April 20, 2021


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The Huawei MateBook D 14 2021: Young People’s Pursuit are More Than This

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I still remember that I bought my first laptop in the winter vacation of my freshman year. At that time, most of my understanding of products came from the sales in the store. I was just like a blank canvas for the sales to randomly paint. In fact, a lot of young people have the same experience like I do when buying the first laptop. They have no time to experiment to understand the product knowledge during high school, and in college, various classes make the demand of the college students have to use a laptop. However, for the students, how to choose a most suitable for your laptop, became the first question.

Now, as the coming of 2021, college students are about to embark on their winter vacation, and many of them are once again faced with the dilemma of how to choose the right laptop. At this special time node, Huawei brings the new HUAWEI MATEBOOK D14/15 2021 model to young people, so that young people can choose one more choice when choosing laptop products. Moreover, in terms of the positioning of Huawei MateBook D series products, the user group it faces is young people, so the design is more in line with young people’s aesthetic taste. For young people, especially college students, carrying a laptop with a high level of appearance on campus will also become a beautiful scene in itself.

We also got our hands on the new Huawei MateBook D 14 2021 at the very first time. How about it? Is it suitable for young people? Let’s get closer to this laptop.


Exquisite appearance and a comprehensive eye protection screen

As can be seen from the product name, HUAWEI MATEBOOK D 14 2021 is a 14-inch laptop computer, but thanks to the family-style all-around screen design, the upper and left three sides of the frame is only 0.19inch, which makes the overall body more delicate and compact, but has a larger display area. High strength aluminum alloy body, anodic oxidation of 40 processes of heavy quenching, has a high toughness. The whole body fine metal sandblasting, feel very texture, quite energetic, every time open the cover, close the cover, A side “HUAWEI” logo will be particularly conspicuous. Just imagine if you could spend two hours in the library with your Huawei MateBook D 14 2021 in your spare time quietly studying.

Since it is aimed at young people, whether it is light or thin is a design worthy of consideration. After all, no one is willing to carry a heavy laptop from classroom to library and then to dormitory nowadays. In view of the thinness and lightness of young people, HUAWEI MATEBOOK D 14 2021 not only brings youthful vitality to the body line, but also controls the weight of the whole machine to 3.04lbs, the thickest part is only 0.62inch, less than the weight of three bottles of mineral water, there will be no obvious feeling of falling when put in the bag, and it is not in accordance with textbooks at ordinary times. And it also has several very user-friendly small design, such as the opening and closing angle can reach 180°, you can watch the screen with more people, easy to share; The opening of the cover is passivated, so there will be no sharp feeling when opening and closing with one hand. The body corner shape is tougher, but not sharp, and even with other items together do not have to worry about any bumping.

For college students, the daily use of laptop computer interface is also relatively frequent, if the laptop interface is not enough, they need to buy a separate expansion dock, which is another additional cost. Huawei MateBook D 14 2021 model provides 1 USB-C port, 1 USB3.2 Gen1 port, 1 USB2.0 port, 1 HDMI port, and 1 0.13inch headphone port. Almost all the interfaces used in daily use are provided. When you need to use them in an emergency, just plug them in. It is worth mentioning that this Type-C interface can not only charge the computer, but also charge the mobile phone with its own charging cable when it is turned off. When your mobile phone runs out of power when you are studying outside, you can also charge the mobile phone by closing the laptop without opening the cover.

In addition to the appearance upgrade, the biggest surprise of Huawei MateBook D 14 2021 to young people is this screen, which is a 1080P full HD IPS anti-glare screen, with a clearer and more delicate dynamic display effect. It also has a high color gamut of 100SrGb %, which allows you to display richer, more realistic colors. This screen is the best choice if your college major requires more screen use. In view of the current situation that young people use electronic screens for a long time, Huawei also takes full consideration of eye protection. Huawei MateBook D 14 2021 model has obtained the German Rhein low blue light eye protection certification, and supports DC dimming without stroboscopic, which will not encounter stroboscopic problems in low light, which can better protect young people’s vision. The final exam is coming soon. Although the Huawei MateBook D 14 2021 model has excellent eye protection capability, it is still recommended that you prepare for the exam in advance and don’t stay up late.

