April 19, 2021


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Talking about QooCam Fun Camera

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1 – Compact and light design, easy to install and use, easy to start when inserting, fast and convenient shooting.

2 – The one click shooting guide in app is intuitive and clear, and can be learned as soon as you learn.

3 – Stable shooting, which can ensure daily sports shooting.

4 – It can quickly create vlog, save it to mobile phone, and share all platforms at any time.

I usually like mobile phone photography, but most of them take all kinds of photos, and seldom take dynamic videos. Although Vlog is very popular now, and I have tried to take photos, I have found that the effect of taking photos only by one mobile phone is almost meaningless.

It is a saying that “if a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools.”. If you want a relatively stable and clear video picture, you have to prepare a mobile phone stabilizer, selfie stick, and other equipment.

More professional, the whole Vlog camera has more functions and a more professional shooting effect. But it is also a problem in post-editing and publishing. It may take some time to lead from the camera to the mobile phone. Also, we need to learn some post-editing and production. These are a headache for friends who take photos every day and significantly reduce the fun of shooting.

If there is a mobile phone external device, which is easy to carry, easy to learn, and can be used whenever shooting. While ensuring the stability of shooting, there are also some ready-made shooting templates, which can quickly make a fun Vlog and then directly send micro-blog in circles; that’s good!

As there is saying, you can do whatever you want! By chance, I saw this “Qoocam Fun Panoramic Camera”. Its shape and function are entirely in line with what I just imagined – small and light, plug in as you shoot; panoramic shooting, 360 degrees without dead angle; self-contained anti-shake, stable shooting; ready-made template, easy to learn; post-production, one key generation; direct storage mobile phone, ready to share at any time!

For “Video Novice” like me, it’s “tailor-made”! Special thanks for the novelty and good things recommended by “Sponsor”.

Of course, although the introduction of “QooCam Fun” has met the needs of “Xiaobai” in video shooting, is it really easy to use in specific shooting mode? Is it beyond expectation? Or need to be improved? After a week of shooting experience in QooCam, I have some feelings and summarize them. I will share my real experience with partners who have the same requirements. I hope it will be helpful.


1、Open case display simple and practical

Just got this QooCam Fun Camera, the first feeling is small, light. The outer package is a blue and white exquisite small square box, simple and elegant.

Open the package. There is a simple and practical 4-piece set – camera, charging data cable, manual, warranty card.


Although the original parts are not many, carefully “play” will find that the camera details’ design is still very attentive and practical, let’s have a look!


1 – Ultra Wide Angle Fish glasses

QooCam Fun has an ultra-wide-angle fisheye lens at the front and back, with a FOV of 200, an aperture of 1.87, and a focal length of 1.02mm. It can serve as multiple lenses with different focal segments, providing a wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, asteroid, other presentation angles, and 360 panoramic views without dead angle, so that the shooting is comprehensive.

2 – Lens Protector

To prevent the lens from being worn and scratched, a separate rubber protective cover is provided for the camera, protecting the lens and making it easy to carry with you. This is a great design point! Very practical!

3- Plug and shoot at any time

Below the camera is the connection port, which is compatible with mainstream Android mobile phones. It can shoot by plug without any data cable and stabilizer. It makes the mobile phone become a “360 Panoramic Camera” (unfortunately, this interface does not support charging. I would suggest to add the function of charging while shooting. I believe it will be convenient).

4 – Special APP makes shooting easier

When using the panoramic camera for the first time, you need to install and download QooCam special APP on your mobile phone. The software includes video shooting, photo shooting, video editing, teaching guide for shooting and editing, firmware update, and other functions.

When shooting, connect the camera to the mobile phone, and the APP will be opened automatically. You can directly shoot, edit, view, and use other functions.

Among them, I like the 11 shooting modes provided by the software and the one-click shooting design. For those who don’t know how to shoot when they first try shooting, you can refer to these tips to shoot, and then you can generate a fun and “blockbuster” small video with one click, which is very convenient.


5 – “Charging, Switching” left and right placing

On the left and right sides of the camera are “type-C charging port (supporting PD fast charging) and On/Off button”, which are standard design.

The camera has a built-in 920ma battery, which can last for 80 minutes. In my usage, it took about 1 hour and 40 minutes to charge the camera for the first time, and the power consumption was 95% for continuous shooting for nearly 2 hours (during which there was a short shutdown).

Also, when charging, pay attention to a small red light at the socket. It will light up during charging (because the data line blocked the light, it is easy to not see), and it will automatically turn off when it is full, indicating that it is full.

After unpacking, I like the overall configuration of the QooCam Fun panoramic camera with the official price of $150 – simple, practical and detailed.

2、 Live shooting mobile phone shooting vlog simple and fun

Next is a series of live shooting experience. To be honest, I have little experience in shooting small videos, so after this toss, what effect can we get? Can you understand? The test of this QooCam Fun panoramic camera is really a beginning!

For the camera’s familiarity and understanding, I read the manual beforehand, and with the guidance of the shooting App, I can get started quickly. But when it comes to outdoor shooting, some shooting effects still need to be realized through practice and learning.

In order to quickly produce “blockbusters”, I directly applies several shooting modes in the “shooting guide” provided by the software. Let’s have a look at the final result!


1 – Across the horizon

I jumped back and forth four or five times during shooting, but the final result is quite interesting, which can be described as “one step into a film.” Beside the mobile phone + panoramic camera, it also needs to be equipped with a tripod. Press the software’s shooting guide to operate, and then one key generation, including the background music, is automatically added.


2 – Imitate “UAV” to fly higher

This effect is a bit similar to the “UAV” shooting effect. It needs the help of a mobile phone tripod and two people to cooperate in shooting. The method is not difficult.

But for better visual impact and more interesting final result, it’s better to choose a building with high or symmetrical background (for example, in front of the house, in front of the sculpture and so on. The shooting speed is not essential, but the movement and stability of the photographer’s hands are important.

I must mention here that the stability of the QooCam Fun camera is excellent. In the shooting process of this series of running, jumping, and moving, the picture is relatively stable, which can meet daily hand-held shooting requirements.


3-Hyperspace Tunnel

This effect is similar to a “small planet” special effect when taking pictures, which is especially fun. And the final result of each scene is always unexpected. When you post it online, many partners will be curious about how to shoot it?

Yes, just like the following “Strolling and Shooting” with a mobile phone tripod, walk along the flower bed and lawn. It’s better to have some independent and prominent plants and buildings behind. The reuslt will be better.


4 – Inception

This “Inception” effect is very simple when shooting, and it is also essential to choose the scene. For example, in the moving subway, busy streets shooting, the combination of dynamic and static, whirling, magic sense of space.

Also, I also shot several small videos according to several other ready-made modes in the “Shooting Guide”. The small partners around said it was fun. Finally, I synthesized a Vlog as the first assignment. I don’t know what score would I get?



After a week of shooting experience, I like this QooCam Fun Panoramic Camera very much



There are many advantages worth having

1 – Compact and light design, easy to install and use, easy to start when inserting, fast and convenient shooting.

2 – The one click shooting guide in app is intuitive and clear. You can learn it as soon as you learn it. Like it!

3 – Stable shooting, which can ensure daily sports shooting.

4 – It can quickly create Vlog, save it to mobile phone, and share all platforms at any time.


Besides, if you encounter some problems in use, please remind your friends.

For example: It’s easy to be short of power. If you can charge the battery while shooting, it will make the shooting more lasting. Also, it is necessary to ensure that the mobile phone has extra storage space, otherwise the captured video will be directly stored in the mobile phone, which will easily lead to insufficient space, resulting in shooting failure or unable to save.

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