April 20, 2021


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The Integration of Traditional Texture and Smart Experience of Zepp Z Smartwatch Experience

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Smart wearable devices have become a popular trend now, especially smart watches, which have become the common favorite of consumers and manufacturers for daily, portable and convenient reasons.

We have seen a variety of smartwatches from manufacturers this year, and many of them are much more complete than in previous years. However, the new Zepp Z will be the first product that comes to my mind when it comes to design and texture.


The “new” brand Zepp has been inherited

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2010, Zepp is one of the first companies engaged in intelligent sports equipment in the world. Acquired by Huami in 2018, after 2 years of technology and business integration, the brand was upgraded and re-launched in August this year, aiming to build a professional digital health management platform for global users. That’s why we call it an inherited new brand, and the Zepp Z is the brand’s first flagship product.

Modern technology + classical mechanical watch design

At the first sight of the packaging box, I rather doubt that I have received a traditional mechanical watch, full round dial and digital dial ring, with symmetrical arrangement of the crown on the side, everything is the design of a classic mechanical watch, which is very classic.

The real machine didn’t disappoint me when it was unpacked. The color matching texture of titanium grey and walnut brown is great, and it won’t look too out of place when attending some business occasions like ordinary smart watches. The watch case is made of TC4 titanium alloy, which not only guarantees the firmness and reliability, but also reduces the weight of the watch to 0.08lbs, which is much lighter to wear than ordinary metal watches. The surface is also covered with anti-scratch and hard coating film and anti-fingerprint coating, which gives both beauty and practicality.

The dial itself is a large 1.39-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 454*454 and a ppi high as 326, which brings a fine display effect. Especially when combined with the simulated dial, each pointer is sharp enough. The scale on the surface ring is processed by the corrosive coloring process, and the three-dimensional texture and the effect of warmth also strengthen the overall texture.

As to strap Zepp Z selected imported Italian head layer cowhide, comfortable and smooth. Head skin both in its natural texture and durability have more advantages, at the same time leather strap is another good wear for a long time after the band will appear natural curve and the more the user’s wrist joint, feels like it having personalization.

The back of the watch is not usually easy to see, but the bottom shell of Zepp Z is also clean and beautiful, and because of the magnetic absorption wireless charging design, there will be no exposed charging contacts, and the sense of unity will be stronger.

Through the joint optimization of hardware selection and software algorithm, Zepp Z continues Huami’s consistent advantage of long battery life. According to official data, the battery life of Zepp Z can reach 15 days in daily use mode. According to our actual measurement, the watch is fully charged on Friday morning. Under the condition of full function use on the weekend, the watch still has 84% power left on Monday morning, and consumes 16% power in 3 days. The battery life is even longer than the official data.


Convenient intelligent experience

If the appearance of Zepp Z is a classic traditional genre, then its inner is a perfect convenient intelligent experience, and the two are organically integrated into one.

First is the dial, Zepp dial provides a rich dial is optional, realism, punk, simple modern machinery, such as all kinds of style for users the freedom to choose, 100% NTSC color gamut cover screen allows you to select dial can have the best color, while the maximum 550 nit brightness ensures the bright light in the outdoor environment also can clearly show the watch information.

The AMOLED screen has the characteristic of self-illumination of pixels, and it hardly emits light when displaying black. Therefore, the Zepp Z can also achieve the function of low-power and quiet display. Unlike ordinary smart phones, most of the time the screen can only be dark, which affects the decoration.

Secondly, the three buttons on the side of the watch are not just simple decorations, but each function. At the bottom is the motion shortcut key, which allows you to quickly enter motion mode on any interface, without letting complex preparation operations interrupt your motion state.

The classic crown in the middle supports double action. Press to enter the menu list, and rotate to swipe up and down directly between the list options. Combined with the fine-tuned vibration of the built-in horizontal linear motor, the adjustment feedback is even better than the hand feeling of the ordinary mechanical crown. Therefore, compared with the conventional screen swiping operation, I actually prefer to use the digital crown for control on Zepp Z.

Unlike the two movable buttons at the bottom, there is a special electrode health button at the top. Users can quickly obtain ECG data by placing their finger on the health button during ECG detection. According to the official information, OTA will be used to further simplify the detection process in the future. Users can conveniently turn on health functions such as heart rate monitoring, ECG detection, pressure monitoring and blood oxygen saturation detection just by pressing long on the page of the dial.

Besides for the touch screen and keys, Zepp also supports voice control operation, the connection phone state can be convenient to call “Mr Ai,” offline also built-in 60 + offline identify command word, open the application, adjust the brightness, into the movement patterns, music, alarm clock, calendar and so on function can dictate implementation, while the voice commands of tolerance is relatively low, need to be in strict accordance with the provisions of the user operations, but it is a kind of complement.


In-depth health management

Health management is one of the core functions of smart watch BioTracker Zepp Z not only equipped with 2 PPG biological trace ECG sensors, optical sensors and electrode type also carry RealBeats heart rate engine, engine OxygenBeats blood oxygen, SomusCare sleep engine algorithms such as blessing, can obtain accurate ECG testing data, automatically identify the blood oxygen content and accurate feedback users.

Combined with the actual situation, the watch is equipped with an important function of ECG detection, that is, when users feel uncomfortable, they can use the watch to quickly record the current ECG data, as an important reference for doctors to make diagnosis. It is difficult to detect abnormal conditions before onset of some diseases. At this time, the ECG detection carried by Zepp Z can provide effective supplementary reference. In combination with the 24-hour heart rate monitoring function, the abnormal heart rate can be warned at any time, so as to truly achieve all-round control of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health.

As for stress monitoring, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring and other auxiliary functions, Zepp Z will not be lost naturally. The sleep monitoring data provided by Zepp Z is very detailed, with corresponding records and achievements for each sleep stage, which can directly call up the corresponding heart rate data for reference. Moreover, Zepp Z can also correctly identify sporadic naps such as naps, so that no “fish will slip through the net”.

On top of the single health management function, Zepp Z also has the PAI health assessment system built in. Compared with the fixed management mode of exercising for half an hour every day or walking for thousands of fast steps, PAI carries out comprehensive and flexible assessment in a cycle of 7 days. Ordinary working users like me may have little time to exercise from Monday to Friday, and their PAI score is low, so they can consciously strengthen their exercise intensity on weekends. According to the HUNT Fitness Study, users who consistently keep their PAI score above 100 will be healthier and have a lower risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


All-round motion aid

Zepp Z itself is 164 feet waterproof level, and supports GPS+GLONASS binary star positioning system, classic mechanical watch appearance + adaptive ability to go up to the sea. It can be said to be suitable for both business sports.

Zepp Z support pattern is rich, covering the outdoor running, walking, outdoor cycling, indoor jogging, indoor cycling, swimming pool, open water swimming, elliptical machine, free training of 12 kinds of professional sports scene, in the entire feet, consumption standard, such as sports stage to remind, can also provide the entire heart rate monitoring, which allow users to understand their own motion, avoid heart rate transfinite movement risk. After completing the exercise, the mobile phone APP “Zepp” can also easily check the movement track and analysis of the exercise report. Zepp also provides a series of exercise guidance courses to help users build a more scientific training system.


A high-quality smartwatch is preferred

Zepp Z left us a unique impression. The external part, the classic mechanical watch design and fine workmanship make it have excellent texture. TC4 titanium alloy material greatly reduces the weight of the watch and makes it very comfortable to wear.

As for the intrinsic, the convenient interaction of watch design and the combination of sports and health management is a full all-round performance. Good-looking and easy to use, decorative and functional complete. It is very suitable for those who have higher requirements for the quality of the product.

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