The B side of Huawei’s MateBook D 14 2021 model, also known as the keyboard side, is also carefully designed. It features a full-size, backlit keyboard and an ergonomic design that makes it more comfortable to type on a regular basis and allows you to see the layout of every key even when you use it at night.

At the top of the keyboard, there is a special “button”, which is the hidden press camera, which can be opened when in use and hidden when not in use, to better protect the privacy of young people.

Fingerprint power button is designed in the upper right corner. After you input your fingerprint, it will recognize your fingerprint when you press the power-up. After the turning on, it will directly enter the desktop, eliminating the tedious input of password.


All new 11 generation Intel Core can give you what you need

For young people, the choice of laptop computer in addition to the appearance level is the performance, especially some need to use laptop drawing, make a table of the professional. Students will pay special attention to the performance indicators in the purchase, otherwise if the laptop cannot run the learning software or do homework to do half of the crash, there is no place to find someone to bargain.

Huawei’s MateBook D 14 2021 model uses the new 11th generation Intel Core processor, up to i7-1165G7, strong performance. It is worth mentioning that this processor is built by Intel using a new 10nm Superfin process, which enables Huawei MateBook D 14 2021 CPU to improve multi-core performance by 42.6% compared to the previous generation MateBook D 14 2020 CPU, which can easily cope with complex application scenarios, whether image processing, video editing, can easily be dealt with.

For those of you with bright eyes, you must have noticed a special label on the B side. In fact, it represents the integration of Iris XE Graphics itself. Compared with the previous generation, the performance of this integrated Graphics card has improved by about 168.5%, and its performance is comparable to that of its own. It also comes with the new Nvidia GeForce MX450 standalone graphics card, which is fully performance guaranteed, making it easier for young people who need to edit images to use it without having to worry about performance issues.

In terms of memory, Huawei MateBook D 14 2021 is standard equipped with 16GB DDR4 3200MHz large memory, dual channel design makes it more advantages in read and write speed. In everyday use, such as when you use Photoshop to load some large files, using the Huawei MateBook D 14 2021 will have a faster loading time. At the same time, it also comes standard with high specification PCIE NVME SSD high-speed solid state drive, compared to SATA SSD, the read rate is about 5 times, the application loading speed and game reading speed are significantly improved. If you have a lot of software installed on your computer, the PCIE NVME SSD will make your daily experience more fluid.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei MateBook D 14 2021 models are also equipped with performance mode, which can be quickly opened or closed through FN +P, whether it is heavy load applications or graphics rendering, you can experience the power of performance mode. At present, there are prerequisites to enable performance mode, such as the need to connect the power supply, if not connected to the power supply, the laptop cannot be opened, it is not difficult to see that performance mode also poses a big challenge to the battery life, but in return for a more powerful performance experience. The performance mode also naturally brings more challenging heat situations. The Huawei MateBook D 14 2021 adopts a shark-fin fan and dual heat pipe design, which has excellent heat dissipation capability, even in a quiet place such as library or classroom, it will not cause any noise to other students.

In terms of battery life, Huawei’s MateBook D 14 2021 model uses a 56Wh high-capacity battery, which can play local 1080P video continuously for about 10 hours on a full charge, and can also achieve 9 hours of continuous daily office time. Although its body is small, its battery life is very good. Students can carry it in a bag and use it for a whole day without a charger, which avoids the embarrassment of power failure at a critical moment. Even if you need to bring a charger, its charging head is smaller than the palm of your hand and weighs only 0.35 pound. It is not as bulky as a traditional laptop charger, and there is no pressure when carrying it in a bag. Moreover, it supports fast charging, which takes 15 minutes to charge and 2 hours to charge. This charger can not only charge computers, but also Huawei phones that support super-fast charging. One charger is enough when you go out.


