master Shoo is exactly what we are mainly talking about concerning the lore, since it is rumored that Master Shoo was once Taichi Panda’s master. Jib Jab, however, is much more of a warrior kind of pet, wielding a shield and cutlass, but could also summon minions to fight along side him.

Here’s the official description for Jib Jab and Master Shoo:

Jib Jab

Some pets are big, and some pets are small. Plus some pets look almost exactly like the goblins and monsters they’re assisting you fight! With Overlord comes one particular pet, the horned and bamboo-ed Jib Jab! Wielding a bamboo shield and jagged cutlass, bashes enemies down while summoning forest friends to battle by his side, making him a great support pet with both offensive and defensive traits!

Master Shoo

Few would look upon the slight, well-aged frame of Master Shoo and imagine his hidden potential. Legend has it that Master Shoo’s wisdom spans far into antiquity, all the way back to the forming of Avzar itself, and the man used to be the Taichi Panda’s master! With power like that, you wouldn’t like to locate your self on the incorrect side of the martial artist!

Master Shoo possesses some incredible skills, including unleashing powerful Taichi energy on his opponents, as well the sporadic magical trick up his sleeve. Enemy’s turning out to be sheep? Don’t count it.

Unfortunately, there are no other details right now concerning the Overlord update, including when it will launch. When we learn more, we’ll post an update.

Source: Taichi Panda Blog

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