March 4, 2021

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The evaluation of Ecovacs DEEBOT T9 of is proficient in obstacle avoidance and sterilization

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Throughout the current sweeping robot market, there are more brands with more diversified functions. To win the favor of users, many manufacturers have added new designs to product functions. However, they have not yet seen breakthrough upgrades in intelligent planning and navigation technologies that affect user experience. As a result, many users did not achieve the expected results in obstacle avoidance, navigation, and cleaning when using some sweeping robots.

As a pioneer in the domestic Sweeper Market, Ecovacs is well aware of users’ pain points and continuously updates and iterates in obstacle avoidance, navigation, and cleaning aspects that affect the user experience, bringing users an Ecovacs treasure DEEBOT T9 sweeper robot.



This time’s DEEBOT T9 has brought many upgrades in technology. The navigation obstacle avoidance function is more intelligent and accurate. The overall planning system restores the house structure more honestly and accurately. The high-frequency vibration floor wiping system with disposable wet mops can remove bacteria and stains and improve the ground’s overall cleanliness. The product also adds an indoor mobile fragrance system in the function, which can remove the floor odor in the process of cleaning To improve the overall indoor freshness. This new product is comprehensively upgraded from navigation obstacle avoidance technology, clean technology, and other dimensions, and Ecovacs has once again brought you a product full of surprises.

Thanks to the same iPhone’s 3D structured light technology, the DEEBOT T9 equipped with Ecovacs exclusive TrueDetect 3D 2.0 obstacle avoidance system can quickly and accurately perceive different obstacle attributes. The recognition accuracy reaches the millimeter level. For example, during daily cleaning, cables, sneakers, and even data cables that have fallen suddenly on the floor, T9 can recognize and perceive obstacles during the cleaning process and quickly adjust its cleaning path to avoid collisions effectively.  Stuck, and protect indoor household products from being bumped.


In terms of navigation algorithm, DEEBOT T9 uses the TrueMapping 2.0 global planning system, combined with aerospace-grade dToF navigation technology, which has a wider detection range, faster and more accurate mapping. Even in a complex light environment, the house structure can be truly restored to complete various partition cleaning needs of users intelligently.

This technology is also the first to be applied to robot vacuum products by Ecovacs. In 2020, when sweeping robot products generally still use LDS laser navigation technology, Ecovacs took the lead in applying dToF navigation radar to its flagship product, DEEBOT T8, which improved the navigation planning capabilities of sweeping robots in one fell swoop. This time, T9 has carried out a comprehensive upgrade to this technology, and the speed and accuracy of mapping have been comprehensively improved.

In addition to obstacle avoidance and navigation, DEEBOT T9 also brings a major upgrade in cleaning, and the once questioned suction problem has been improved. T9 uses the latest generation of Blue Whale cleaning system, 3000Pa hurricane suction can altogether remove the dust hidden in the floor’s cracks, with the newly upgraded OZMO Pro 2.0 high-frequency vibration wiping system, so that the sweeping and mopping function has been efficiently improved.

Among them, the OZMO Pro 2.0 high-frequency vibration wiping system has ushered in a major upgrade this time. Compared with the first generation technology, the noise problem that has been criticized has been greatly optimized. The noise in the silent mode is reduced to about 60db. In terms of cleaning power, 480 times/minute silent and strong mopping can effectively overcome stubborn stains on the ground. When used with a disposable wet mop, it can also achieve 99.9% effective sterilization, effectively reducing the growth of allergens and bringing more to health Guaranteed. For users with higher cleaning requirements, this upgrade is too friendly. The sterilization function seems to have been ignored by most sweeping robot products. However, since the epidemic, users’ demand for ground sterilization and cleaning can be said to have increased. Ecovacs has added this function to its products to grasp user needs and requirements accurately.


To provide users with a better cleaning experience, DEEBOT T9 is also equipped with the industry’s first Air Freshener indoor mobile fragrance system. Users can turn on the fragrance system to remove the mold caused by wet floors during the cleaning process and indoor pets’ smell. Users can also choose from three fresh and natural fragrances: blue campanula/cucumber and oakmoss/bergamot and lavender according to their preferences. This functional design again hits the floor cleaning cons that the industry neglected and gives the sweeping robot new functions.