Many flagship smartphones are now touting Wi-Fi 6, which has caught the attention of many young people. Not many computers currently support Wi-Fi 6, especially in the price range of Huawei’s MateBook D 14 2021 model. The Huawei MateBook D 14 2021 model continues the 2×2 MIMO dual antenna design and is upgraded to a Wi-Fi 6 network card. For use with a Wi-Fi 6 router, the theoretical transmission speed is up to 2.4Gbps, which is nearly three times faster than traditional Wi-Fi 5. Of course, if you’re using Wi-Fi 6 at school, you might not be able to experience it, but when you get a Wi-Fi 6 router at home, you’ll be able to enjoy it.


Multi-screen collaboration makes learning more efficient

For Huawei’s MateBook series products, the multi-screen collaboration function has always been a major advantage. This time, Huawei’s MateBook D 14 2021 model also supports multi-screen collaboration, which breaks through the barriers of file transfer between Windows and Android devices. Pictures and files can be transferred between mobile phones and laptops without obstacles. Especially for students, all kinds of PPT and Word documents need to be edited and transmitted in the daily learning process, and the operation steps of using third-party APP to transmit them are complicated. As time passes, it greatly affects the learning efficiency. After using the Huawei MateBook D 14 2021 Multi-Screen Synergy, I believe you will have a new understanding of file transfer.

Take daily data transmission as an example. For example, if you want to send a picture taken on your mobile phone to your computer, how will you send it? Generally speaking, transmission is carried out through connecting data lines or third-party APPs, which is a tedious process. To use Huawei MateBook D 14 2021, you only need to touch the NFC sticker on the laptop body with HUAWEI mobile phone (the specific model is subject to the official model) to realize multi-screen collaborative connection. We can directly select the photos we want to transfer from the mobile phone gallery and drag them to the computer. Besides, there is no traditional restriction of transferring 9 pictures at a time. The whole process can be completed on the computer screen, which is simple and efficient. Playing mobile phone on the computer, can you believe that?

Multi-screen collaboration is not only about transferring pictures or files, but also about direct editing. For example, Word documents on mobile phones can be directly opened and edited on the computer side. There is no need to first transmit and then edit them, and then send them directly after editing, eliminating some unnecessary steps in traditional collaborative work between computers and mobile phones. And in the editing process, the clipboard can be shared. After copying a paragraph of text on the phone, it can be directly pasted to the computer end, or vice versa. Is it very convenient? Multi-screen collaboration also brings great hardware sharing. We can directly use the keyboard and mouse of the laptop to operate the phone, and complete tasks on two devices on one laptop. Will typing suddenly be faster?

With the ability of multi-screen collaboration, we can open the APP on the mobile phone on the computer side. This time, Huawei MateBook D 14 2021 multi-screen collaboration has also been upgraded, which can open multiple Windows of the phone, and three phone Windows can be opened at the same time, with one screen multi-purpose. Take myself as an example, I like to use multiple screens to watch videos when I take a short break. I will never miss anything important. If it is only done through the phone screen, the whole person may be messy.


Write in the last

Huawei MateBook D 14 2021 is Huawei’s latest product aimed at young people. Its design is more in line with the aesthetic taste of young users, and it does not have the bulky impression of traditional laptop computer in the hand, but it looks extremely delicate. When you open it, you will find that delicate appearance is under strong performance and excellent interactive experience, generation of core processor, 11 MX450 discrete graphics for young people to create performance guarantee, and excellent screen more synergy is broke the barriers between different devices, which allows the data flow become accessible. At the same time the user can also focus their attention on a screen, a more efficient work and study. From the product point of view, Huawei Matebook D 14 2021 is a full of vitality and youth, and it is also the most comprehensive upgrade in the history of D series. Its strength is more than this, and more excellent experience is waiting for everyone to explore.

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