April 19, 2021


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The HomePod Mini is Small and Contains Big Surprises

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We have seen a lot of platforms have already experienced the small HomePod in advance, and they all seem to consistently give good reviews. We’ve selected some of the reviews, so if you’re interested in this smart speaker, consider it before you buy.


Compared to the original HomePod, the HomePod Mini has a significantly different look and feel. Not only does it have a new spherical design, but it also has a smaller size, with 3.31 x 3.85inches, which can be easily held in the hand.

Techcrunch: “The HomePod Mini is similar in size to Amazon’s recently launched Echo Dot, which means the entire speaker is about the size of a softball.”

Engadget: “there is no denying the fact that small stuff is very lovely, HomePod mini is the existence of such. The feeling of holding this intelligent speaker is a bit like carrying a grain of oranges. Although HomePod mini shape like a ball, but the side of the surface of the web, at the bottom of the rubber base, with the top of the plastic LED touchpad, and early generation HomePod makes it feel very similar.”

“The only thing to note about the HomePod Mini is the fixed woven power cord that sticks out from the back and connects to the attached USB-C adapter. For a device that requires a power connection, I prefer the more compact plug design on the original HomePod.”

Like The original HomePod, The HomePod Mini comes with an LED touch plastic driver pad on top, but due to the small size of The speaker, The Verge’s authors didn’t think The LED driver pad was a good place to experience The HomePod Mini: “Unless you’re standing next to The HomePod Mini, it’s hard to tell if Siri is responding to your commands by what The driver pad says.”

“Using volume controls on the HomePod Mini is also more cumbersome (especially when there’s no audio content playing) and lacks the visual confirmation process to adjust the volume.” “In short, the HomePod mini’s touch experience is not as good as amazon’s smart speaker’s physical buttons or Google’s touch operations.”

The sound quality

Due to the limited volume, HomePod mini hardware configuration compromise, carrying the whole frequency drive unit and double passive radiator, cooperate to achieve 360 degrees around the custom of acoustic waveguide and receive voice control of four microphones, Apple said these “calculate audio technology breakthrough” can lead to a “full and delicate timbre.

The Verge: “In terms of size, The HomePod Mini sounds pretty good in terms of sound quality. It’s much better than the similarsized fourth generation Echo [Amazon’s smart speaker] and is able to output more bass details than other smart speakers of the same size.” “All in all, the HomePod Mini is good at handling everyday listening situations. When you’re eating or at work, you want to have some background music, but you don’t want it to drown out your conversations with friends or interfere with what you’re doing at work, and the HomePod Mini works great in those situations.”

FastCompany: “Despite its small size, the HomePod Mini sounds better than other smart speakers I’ve used at similar prices. Even at 40 percent volume, the HomePod Mini’s sound is rich and evenly spread across my living room.”

Techcrunch: “At such a small size, the HomePod Mini will provide full, clear sound performance. And the sound quality will be much better if you choose to pair stereo with other Homepods mini.”

Engadget: “Ultimately, HomePod mini tone sounds great, but it is still a small speaker. HomePod mini and Nest Audio, compared to the bass performance is very close, HomePod mini for vocal part of the music will be clearer. But Google Nest Audio is a little advantage in the overall volume, under the high volume of clarity difference is less obvious. Apple said HomePod mini can provide full of the volume of the room. But that’s only true if the room isn’t too big.”

While the HomePod Mini doesn’t have as many microphones to pick up sounds as the original HomePod, with only four, thanks to computational audio technology and the S5 chip’s noise-cancelling technology, the HomePod Mini is able to quickly recognize voice commands in an environment, even when it’s far away or playing music.

The Verge’s authors think The HomePod Mini’s quad-microphone is great: “The HomePod Mini can also quickly listen to my voice commands and respond to command requests when I’m giving voice commands in the next room or playing loud music.”


In addition to its better-than-expected sound quality (volume) performance, the HomePod Mini also supports a number of features, such as multi-room audio, connectivity with other Apple devices, and broadcast capabilities.

The Verge: “Siri playing music, report the weather situation, set a timer or remind do very well, but in The field of dealing with random affairs, Google assistant still have the upper hand, amazon Alex also in constant progress, to provide more active function, make its use more like a real assistant, rather than a” voice “controller.”

Engadget: “The HomePod Mini now supports third-party music streaming services, but currently only Pandora.” “The Pandora app allows you to connect your account to the HomePod Mini; when you’re done, you can say, ‘Hey Siri, play the new indie rock on Pandora,’ which will launch a radio station.” “Playing music with Pandora requires a slightly longer response time than with Apple Music, but it’s only a second or two.”


The Verge: “At $99, The HomePod Mini is low enough compared to the original HomePod’s $350 price tag. But it’s functional enough to cover what you need for smart speakers. If you’re fully integrated into The Apple ecosystem, you’ll find The HomePod Mini very compelling in terms of price and functionality.”

Engadget: “The HomePod Mini is more recommended than the original HomePod. The cheaper price means more people will consider it, and it also has more complete features than the original HomePod.” “It’s worth noting that Amazon’s newly launched Echo smart speaker costs the same as the HomePod Mini, but thanks to its larger size, it offers better music quality — so amazon’s latest product is worth considering if you’re not fully integrated into the Apple ecosystem. But even so, the HomePod Mini is still worth the price.”

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