The previous article mentioned the advanced features of Ecovacs DEEBOT T9 obstacle avoidance technology, but they are most concerned about its actual performance for users. Therefore, we conducted a simulation test. The accuracy of lidar limits traditional sweeping robots during their work. They are prone to collisions, cable entanglement, and even furniture damage in their homes during the cleaning process. To test the obstacle avoidance function of DEEBOT T9, we placed vases and cables ordinary in life on the ground. When the machine is running, it quickly scans out the surrounding obstacles and makes accurate judgments. , Quickly avoid obstacles, and there is no random collision. The author also noticed that T9 will adopt different obstacle avoidance strategies when facing various objects. DEEBOT will avoid collision and entanglement at a place far away from the obstacle when faced with a relatively small and easily entangled obstacle like a data cable. When facing a large obstacle such as a vase, it will avoid it when the distance is relatively close to ensure that as much cleaning area as possible is covered. Obstacle avoidance has a strategy to ensure the largest sweeping coverage area while ensuring that no collision occurs.

                                                       Obstacle avoidance test

Later, to increase the test’s difficulty, we spread the cables and placed them on the floor, forming the most illegible irregular obstacles for the sweeping robot. It can be seen from the moving picture that after T9 started, it quickly made a judgment on the surrounding environment and promptly avoided it. Even if there was a slight collision, he immediately backed away. There was no situation where the traditional sweeping robot was pushing or entangled.


Easy card test

In addition to the obstacle avoidance function, you are also more worried about the robot getting stuck during the cleaning process when you use the sweeping robot. Will this happen to the DEEBOT T9? Let’s test it together.

To test the stuck function, we used a stool to set up a complex ground scene. DEEBOT T9 did not get stuck even in such a complicated environment. In just a few seconds, it successfully got out of trap.


Construction test:

After talking about obstacle avoidance and easy traps that everyone cares about. let’s talk about the sweeping robot’s map building function. Accurate mapping and scanning can bring higher efficiency for subsequent cleaning. The test site for the mapping is selected in the two small rooms of the evaluation room. The internal environment is dim and messy, which also bringst significant challenges to the mapping test of the DEEBOT T9.

After the machine starts, DEEBOT T9 will draw a closed loop in the area that needs to be cleaned, and then scan line by line in the closed-loop. When one area is scanned, it enters the next area to continue. Such a refined scanning design will not miss every corner. After a few minutes of drawing, DEEBOT T9 perfectly presented the two indoor floor plans, and the drawing effect is still excellent.

In the App function, we can also set the cleaning times, suction, water volume, and even the service life of consumables, cleaning modules, virtual walls, and other functions of the sweeping robot. Through the App, we can understand the detailed information of the whole machine.


Cleaning test:


The last part of the test is the cleaning of the ground. Let’s see if the cleaning effect can meet the expectation. We arranged a small area in the room, which was dried with flour and some particles. In the process of cleaning, deebot T9 first extended the edge to clean, and then set up a bow shaped cleaning treatment in the center. The whole process was orderly, and there was no omission, and the cleaning effect was satisfactory.

In terms of mopping the floor, many sweeping robots on the market are only equipped with a rag, which is easily to wiped off during the cleaning process, and there is no way to deal with some stubborn substances. What are the highlights of DEEBOT T9’s mopping function? Let’s have a look.

High frequency vibration rubbing system

DEEBOT T9 is equipped with the OZMO Pro 2.0 high-frequency vibration mopping system in the mopping function. With the silent mopping of 480 times per minute, it can easily wipe stubborn stains on the floor.

Rubbing test

In this test session, we added soy sauce which is extremely difficult to clean, smeared it on the floor, and selected high-end water seepage in the App. After repeated wiping of DEEBOT T9, the ground stains were quickly removed. Yes, the overall cleaning effect is still excellent.

Test paper cleaning

By comparing the test paper before and after cleaning, we can see that DEEBOT T9 has an excellent effect on the ground’s strong sterilization. With this function, users do not need to worry about floor bacteria’s problem, and it is very friendly to users with children at home.



Nowadays, sweeping robots have transitioned from an Internet celebrity product to a rigid daily necessity in the early years. For users, a good vacuuming robot product does not have as many functions as possible, but the “intelligent” experience is more important.

The DEEBOT T9 sweeping robot brought to you by Ecovacs is equipped with TrueDetect 3D 2.0 obstacle avoidance technology, TrueMapping 2.0 global planning system, and the latest blue whale cleaning system in one, which solves the previous problems. While there are many problems encountered by the other sweeping robot in obstacle avoidance, easy jamming design, and whole-house cleaning But DEEBOT T9 brings users a more intelligent experience and a perfect interpretation of a product’s definition!

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