April 19, 2021


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A Brief Review of Teufel Small Magic Box Bluetooth 4.2 Outdoor Portable Speakers

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The year has almost gone by in a blink of an eye. Black Friday is coming again. Are you ready? There is always a problem that Is there a Bluetooth speaker that is easy to use. It wasn’t just once that friends came to me for advice. I am ready to choose a day in the golden Autumn after October. I would like to go for a picnic, have a toast and a drink and a dance with a few good friends.at noon under the warm sun. I think it’s quite good, the atmosphere is quite good, but I do need a portable Bluetooth speaker in this case.

I was on the right track. I happened to get a nice Bluetooth speaker here last month. Just recently, a popular product online Teufel’s portable digital outdoor Bluetooth speakers. I strongly recommend it to you.

The brand Teufel has a decent name. Teufel Is the first audio system manufacturer in Europe, the first premium speaker manufacturer in 41 years, and the first THX certified manufacturer in Germany. Of course, it is inevitable that many of Teufel’s products have won many awards, such as the European Golden Ear Award and The HiFi World Best Sound Award. For established speakers, I think it’s time to make a recommendation. If nothing else, this Bluetooth speaker is really worth a try.

In my opinion, it is not just an outdoor Bluetooth speaker. Its real name is Rockster Go, and its common name is “little Magic Box”. It has a good hand touch and gives people a good visual experience, with black and red matching.  It is also full of mystery and vitality. Serious but also with a little warmth. The whole body is very textured, and the design and construction of the 8-side body makes it more stereoscopic. Not monotonous but allow people have the desire to have one.

Of course, this hardware Bluetooth speaker has very high configuration. It has 0.09 inch full-frequency and 1 radiating unit. It is also integrated with Class D amplifier to achieve deeper low-frequency descent. By virtue of Teufel patented Dynamore Dynamic reinforcement technology, it can provide real rich stereo sound.

The top of the small magic box is designed with regular buttons, so it is very convenient to operate. Open the dust cover and you can see the 0.13inch AUX audio jack and Micro USB charging port.

The small magic box is equipped with apt-X Bluetooth 4.2 chip, and the effective Bluetooth connection distance is up to 10m. Mainstream Bluetooth headset/speaker products all support this method of codec. It has stable connection and can also transmit sound quality. It’s also easy to connect to a smartphone and play music over Bluetooth. In particular, the two pairs, the party mode is also very great for the outdoor experience. Built into a stereo system, the box also comes with a shocking sound experience when watching movies or playing games.

Small magic box built-in 4400mAh large-capacity battery, the maximum battery life can be up to 12 hours, basically can meet the needs of daily outdoor activities. 4 LED lights display battery power. There are also elastic straps for easy access to carry in the outside.

Outdoor use will inevitably encounter wind and rain, small magic box Rockster Go support IPX7 waterproof performance, waterproof performance level is relatively high. There are more user-friendly designs, such as a small magic box with a spiral opening at the bottom that holds the tripod so that it can be fitted with triangular brackets for better placement outside the home. It is worth noting that please do not charge the product under the moist state.

Even though I have seen a lot of speakers, many people will still choose this small magic box. The price and sound quality are good, and offers a great quality with its price, so 90 dollars or so is worth it. It is satisfying in terms of size and price, compared with Groove, it wins in sound field and volume and is excellent in high frequency. In terms of low frequency, it is not that good compared to Groove. The benefits are quite many, ranging from popular to classic.

I think users have a good understanding of the magic box. Personally, I think the magic box gives me a more prominent feeling. The restoration of human voice is very realistic, the sound is transparent as a whole, and the three-frequency distribution is slightly inclined to the middle and low frequencies as a whole. Small magic box processes well for the female voice. The dialogue is clear and clean, the low-frequency shock is full of analytical power. The sound is clean, not muddy, and well balanced, creating clear, full, detailed and deep sound effects for both silent scenes and whirlwind images.

The low frequency is very powerful and elastic, which also highlights the infectivity of the voice. Of course, it can also stimulate the vitality of friends around. In addition, the patented Dynamore dynamic enhancement technology is also available. Stereo sound performance is very comprehensive, so that the low frequency range is wider and thicker. Overtone and sense of quantity are more, the performance of the drum is mainly outstanding dynamic and elastic. Basically it does not change the original equipment style, but it is an absolute good partner, with a unique sense of atmosphere and dense sound texture. There is a certain divergence and brings a hot atmosphere like you are with DJ.

The vocals are more pleasing to the ear, the body is slender, the singer gives the impression of sexual maturity. Like in some lazy afternoon, it is very suitable for playing some open and slightly hoarse singers. Especially recently, I listened to the singer Lao Fan, “A Young man Never Knows The Taste of Sorrow”, the big boy’s voice has a natural sense of sadness. It is very charming, that kind of natural full of magnetic voice always let a person sound special feeling.

In the small magic box show, whether the piano bouncing, or guitar plucking, will complement each other, let you and I immersed in it. “I never woke up in my own world and couldn’t see my life clearly. The young don’t know how worries taste, love upper floor, for a new word strong worry, now know all worry taste, want to say…” This song is a little bit slower. Especially the piano has that kind of disorderly feeling, also seems to stir up the sad mood in your heart.

“How I want to embrace you in a mediocre life” is the music that makes me even more mesmerized. The smoky voice, let my heart like feel like having an electric shock. It is really hard not to let a person like with the rogue whistle, “We desperately hugged each other, not to leave room for loneliness, powerlessness, is our final inevitable outcome.” Small magic box can make the atmosphere render more powerful, three-dimensional sense of the scene is very full, the singer’s feelings render very deep and in place.

This little magic box Rockster Go Bluetooth speaker makes me feel fun both in appearance and sound experience. What use really is real material. It is not light when take it up. As for sound effects, I think many small Bluetooth speakers are incomparable to the sound field performance of small magic boxes. For ordinary people like to listen to electronic and popular, the voice and bass are more focused and very clean, which is very good. Especially the volume is amazing, when playing your favorite jazz, pop music in the wild, it is quite beautiful. Take advantage of the approaching of Black Friday, you can consider buying one since the price is acceptable.

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