April 19, 2021


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The HIFIMAN HE400se Experience: Perfect for Entry Tablet Headphones

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HiFi fans are a relatively minority of fans, and HiFi is also a small number of music fans’ hobbies. Although in recent years, with the great enrichment of material life and the rise of TWS headphones, the public has realized that it can cost hundreds of dollars to buy a headset, it still cannot change the fact that HiFi is still a minority hobby. For beginners who are curious about HiFi music and equipment and want to know more about it, earphones under 150 dollars are usually the first choice, but there are not many products to choose from, the playability is not enough, and if they want to experience better sound quality or technology, they will need more budget.

Flat diaphragm technology has long been one of the core technologies of HIFIMAN, including flagship headsets such as SUSVARA and He-R10. Now HIFIMAN has launched the new type of open flat-panel diaphragm HiFi headset — HIFIMAN HE400se, which has lowered the price of the open flat-panel diaphragm headset to less than 100 dollars (as of release time), and also enables more beginners to enjoy different sounds from moving rings and iron.


The appearance is still HIFIMANy

Whether it is the packaging or product design, HIFIMAN HE400se continues the recent family design language of HIFIMAN. With the thick and big head beam and large open unit combination, you will be aware that it is a product launched by HIFIMAN at the first glance. On this product, you can see the shadow of HIFIMAN HE400I 2020 and DEVA cable version.

Compared to the HE400i or HE400s dual-braced head beams, several recent HIFIMAN new products use single-beam pull-out head beams, as well as the HIFIMAN HE400se. It comes with a very thick head beam, a black leather exterior and a solid sponge interior. When wearing on the head, won’t compress the head too much while stability is quite good also.

The earmuffs of HIFIMAN HE400se are made of leather with soft leather material on the outside and black flannelette on the inside, which will not feel hot after wearing indoors for a long time. The spongy inside the earmuffs creates a slope that fits the face and also supports 360-degree rotation. The earmuffs fit the face when worn, making them suitable for long periods of time.

The overall design of HIFIMAN HE400se is black and silver color contrast, the ear cup and ear cup bracket are silver color, the telescopic skeleton system of the head beam is made of metal, which can be held firmly in the hand. There are a total of 8 jam points on the bracket, each of which has a clear position. Clicking sounds can be heard when stretching outward or contracting inward. The bracket is also reserved with a rotation Angle of about 10°, which increases the comfort of wearing.

In HE400se, HIFIMAN is equally meticulous in details. On the inside of the head beam, there are very large “L” and “R” logos, while on the outside, there are corresponding “HIFIMAN” brand and “HE400se” models. The connection between the head beam and the earmuff is fixed with a single screw. The standard 0.13inch jack is located at the bottom of the earmuff. The design of the left and right double lines into the ear is adopted. The package also comes with a 0.13 to 0.26inch adapter, which can also be used to connect the headphones to the mixer.


Flat diaphragm earphones which are familiar nice HiFi entry devices

From the perspective of product positioning, HIFIMAN HE400se mainly focuses on the introduction. Users in this category mostly use mobile phones and computers as players, so the promotion is the prerequisite. In general, high impedance headphones are 250 ohms or more, medium impedance headphones are between 100 and 200 ohms, and low impedance headphones are below 100 ohms. The frequency response range of HIFIMAN HE400se is 20HZ-20Hz, and the impedance is 25Ω. It is a low-resistance earphone, but its sensitivity is 91dB. At first, I thought this earphone was not easy to push, but after trying to play it on computers and mobile phones, I found it was quite good.

When I wear other wired headphones, the volume of the computer is about 24-26, and the volume of the mobile phone is about 50%. After using HIFIMAN HE400se, the volume of the computer is increased to 36-40, and the volume of the mobile phone is increased to 60%-70% to reach the volume suitable for your listening sense. After using the computer to listen to the popular male voice, female voice, rock music, small orchestration string, large orchestration symphony, electronic music and other music types, small make up first talk about their listening sense.

Thanks to the addition of diaphragm, the analytical power of HIFIMAN HE400se is still very strong. Its advantage range is centered on intermediate frequency. The information content and density of human voice exceed that of earphones at the same price. The sound field is not very big, but even using computer to play is more open.

If you are used to listening to popular music in your daily life, HIFIMAN HE400se will be a good choice. When playing, you can feel the knot of the voice more clearly and feel the voice at the back with higher density and good smoothness. At the same time, HIFIMAN HE400se can also play some large-scale symphonies, with superior resolution, excellent distortion control and abundant information. These unique advantages of HIFIMAN HE400se enable it to restore the grand and rich artistic conception of arrangement details when playing large-scale symphonies, so that you can listen to the emotions in the arrangement.

The HIFIMAN HE400se, a flat-panel diaphragm earphone priced at less than 150 dollars, still has some “fly in the bridge” problems. Compared with excellent intermediate frequency performance, the low frequency performance of HIFIMAN HE400se is relatively normal. When playing “Fantastic Baby”, I can feel that the low-frequency dives are not deep enough, and the volume sense is not very good, which leads to a slight lack of low-frequency diffusivity. Although I can hear the sound of drums clearly, I feel like a fist hitting cotton. If you like hip hop or electronic music like I do, and like the 808 drumbeat, there’s less of a sense of liking it.

The HIFIMAN HE400se can get better sound field and hearing sense by using more professional front-end equipment. The overall density of the song becomes higher and more solid, the information of intermediate frequency is larger, the brightness and extension of high frequency are improved to a certain extent, which has certain brightness, roundness but not harsh, and the texture of low frequency becomes higher. Using HIFIMAN HE400se to play music is like a martial arts master who has been famous for a long time. You already know its basic quality, and its movements have been integrated into one. The sound is like flowing water, without obvious sound dyeing, distortion or rough details, and the human voice and Musical Instruments are handled properly.


Write in the last

Low resistance is harder to push than high resistance. In the process of current and sound signal transmission, low-resistance earphones have a large current loss, which is easy to cause intensified distortion and weakened control force. Compared with moving-coil earphones, the conductor layer on the diaphragm of flat earphones is evenly distributed on the surface of the diaphragm, so the phase distortion is much lower and the positioning and junction are clearer. HIFIMAN HE400se lowered the price of flat-panel diaphragm earphones to about 80 dollars. With the balanced tuning of three frequencies, the general in-ear earphones are incomparable. You will get different listening sensation from other diaphragm earphones, and more users will be able to feel more pure sound performance.

The HIFIMAN HE400se is also a very playable headset. If you are a new user, using a mobile phone or computer can also promote the HIFIMAN HE400se and give you a good sense of listening. When you’re ready to explore the HiFi space further, HIFIMAN HE400se has more potential when used with professional players. Moreover, the dual split line design makes the headset more playable, which is unique in terms of its pricing and performance.

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